Lose Your Man Boobs With Cold Water Therapy

by Garry Davidson on January 14, 2017

Just a reminder today about the power of cold water therapy for helping you to lose your man boobs.

Scientists have done some studies where they have taken a group of people from a hot country and put them in a cold country. Without changing their diet or doing any extra exercise, these people were later found to have greater muscle mass and less body fat.

Like with high intensity exercise, short intense bursts of cold exposure can stimulate your body to make favorable physiological adaptations–like more muscle mass and less body fat.

Cold water therapy has been around for centuries. It was long considered a “miracle cure”, with reports of it having cured some deadly diseases we still have trouble treating today–the likes of pulmonary tuberculosis and liver abscesses.

One story I always remember, is when one of the pioneers of cold water therapy, Vincenz Priessnitz, witnessed a deer heal itself of a bullet-wound in the leg. Priessnitz went to the same spot in the forest every day, and watched the deer bathe its leg in the same cold water source, and eventually the deer made a full recovery.

Any time I have any aching muscles or joints, I remember the story of that deer in the forest, and I turn that shower head directly on that body area and hit it with icy cold water until it goes numb.

If you haven’t yet read my article on cold water therapy, you can do so here if you want to learn more on this topic:


I’m writing this post today because I had a cold shower this morning and discovered something new.

Once a week I have a hot shower, just as a treat. Today was my hot shower day. But like James Bond does in the comics, I decided to turn the water to cold at the end of my shower.

I always avoided this before because I thought it would be tough–having your body adapt to heat, then to suddenly hit it with cold.

But actually, it was surprisingly easy.

Easier in fact, than hitting yourself with cold water from the outset. I’ve always dreaded jumping straight into a cold shower, I just can’t get used to the cold shock response.

By switching from hot to cold, you get to benefit from the best of both worlds–you no longer have to give up those hot showers that feel so good, and you get to benefit from the health and energy boosting effects of a cold shower at the same time.

Give this a go and let me know how you get on.

Remember, our bodies are designed to be exposed to cold water regularly. We didn’t have access to hot water at the turn of a tap throughout most of human history. Our ancestors had to plunge into a cold icy pool if they wanted to bathe.

Losing man boobs is about aligning yourself with nature–eating natural food, doing the type of exercise your body was designed to do, and making other natural and healthful lifestyle changes–like getting good sleep, reducing stress, and having regular cold water showers.

If you’d like to discover more of these natural lifestyle changes that can help get rid of your man boobs, you can pick up a copy of How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally here:



What I want to do today is I want to give you a model of the world that you can use–to your benefit–for the rest of 2017, and hopefully for the rest of your life.

It’s this model of the world that helps me easily get back on track if I ever do miss a workout.

If you adopt this model of the world, it will serve you well. It will see to it that you lose your man boobs, lose any excess body fat you might have, grow some muscle, and finally build (and easily maintain) that dream physique you’ve always wanted.

Here it is…

Imagine you weren’t living in the modern world where we have TV’s, computers, laptops, phones, cars, supermarkets, Amazon Prime, and everything else that makes our lives convenient.

Imagine instead that you were living in a harsh world where you had to fight to survive. You know, like in those caveman days where our genetically near-identical ancestor, Grok, had to hunt for his food, lift heavy things to build shelter, lift his own bodyweight to get out of danger, and fight rival tribes to survive.

Put yourself in Grok’s shoes for a moment.

Grok didn’t work out because he wanted a great body or because he wanted to reduce body fat.

Grok worked out because he had to in order to survive.

In the modern day, every time you and I decide to exercise, we do it because we want to look better, feel better, or perform better. So each time we have to make that decision to work out.

With Grok on the other hand, he never had to make that decision

With Grok, something external would happen FIRST, and exercise would just happen as a side-effect.

  • Grok would get hungry, so he would go hunt down an animal for food (hunting=exercise).
  • A strong wind might blow the roof off his home just before a storm, so he would have to get out there in the cold and secure a new roof. This would involve lifting heavy things (=exercise).
  • Grok might get chased by a saber-toothed tiger, in which case he would have to RUN or climb a tree (running=exercise).
  • He might get attacked by a rival tribesman, forcing him to fight back (fighting=exercise).

Exercise is something that just happened to Grok, but it rarely just happens to us in the modern day, which means we have to do something differently.

See, anthropologists say that Grok was the most robust form of the human species. They say the average Paleolithic man had the same strength, speed, and lean muscular build as today’s most elite Olympic athletes.

One important reason why Grok had such a great build is because he had to exercise no matter what. If he didn’t exercise, he would die.

No matter how lazy he was feeling one morning, no matter how busy he was with his day, even when he was sick, if he heard a lion growling just around the corner, he would get off his butt and RUN. Exercise would just happen. It would happen no matter what.

But alas, we don’t live in the prehistoric era. Exercise doesn’t happen to us the way it happened to Grok (except maybe if road rage forces you out of your car and you get into a fight with a fellow road raged driver).

In the modern day, exercise is a choice. Most of the time in the modern day, we have to make exercise happen. And that’s a BIG REASON why SO MANY people in the modern day are obese, overweight, or have man boobs.

We have to CHOOSE to exercise. Most people choose NOT to exercise. Most people who do choose to exercise, aren’t consistent with it. They’ll exercise for a few weeks, get bored, and stop because they’re not seeing any results in their body.

But here’s the thing.

Anthropologists and geneticists say that our bodies are no different from how they were back in the prehistoric era. Genetically, we are 99.998% the same as our Paleolithic ancestor over 10,000 years ago.

In fact, our genes were BUILT in the Paleolithic era, which lasted for over 2 million years. What this means is our bodies today were designed to live in the Paleolithic era. We are designed to exercise, we are designed to physically fight for our survival on a regular basis.

When you don’t live the way your body was DESIGNED to live…

When you don’t live the way your body was DESIGNED to live, guess what happens? Your body gets weak and frail, you suffer from disease (heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more), and you get fat, obese, and grow man boobs.

Your body EXPECTS to exercise. It EXPECTS exercise to happen regularly. It EXPECTS exercise to be INTENSE.

A great body, athletic fitness, and good health, all come from aligning your body with nature, giving your body the kind of lifestyle it was DESIGNED to follow, the kind of lifestyle Grok lived.

So next time you get up in the morning and feel like you just can’t be BOTHERED to exercise, ask yourself, “what would Grok do?” Grok wouldn’t have a choice BUT to exercise.

The model of the world I want to give you today, is that you should PRETEND that you’re a caveman living in the Paleolithic era. PRETEND that exercise is not a choice. PRETEND that your life depends on you exercising.

Take CHOICE out of the equation. Don’t ask yourself, “Do I feel like exercising today?” No, just do it because you have to. Do it because your body EXPECTS you to exercise.

Any time I’m facing a particularly tough exercise, like the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise, I have this chant in my head: “don’t think just do, don’t think just do, don’t think just do”.

If you think and try to rationalize–in the moment just before exercise–whether you can handle this workout, whether you feel like doing it right now, your mind will find a way to talk you out of it. Don’t think. Don’t let your mind in the moment have a say. Just do it, and you’ll find you can handle it just fine.

You will feel great after the workout, and you will thank yourself for just doing it. If instead you listen to your mind in the moment and pass on the workout, you’ll feel like crap for letting yourself down.

Make exercise something you HAVE to do.

Make exercise a part of your routine, just the way Olympic athletes do. If you read up on successful Olympic athletes, the likes of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, you’ll see that exercise is somewhat of a ritual for them, it’s a routine they follow no matter what, no matter how under-the-weather they feel, they don’t think about it, they just get in there and DO IT.

If you want a great body, if you want to lose your man boobs, THAT’S what you have to do.

Exercise as though your life depends on it.

And let me tell you something else–your life DOES depend on it.

Paleolithic man exercised because his life was IMMEDIATELY threatened. YOU must exercise because your life is threatened in the long-run. Here’s why…

If you don’t exercise as though YOUR LIFE IMMEDIATELY DEPENDS ON IT, you may not be torn apart by a saber-toothed tiger, but…

  • you WILL more likely be struck down by disease in the future,
  • you WILL live a more mediocre life of being overweight and shy of the world because of your man boobs,
  • you WILL lose the possibility of living that IDEAL life where you look and feel great and don’t have man boobs,
  • you WILL more likely lose that one fight you get into in the future because you don’t exercise and keep fit so can’t handle yourself in a fight.

So the key to living a great life, being free of disease, being fit, healthy, strong, great-looking, and without man boobs, is to exercise as though your life depends on it.

Don’t exercise as though your long-term life depends on it. Exercise as though your IMMEDIATE life depends on it. Exercise as though if you don’t exercise right now, you will die.

Adopt this mindset, and it’s only a matter of time before you have that great body and great health you’ve always wanted.

Oh, and HOW you exercise is important too. For the best results, especially for losing man boobs, exercise the way Paleolithic man did. I’ll let Raf tell you about this here:



How To Build Massive Arms

by Garry Davidson on November 29, 2016

I’ve had a lot of guys ask me how they can build big arms.

If this is something you’d like to learn more about, please let me know and I’ll do a detailed write-up about it in the future.

Meanwhile, today, I want to tell you about one particular exercise, which is a replacement for the biceps curl.

The trouble with the biceps curl, is that due to the arc-like movement of the exercise, your biceps muscle is only really stimulated during the middle of the movement, when your forearm is horizontal with the floor.

Next time you do biceps curls, notice how the beginning and end of the movement are easy, while it gets really tough when your forearm is horizontal.

This is because gravity only pulls downwards. At the bottom of the movement, you are moving the weight almost horizontally. As the weight follows the arc, it becomes gradually more vertical, hence gravity gradually has a greater effect.

When your forearm is horizontal, that’s when the weight is moving vertically and directly against gravity, so that’s when the exercise becomes toughest, that’s the ONLY time your biceps are working at their maximum.

For the rest of the movement, you are wasting time. Worse than this, is the fact that you are only training the middle bulk of the muscle.

The bottom of the movement trains the lower portion of the biceps, while the upper portion of the movement trains the upper portion of the biceps.

So if you only use the traditional biceps curl exercise, you will end up with biceps that stick out in the middle like there’s a tennis-ball inside. Though some guys might think this looks cool, what looks REALLY good is a biceps muscle with uniform development from it’s insertion point at the elbow, to the origin at the shoulder.

You get some of the best, uniform biceps development when you do compound exercises like chinups, pullups, pulldowns, and barbell rows.

The first port of call when developing big arms, should always be compound exercises like the ones above.

However, studies show that isolation exercises do provide more stimulation of the isolated muscle than a compound exercise.

What natural bodybuilders do, is work on core compound exercises during the off-season, and add in isolation exercises before competition.

What I advise YOU to do, is focus on the core exercises until you have developed a decent physique. Then add in isolation exercises, to take things further, to add further development to your muscles.

So which isolation exercise should you do to develop the biceps?

Well, one of my favorites is the biceps cable curl. This is exactly the same movement as the traditional barbell/dumbbell biceps curl, only you are using a cable machine with a pulley.

Arc-like exercises like the biceps curl, are one of those rare cases where a cable machine is better than using free weights.

The cable-pulley system almost eliminates the problem of the arc, by making sure there is more uniform tension throughout the movement.

But what do you do when you don’t have access to a cable machine?

Enter the Barbell Body Drag Curl

The barbell body drag curl is a variation of the barbell biceps curl, popularized by the late Vince Gironda.

In this exercise, the barbell moves in less of an arc, and more of a straight line. This makes sure the tension on your biceps is always on.

To do this exercise, you hold the barbell as though you were doing a normal barbell biceps curl – feet shoulder width apart, hands shoulder width apart, underhand grip, bar resting on your upper thighs.

Bend your elbows a little so they are behind your torso.

Instead of moving the barbell up in an arc, hold your elbows back and raise the barbell from thighs to throat, keeping the bar in contact with the body at all times – so you “drag” the barbell up against your body.

You can watch a video demonstration here:


Since you activate the biceps throughout its entire range of motion, you’ll find the body drag curl much tougher than standard biceps curls. You won’t be able to handle the same weight with the body drag curl, but know that you are still getting a much better workout with this exercise than you would with the standard biceps curl everyone else is doing at the gym.

The pump you feel with this exercise will be intense, and you’ll have to resist the temptation to move your elbows forward to make the exercise easier.

Remember that though the body drag curl can give you big guns, it will do little in your quest to lose chest fat or to build an overall impressive physique.

To lose chest fat and build a body you can be proud of to show off in the summer, you have to focus on the big compound exercises that target those larger muscle groups.

Even to build big arms, you need to first focus on compound lifts. Only once you have mastered the core compound lifts, does it make sense to add on supplementary exercises like the body drag curl.

To learn about compound exercises for sculpting your chest, building big arms, and carving out a body you can show off at the beach, get yourself a copy of the Chest Sculpting Blueprint here:


See you on the next one,
Garry Davidson


A Special Man Boob Busting Ingredient To Add To Your Diet

by Garry Davidson on November 29, 2016

One day in my late teens, my dad asked me if I wanted to go and get some live chickens with him.

I didn’t understand the concept of “fresh” food at the time, so the whole idea seemed absurd to me, not to mention how embarrassing it would be if anyone saw me carrying live chickens home.

But that day something would happen inside my head that would change my life forever. It would set off a chain of events that would eventually lead to me reaching many of my big goals and successes in life.

A switch was flicked in my head that day that would change the way I behave forever.

The idea of going to some random place to get live chickens was absurd, and would likely be embarrassing as hell, but I thought, “Sod it, I’ll do it anyway”.

I thought I’m going to invest my time in this, because I might get something good out of it.

So we drove over to this house and an old man, Dave, likely in his 70’s, opened the door. Him and his grandson Paul, took us to the back yard, where chickens and other birds were kept in cages.

It was disgusting!

The whole place stunk of shit! There was bird shit everywhere, the walking spaces were so tight, you couldn’t walk through them without getting bird shit on your clothes.

When it came to selecting the chickens, Dave wanted me to hold one to verify that it was healthy – but I didn’t want to go near it!

In the end we bought those chickens home, and I was horrified to find that we had guests! Yes, and there were girls there too!

The chickens were inside cardboard boxes, I’d have to pass by the guests to get the boxes to the back yard. So I left them by the front door and ran upstairs to change my clothes, hoping someone else would sort the chickens out.

By the time I came back downstairs, the boxes were no longer by the front door. I heard laughter and screaming coming from the back yard. When I went there, I saw a bunch of kids playing with the chickens.

These kids were fascinated and scared at the same time. They’d get close, then jump back. All the adults were standing there laughing at the kids, and everyone was having an awesome time!

One of the girls asked me if I got the chickens, and where I got them from. I told her the story, and I got to know her – awesome!

And the awesomeness didn’t end there.

The chickens laid fresh, fertile eggs for us for a good few days, and I found out for the first time, that chicken tastes DELICIOUS when you have ’em fresh.

Now I know a place where I can go any time to get a chicken for seven bucks. Awesome (though I haven’t been back yet).

That turned out to be an awesome day! One I’ll never forget. And it all came down to that moment of decision, when I decided ‘what the heck, let’s just go for it’.

If I had been a bitch and told my dad the usual, “no, I don’t wanna go”, nothing would have happened, and that would be one less of life’s fun memories.

So what I’m getting at with this seemingly-random talk about my dad and live chickens, is this:

Do stuff.

Do weird, random and absurd stuff. Do stuff you’re afraid of doing. Do stuff you wouldn’t normally do. Do stuff people don’t “normally” do. Just do it for the sake of doing it. Do it BECAUSE you are afraid of it. Do it BECAUSE you think it’s weird. Do it BECAUSE you wouldn’t “normally” do it.

The only way to change – to get a better chest, a better body, be more confident, be more manly, more adventurous, more successful, is if you do stuff you wouldn’t normally do.

If you do the same stuff all the time, then you’ll stay the same as you always are.

In your goal for sculpting a manly chest, I often challenge you to stop doing the same stuff you’ve always been doing. I recommend new exercises, eating styles, books, programs and lifestyle changes that may seem outlandish, different and weird.

But go for it anyway.

Try it, give it a go. Be outlandish, be different, try new stuff – that’s how you change, that’s how you grow, that’s how you end up having awesome experiences in life.

And don’t just do it for sculpting your body. Do it in every aspect of your life. You will become a much better, more well-rounded person, with awesome life-experiences, if you would but feel the fear, feel the weirdness, feel the reluctance, and do it anyway!

Back when my dad broached me with the idea of getting live chickens, I was actually sat there reading a book called “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers. To this day, it’s one of the WORST books I’ve ever read.

It’s full of wishy-washy self-help BS. I read the first few pages, and decided never to even ATTEMPT to read it again.

But there was ONE THING great about the book.

The title.

That was it.

The title of that book changed my life.

Any time I feel fear or reluctance, I see it as a cue that I should do it. The more you face your fears, the stronger you get, and the more you grow as a person.

And it doesn’t just apply to fear.

Any time you think something might be embarrassing. Just do it.

Any time you think something might not work. Just do it – and you may just find that it works better than you ever imagined!

One thing I’d like you to try today, is to add this one ingredient to your diet.

Some guys can FEEL the testosterone boost they get from eating this ingredient – it makes them horny as hell, gives them better mental clarity, more energy, and better sleep. Those that DON’T feel it, are still likely to get a massive testosterone boost that will, over time, help to flatten out those man boobs.

I say “help” to flatten out your man boobs, because it’s very unlikely any single ingredient on its own will give you a flat chest. Over time, you have to incorporate more and more testosterone boosting foods into your diet. It’s when the majority of the food in your diet helps to limit insulin release, block estrogen, and boost testosterone, that your body starts to respond by changing its physical form to something more masculine.

So, I hope you enjoy adding this new ingredient to your diet. Here’s that link again. Please be sure to leave a comment on the article, and to like the article on Facebook:


Till next time,
Garry Davidson

P.S. Do you like the information that I’m sending out to you? A lot of guys have been asking me for help with diet and nutrition, so that’s what I’m giving you. But I need to know that you like it, otherwise I’m wasting my time and will move on to something else that you DO like.

The best way for you to let me know you like what I’m sending you is to like my articles on Facebook, and make a comment at the bottom of the article!

Thanks buddy, I appreciate your help.


Blasting Past Your Genetic Limitations

by Garry Davidson on November 29, 2016

Do you ever feel that your genes are against you?

Do you ever feel that no matter how much you lift, how well you eat, how hard you push yourself, your bad genes will prevent you from ever losing weight, from ever losing those man boobs, from ever gaining any decent amount of muscle, and from ever achieving that ripped, toned physique you’ve always wanted?

When I was overweight with man boobs and nothing seemed to be working, I felt that way for over 20 years of my life.

But I figured I had nothing to lose. If my body wasn’t going to LOOK any better, then at least all that exercise and healthy eating would improve my health, make me live longer, make me stronger, faster, and better able to take care of myself.

So I persisted.

Over time, when I discovered the right dietary tactics to melt away those overlying layers of fat, I finally started to see a masculine form appearing from underneath.

In the end I realized that though your genes can make it harder, they can never make it impossible for you to get a lean, masculine physique.

If you have bad genes, then what you need is the right methods, coupled with persistence and dogged determination.

Here’s one of my favorite passages from an old-time classic bodybuilding book I was re-reading just this morning. It’s an excellent book by the way, and I advise anyone with an interest in resistance training to get a copy.

Here’s the passage:

“The biggest champions of the training world are not the drug- enhanced genetically blessed competitive elite.

The biggest champions are the unsung heroes who applied years of dogged determination in order to build themselves up against the odds, without ever using drugs, without seeking or finding publicity, and without divorcing themselves from the rigors and responsibilities of everyday working and family life.

Genetically gifted and drug- enhanced super achievers who have near-perfect training conditions and lifestyles cannot hold a candle to the real heroes of the training world.”

Are you ready to become a champion of the training world? Apply those weeks, months, or even years of dogged determination my friend, and you will be a champion – more of a champion than genetically gifted and steroid-pumped brutes like Arnold Schwarzenegger ever were.

Best wishes,
Garry Davidson

P.S. Oh, by the way, if you wanted to check out that book, it’s called “Beyond Brawn” by “Stuart McRobert”:



An Unusual Chest-Shaping Exercise That Shrinks Your Man Boobs

by Garry Davidson on November 28, 2016

I’ve been going through a very stressful time these past few months. You know how they say it never rains but it pours? When one bad thing happens, another bad thing happens, then another, then another – it all piles on together, and you sometimes have a hard time coping.

I don’t wanna get you down, so I’ll spare you the details :).

Instead I’ll tell you about the one good thing that happened.

My friend Bazo came to visit and spent some time with me.

This guy is married with two young kids, one with a learning problem. So Bazo has his own problems to deal with, but when he saw that I was down, he came over to help me out.

Bazo is a true friend, one of three REAL friends that I have. I have a lot of other so-called friends that I hang out with and have a good time with, but few who will go out of their way to help me out.

I realized today how important it is to have good friends in your life.

I never used to have friends when I was in my teens and early twenties – mostly because I was fat with man boobs, lacked confidence, and had poor social skills.

But then I worked on my body, and started going out to work on my social skills. I went to meetup.com, and found like-minded people with similar interests. Since then I’ve been working on building a strong support network that I can rely on when times are tough.

If you don’t already have a strong support network, then I highly suggest you start working on building one.

Talking about building stuff, are you ready to build a powerful, unstoppable chest? If so, then you’ll want to hear about today’s exercise.

Very Few People Know About This Exercise.

If you have man boobs, this exercise alone has the potential to make your chest look totally flat. Even after you’ve LOST your man boobs, you can use this exercise to really improve the look of your chest and give you that unstoppable, manly physique you’ve always wanted.

After my client Louis lost his man boobs using the methods I discuss in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, he told me the only problem he had left was that nothing he did could get him a powerful, thick upper chest like the famous bodybuilder, Larry Scott.

He had tried every incline exercise he could think of to no avail. But after a few short weeks on this NEW exercise, his upper chest started to thicken, and now he’s on his way to sculpting the body of his dreams.

Click the link below to check out my new detailed article on this exercise:


A truly thick upper chest will not only help by pulling the fat in your man boobs upwards, it will also reduce the slope of your chest and give it that vertical cliff-face look.

Heck, even if you still HAVE man boobs, just doing this one exercise to thicken your upper chest will make it almost impossible for anyone to tell if you have man boobs.

So please, do check out the article, and maybe you’ll even get started on this exercise today! If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can leave a comment at the end of the article, or hit me back by email.

Best wishes,
Garry Davidson

P.S. This is a very unusual exercise for the upper chest. Most people have no idea that it actually works the chest, but EMG studies have proven that it does, and that it does so very well, especially with the UPPER chest. Here’s that article link again:



Grow Muscle HERE To Shrink Your Man Boobs

November 28, 2016

Man, I just got back from an old colleague’s wedding, and I feel like crap. I’ve just spent the last few months doing all this writing, working on my website, and getting training programs together that will help you get rid of man boobs, and get the chest and body you want. I’ve now become […]

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How To Instantly Shrink Puffy Nipples And Tighten Up Your Chest

November 28, 2016

In my last post, I told you about a powerful new way of doing the bench press that can skyrocket your results. Did you try it out? You know… When I first learned about the neck press, I did some searching on the internet. I came across countless guys who had switched from the regular […]

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3 Reasons Paleolithic HIIT Is Better Than Regular HIIT

November 28, 2016

When it comes to losing body fat, growing muscle, and especially when it comes to losing man boobs, Paleolithic HIIT is way more advanced than regular old HIIT. Here are 3 powerful reasons why Paleolithic HIIT is better than regular HIIT: 1. Paleolithic HIIT Is Tailored For Losing Man Boobs And Changing Your Physique Every […]

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Why Your Body Won’t Give Up The Fat

November 28, 2016

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