How often to micro-load and how much to micro-load?

by Garry Davidson on July 19, 2017

I just received an email today from a Chest Sculpting Blueprint customer, and I thought you might find my reply helpful.


Here’s the email I received

Hi Garry.

It’s now the fifth week for me on the Chest Sculpting Beginners program. And it is going very good. I just wanted to know something on micro-loading. In micro-loading we add an amount of weight in progressive resistance. Should I use this weekly or through each phase of the Chest Sculpting Beginners program? And how much should I add in micro-loading?

Thank you



Here’s my reply

Hi Suhayl

In the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, on page 169, I advise you to try and increase the weight on every workout. Don’t worry if you can’t though, sometimes you’ll find you’re stuck on the same weight for weeks. Just keep at it until you can increase the weight.

How much you micro-load depends on the exercise and on what fractional plates you are able to get a hold of. You can handle greater progressive resistance with large muscle group exercises like the squat and deadlift, and smaller progressions with exercises that use smaller muscle groups, like the shoulder press.

I would suggest getting some 1/4 lb plates, 1/2 lb plates, and 1 lb plates.

With the barbell front squat for example, you might consider using 2x 1 lb plates (one 1 lb plate on each side), so you are increasing the weight by 2 lb per workout. When this gets tough, try using 2x 1/2 lb plates.

With other exercises like the bench press, bent over barbell row, and shoulder press, I would suggest experimenting with adding 2x 1/2 lb plates, or 2x 1/4 lb plates.

Hope that helps.


If you don’t have a set of fractional plates yet, then you’re missing out on some serious potential body transformation.

When you use fractional plates, you’re adding such a small amount of weight to the bar every workout, that you barely feel the difference. Yet week by week you’re lifting a heavier and heavier weight.

It’s when you’re lifting those HEAVIER weights, that your body really starts responding to your workouts.

When you’re doing 3 sets of 10 reps with very heavy weights, your body starts pushing those testosterone levels through the roof. You build muscle, burn fat, and your chest flattens out.

So get yourself a set of fractional plates and get micro-loading today.

Here’s a good set with great reviews:


Last night I received an email from Senura, who lost around 50% of his stomach fat and lumps under his nipples, by training for just one month using a free giveaway section of my Paleolithic HIIT program.

Here’s Senura’s email:

“Hey garry I did jump rope under phiit protocol for about a month for now which I was able to understand by your phase2 giveaway ! I got fever and had to stop it. I am willing to buy ur phiit book if I do how would I start that program would my 1 month workout would have any bad effect

Also I got some results from that 1month period loosed stomach fat and loosed hardlump under my nipples like 50%?

What’s ur advice ????”

If you don’t have the Paleolithic HIIT Phase 2 giveaway, you can download it here for free:

My response:

Hi Senura, thanks for getting in touch.

Glad to hear you got good results with Phase 2 of Paleolithic HIIT.

When you get your copy of the full program, you can either start from the beginning, or you can take off from where you left it. It all depends on how long you’ve been out of training for. If you’ve been unwell for a few weeks, then it might be a good idea just testing yourself from Phase 1 and seeing how you perform.

If you find Phase 1 difficult, then you need to get back into re-building that endurance base before you start doing sprints.

If you find Phase 1 easy, give Phase 2 Week 1 a try. If this feels easy, you can put in an extra sprint to make it a Week 2 workout. If that’s easy, put in another sprint to make it a Week 3 workout, or yet another sprint to make it a Week 4 workout.

Just use your judgement. Remember it’s better to push yourself too little than to push yourself too hard. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to burnout and injuries, which can lead you to quitting or taking many more weeks off your training.

I recently pushed myself too hard with pull-ups, and I ended up injuring my left bicep muscle. As a result, I haven’t done any more pull-ups for 2 weeks! With resistance training, I always advise not training to failure and always leaving one rep in the tank. The same applies with HIIT–leave one sprint in the tank. But even with me, sometimes your ego takes over and you occasionally end up pushing yourself too hard. But trust me, it’s not worth-it.

When you’re ready, here’s the direct order link for Paleolithic HIIT:

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,


Just on a side, something I’ve recently discovered that keeps flu and colds at bay, so you don’t have to put up with a pesky fever getting in the way of your training, is a whole-food supplement called “chlorella”.

I highly recommend it. I’ll do a detailed write-up on chlorella in the future, but meanwhile go check out the reviews on Amazon, you’ll see how many people rave about the anti-cold/flu effects of this all natural, whole-food supplement:

It’s much better than the more popular Spirulina, and has both anti-estrogen and testosterone boosting effects.

Here’s that link again for Phase 2 of Paleolithic HIIT:



How To Raise Your Testosterone (Video)

by Garry Davidson on May 4, 2017

So recently I received an email from an ardent reader of my emails, Thomas A. (I won’t mention his surname in case he doesn’t want to be identified), and he recommended a video which I think you’ll find useful if you’re trying to lose man boobs.

I’ve pasted Thomas’s email is below, and you’ll find the video after the email, with my comments following the video.

“Hey, Garry. I am writing to you because l do enjoy receiving your emails. Unlike some, your emails actually contain a nugget or two that I try to incorporate in my life.

So here’s me returning the favor: l live in a d.c. suburb where l have been seeing a nutritionist and chiropractor by the name of Dr. Berg for over 10 years now. Legit guy. Like him a lot. I see him for adrenal fatigue but one thing he said in a YouTube blog recently stayed with me (which I think is extremely important for your readers):

Stop trying to increase your testosterone and instead, protect yourself from estrogen. He actually does say to do strength training …etc to increase T. But his main focus is in fighting E, which will balance you out faster. He recommends cruciferous veggies, parsley (which he raves about), celery and mushrooms.

I know you know this already but what I like in what he said was a shift in focus from trying to increase T, to fending off E, which essentially helps you maintain your T and build on it. Gotta plug the hole first, right?

Please know I have zero interest in pushing any agenda here save for sharing tidbits in the fight against E!

(Also share the frustration on the GOT situation.)”

Here’s The Video On How To Raise Your Testosterone

Here’s A Quick Summary

So here’s a quick run-down of what Dr Berg advises.

The #1 cause of low testosterone (and hence man boobs) is high estrogen.

Causes Of High Estrogen

How To Reduce Estrogen

  • Stinging nettle root (aromatase inhibitor)
  • Zinc (aromatase inhibitor)
  • Increase growth hormone (GH), the anti-ageing hormone. “Wherever GH goes, T follows”
  • To increase GH:
    – eat a moderate amount of protein with each meal
    – sleep
    – reduce stress
    – do intense full body exercise, especially deadlifts
    – intermittent fasting.
  • Eat anti-estrogen foods:
    – cruciferous veg: kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage
  • Decrease cortisol:
    – good sleep
    – sun in summer
    – vitamin D supplement in winter

My Notes

Dr Berg’s video is an excellent summary of methods you can use to boost testosterone and get rid of man boobs. If you got started with only the advice in the above video right away, you’re likely to see better results than the conventional methods of doing lots of cardio or push-ups, starving yourself, or going on a low calorie or low fat diet.

But Dr Berg’s video is only a summary. Dr Berg merely touches upon the 3 main methods you can use to lose man boobs by reducing estrogen and boosting testosterone:

  1. An anti-estrogen diet with anti-estrogen and testosterone boosting lifestyle changes.
  2. High intensity whole body exercise
  3. Intermittent fasting

Any one of these methods can help you lose your man boobs, but you’d get the best results if you combined all three.

The best way to get started is to take one of these methods, and work on making it a part of your daily routine before starting on the next routine.

Which Method Should You Get Started On First?

Well since I’ve always said that diet is 85% of the game when it comes to losing man boobs, I recommend getting started with either #1, an anti-estrogen diet, or #3, intermittent fasting.

Look at exercise as the cream on top. Once you’ve gotten started on a good diet and/or intermittent fasting, add exercise to the mix to boost your results.

If I had to choose between a good man boob shrinking diet and intermittent fasting, I would choose a good diet. But diets are long and take a lot of effort, you have to prepare your own food, do all this extra shopping, and really just devote a lot of time to making all these changes to what you eat.

Intermittent fasting on the other hand, is easy. You’re not eating anything different, it takes zero time out of your already busy day, in fact it ADDS time to your life. And best of all, you get immediate results.

In the above video, Dr Berg doesn’t go into detail on how to do intermittent fasting to lose your man boobs, but I do in the following article:

Read the article, get started on intermittent fasting today, and let me know how you get on.

The above article is more than enough to get you started on intermittent fasting, but if you want more detailed guidance on how to use intermittent fasting to get rid of your man boobs, you can always get a copy of my guide, called “Untold Secrets of Intermittent Fasting”. It’s currently just $9.97, so get your copy now while you still can at this low price:

In this unique guide on intermittent fasting, you’ll find unique tips from my own experience with intermittent fasting, which you won’t find anywhere else online. I reveal tips that make intermittent fasting both more effective at getting rid of man boobs, and also much easier.

Here’s the direct purchase link:

Oh, and what did Thomas mean by the “GOT situation”? I made a complaint in my last email about how the next Game Of Thrones season is taking forever to air. Thomas and I totally love this show and wish there was more of it :).


Spring is in full bloom and the weather here is awesome. I just came back from a high intensity bicycle sprint down my local road, and I feel on top of the world!

A quick, 2-minute all out bicycle sprint can boost your testosterone levels and raise your metabolism for hours on end.

You might notice how sometimes you get this sudden urge to exercise. When you do, you should follow your instinct and just do it, quickly before the urge goes away.

If you’re already training regularly, and you’re worried about overtraining or interrupting your training schedule, there’s no need to do a full-blown hour-long workout when you get these urges.

Just do one single fun and challenging high intensity sprint that tests your limits.

Why Are Spontaneous Bursts Of Exercise Good For You?

Doing the occasional spontaneous workout, better resembles the lifestyle of our Paleolithic ancestor. Some of Paleolithic man’s workouts were planned (e.g. hunting for food), while others were not (e.g. being attacked by something from behind the bushes).

Nowadays, the attack from behind the bushes rarely ever happens, there are no spontaneous bursts of furious activity in our lives.

Nowadays, there are no hidden dangers that require sudden bursts of intense activity. Your body tries to make up for this by giving you sudden seemingly spontaneous urges to exercise.

For millions of years our bodies have evolved to EXPECT spontaneous bursts of activity. As I discuss in my program, Paleolithic HIIT, you optimize your testosterone levels and optimize your health when you give your mind and body the lifestyle it was DESIGNED to live.

Since nowadays we no longer have tigers jumping on us from behind long blades of grass, our bodies give us SUDDEN INSTINCTUAL URGES TO EXERCISE.

If you follow your instincts and give your body what it wants, you will boost your testosterone levels higher than after any regimented workout. Even if you’re just doing a single set.

But Not Just Any Exercise Will Do…

The most important thing is that you push yourself hard at an anaerobic pace, maybe even push yourself to your limits.

You make your body think your life is on the line, so you sprint like there’s no tomorrow.

The other important thing is the exercise should involve your whole body. If you think about it, almost any survival activity, whether you are running from a dangerous animal, fighting a rival, or hunting prey, involves using your whole body.

There’s little point in getting one of these urges to exercise and just doing a bunch of biceps curls. Though this is far better than doing no exercise at all (you WILL still benefit if you did biceps curls), you’d get much better results from doing something that stimulates your whole body, and especially involves your legs.

Do something that stimulates your whole body.

The best whole-body exercises that stimulate a survival activity are high intensity interval training sprint exercises.

You might do your sprint on a bicycle, you might do a running sprint down your road, a jump-roping sprint, a furious round on a heavy bag, or even do the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise.

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise will take you longer than just a couple minutes, but you only need to do Phase 1, and that’s less than 10 minutes. More info on The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise here:

What Makes These Sudden Urges To Exercise So Powerful?

Instinct is a powerful beast.

Your body gives you the urge to exercise, not just randomly out of the blue, but it does so when your body is primed to benefit most from exercise.

I got the urge to exercise this morning, because the night before I had gotten the best night’s sleep for a good few days. My hormones, muscles, fuel reserves, and brain, were all primed to benefit from a good burst of high intensity activity.

Sometimes you’ll get the urge to exercise when you watch a motivational video. Motivational videos can cause hormonal changes that prime you to benefit from exercise. One study on rugby players found that watching a motivational video before a training session resulted in:

  • Higher pre-workout free testosterone levels
  • Better workout performance
  • Higher post-workout free testosterone levels
  • Lower post-workout stress hormone (i.e. cortisol) levels

Other times it can happen when you’re feeling happy about something, when that girl you like at work agreed to go on a date with you, when you stand on the bathroom scale and realize you’ve lost weight, and random stuff like when you’re excited about the next episode of Game of Thrones (when on EARTH is that next season coming out again?).

Sometimes you get these urges to workout, seemingly out of the blue.

How To Make These Sudden Urges To Exercise Stronger And More Frequent

You’ll also notice that as you start on your regimented weekly training and fix up your diet, as your fitness increases, you grow more muscle, and your belly and man boobs start to shrink, you’ll get these random urges to exercise more and more often. Each urge will also be stronger.

This is because the less body fat you carry, the more muscle mass you have, and the more fit and trained you are, the more your body benefits from exercise. We know from scientific studies that trained high intensity athletes, like sprinters and weightlifers, get bigger testosterone boosts from their workouts than do untrained people.

The More You Trust The Urge, The More You….

The more you trust the urge to exercise and submit to it, the stronger and more accurate the urge will get.

When you have a strong and accurate urge to exercise, you know 100% that this is one of those urges that will put your testosterone levels through the roof if you submit to it and go for that high intensity burst of exercise. The urge is so powerful that you almost can’t resist it.

However, at first, these urges might be vary faint, where you’re not too sure if you really want to exercise. They could also be completely wrong, where you start exercising, and you don’t really have the energy for it, you get injured, or you feel fatigued afterwards.

The urge to exercise is an instinct. I read a whole book on instinct, where the author explains how instinct is something you have to nurture over time. Sometimes your instincts will be wrong, and other times it will be right. But if you start TRUSTING your instinct today, over time you’ll find your instincts are right more and more of the time.

So at first, when you get these sudden spontaneous urges to exercise, give in to them and see what happens. Over time, as you submit to the urges more and more, they’ll become more accurate, more correct, stronger, and as you get fitter, you’ll benefit from these short bursts of activity (and from all your workouts) more and more, with bigger testosterone boosts, and bigger effects on losing those man boobs.

Focus on becoming a trained high intensity athlete. The more trained you become, the greater your ability to boost testosterone, and the greater your ability to blast away man boobs.

The best exercises to do when you get these urges to exercise, are the exercises I reveal in my program, Paleolithic HIIT. (The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise is an option too, but that’s just one exercise. Paleolithic HIIT gives you a wider range of exercises).

In Paleolithic HIIT, I give you a regimented HIIT training protocol for blasting away man boobs. When you start doing sprints Paleolithic HIIT-style, you’ll start getting these random urges to exercise more and more often.

Unlike with traditional cardio, Paleolithic HIIT will boost your muscle mass and prime your body to benefit more from exercise, where each exercise session gives you bigger and bigger testosterone boosts, to the point where losing body fat and losing man boobs gets easy.

Just wait till you start combining your regimented Paleolithic HIIT routine with the occasional sudden burst of high intensity activity when you submit to those instinctual urges to exercise. Your body will transform so quick, and your man boobs will go away so fast, you could easily have that beach-ready body before summer is over this year.

Summer is nearly here! If you want to enjoy a great body this summer, then the time to get started on your training is right now. Today.

The sun is out, people are already out there going to the beach and enjoying the great weather. But the good news is summer isn’t here yet, and if you get started today, you could lose your man boobs before summer is over, so you get to enjoy the great weather with a great body THIS YEAR, in 2017, not next year, not 10 years from now, but enjoy having a great body this year.

But the clock is ticking, the sun’s already here, so the only time to get started is right now.

Click the link below, pick up a copy of Paleolithic HIIT right now, and get started on your training TODAY!

Paleolithic HIIT is a long book, there’s a lot of information in it that will change the way you think about exercise. But if you want to have a great body before summer is over this year, you MUST get started on your training TODAY.

So when you get your copy of Paleolithic HIIT, skip on over to the exercise routines section, and get started on your exercises right away. You can learn all the theory behind it AFTER you start exercising and transforming your body.

Get your copy of Paleolithic HIIT here:

Click Here to start training Paleolithic HIIT-style today!


Do you like a good curry?

If you do, you’re in luck, because a good curry, cooked in the right way, is a cocktail of one man boob fighting ingredient after another, with literally EVERY ingredient in that curry having some man boob busting effect.

Not only that, but a good authentic Indian curry will fill your mouth with flavors that are out of this world. When you take a bite of this stuff, it’s like your taste buds are dancing in harmony with a tune constructed by Mozart himself.

You’re always going to still occasionally want a pizza, steak, or burger with fries, nothing can replace those foods. But in a shear flavor to flavor comparison, an authentic home-cooked Indian curry will beat ALL of these foods hands down!

Now I’m not talking about the usual curry you might eat at an Indian restaurant or take-out. I’m talking about little-known Indian household curries that taste 100 times better, are 10 times healthier, and rather than make you fat, can help you get lean AND help get rid of your man boobs.

Most curries these days are full of ingredients that will grow your man boobs–the likes of chemically extracted pro-inflammatory vegetable oils, sugar, grain-based thickeners like flour, obesity inducing flavor enhancers, and estrogenic food coloring.

Thankfully, I happen to be a curry fanatic and a man boobs expert. Over the last decade, I’ve been experimenting with cooking curries that not only taste OUT OF THIS WORLD, but also contain only ingredients that reduce man boobs.

This picture isn’t as colorful as the professionally shot and heavily photoshopped pictures of pizza, steak, and burgers in the above picture. I took it with my iPhone camera. The colors are more red and more intense in real life, and trust me, the flavor of this chicken curry is out of this world.

Here are some of the ingredients in my curries that will help you get rid of your man boobs:


I’ve written about turmeric before, because it’s one of the most powerful man boob fighting ingredients around. It blocks the female hormone estrogen on a cellular level, reduces inflammation, improves insulin sensitivity, and induces programmed cell death in fat cells. All of these properties of turmeric will help you lose your man boobs.


Studies have shown that ginger boosts testosterone, as well as increase sperm count, improve sperm motility and viability, improve ejaculate volume, and increase testicular weight. Basically, ginger makes you more manly. Since ginger and turmeric both originate from the rhizome family, countless studies have shown that they have a synergistic effect, where one rhizome enhances the effects of the other.

Black Pepper

Piperine in black pepper is known to boost testosterone, which can help get rid of man boobs. At the same time, studies have shown that piperine can enhance the bioavailability of turmeric by 2,000%.


Allicin in garlic is known to boost testosterone. Like turmeric, garlic is also able to cause programmed cell death of fat cells (makes fat cells commit suicide!). Garlic is also known to have a synergistic effect with both turmeric and ginger.


In a 2012 study on male rats, onion was found to boost testosterone levels more than even ginger. Onions also contain quercetin, which has its own health benefits (they even make supplements out of this stuff), and like black pepper, is a bio-enhancer that increases the bioavailability of curcumin.

Healthy Fats

The right type of fats can actually help you reduce body fat and boost testosterone so you lose man boobs. But unfortunately, these days most curries are cooked with cheap convenient oils that increase inflammation in your body and encourage weight gain. After much experimentation, I’ve discovered the kind of fats that are both healthy and really bring out the flavor in a curry.

If you are into your food like I am, then you’ll know that a tasty, fulfilling, warm meal does more than just satisfy your tastebuds and fill your belly. It affects your whole body and affects your mind. It fills you with energy, lifts your mood, makes you feel alive, and brings joy to your life.

These man boob busting curries will fill your belly with warmth and leave you feeling happy and fulfilled, as opposed to most diet food, the likes of broccoli, salads, and boiled chicken breast, which leave you feeling cold, hungry and unsatisfied.

The five chicken curries I want to tell you about today, are pictured above. They all contain powerful man boob busting ingredients. Each is so tasty, and so different and unique from the others, that if all you did was live on these 5 different curries for the rest of your life, you would not get bored.

Where most diet food has the same bland taste, the curries I’d like to tell you about today are each so unique and different from one another, that if your diet consisted of nothing but these curries, you would never get bored, each meal would be a wonder and delight of its own, as though a different Michelin star chef was cooking for you every meal.

Seriously, I can’t describe to you how delicious this stuff is. It tastes better than any fast food I’ve ever had, and at the same time it helps you LOSE your man boobs! It really doesn’t get much better than this.

Most people never manage to get rid of their man boos because they think they have to stick to a boring restrictive “weight loss” diet where they have to avoid anything they enjoy the taste of.

But I’m here to tell you today that your days of restriction and deprivation at the dinner table are OVER! With my bursting-with-flavor man boob busting curries, you can ENJOY the journey to a man-boob-free you.

The time everything changed for me, the time I started to lose my own man boobs rapidly, was when I discovered that I no longer had to deprive myself of good tasting, fulfilling food in order to lose my man boobs,

With my man boob busting curries, you can both lose weight and lose man boobs, without ever feeling deprived at the dinner table again.

You won’t have to watch your friends and family eat delicious hot food at the dinner table while you chew on bland, cold, demoralizing rabbit-food.

Instead, when you cook one of these delicious curries, the aroma of the food will fill the kitchen (and your whole house if you leave the kitchen door open), and everyone at home will want to have what you’re having.

Think about it.

If you could truly ENJOY your journey to losing your man boobs, how soon do you think it will be before your man boobs are gone?

I may not have found a way to make exercise more enjoyable and effortless than no-exercise, but when it comes to diet, with these tantalizing, mouth-watering man boob busting curries, I’ve cracked the code and made eating to lose man boobs more tasty and more enjoyable than the tastiest junk food diet you can think of.

The catch?

You’re going to have to cook these curries yourself.

You can’t buy these curries in a curry house. They are unique and tailored to help you lose man boobs. And trust me, the cooking style used in these curries come from traditional Indian home cooking, which makes these curries 10x more delicious than anything you can buy in an Indian restaurant or take-out.

And don’t worry, these curries are very easy to cook. The only “skills” you’ll need is the ability to slice an onion. And heck, even if you’ve never sliced an onion before, or even boiled an egg, these curries taste SO good, they’re worth learning to cook for.

You don’t need to take any cooking lessons, just pick up a copy of my latest book, “5 Man Boob Busting Chicken Curries”, and I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to do to put together THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD IN THE WORLD, which also happens to help you get rid of man boobs.

This new book will be open for sale tomorrow, at 6pm CST (I’ll send an email announcement at the time).

If you grab it in the first 24 hours, you’ll get it for more than half off, at just $7.

For the next 3 days, the price will go up to $9.97.

And thereafter the price will be $14.97

I’ll see you tomorrow.


A Timeless Diet Tip For Losing Man Boobs

by Garry Davidson on March 24, 2017

I heard this story many years ago about the composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.

It went something like this.

Having been inspired by Mozart from an early age, Beethoven was determined to become a great musician and composer.

He was celebrated as a brilliant virtuoso pianist by the time he reached his mid-twenties.

As he rose to fame, Beethoven unfortunately started to gradually go deaf from around the age of 30.

In the last few years of his life, his music started to sound more and more strange to others who heard it. People no longer enjoyed listening to his music and he became less and less popular.

Someone once asked Beethoven something along the lines of, “What is this you’re playing? It doesn’t sound right”.

To which Beethoven replied, “My music is not for your time”.

And as we know, today, Beethoven’s best pieces, the ones everyone knows about today, were written after he became deaf. He wrote “Ode to Joy” in 1824, just 3 years before he died.

Feel free to play the above tune while you read the rest of the article 🙂

I hate most classical music, yet Ode to Joy is probably the best piece of music I’ve ever heard!

Beethoven was ahead of his time, and he knew it.

There are other examples of great people who were ahead of their time, the artist Pablo Picasso, the scientist Nikola Tesla, and others.

These people were not revered during their time, nearly as much as they are now. Often, they were even outcast by their society (e.g. the philosopher Socrates) and their teachings were only appreciated long after they died.

When it comes to the world of body sculpting–reducing body fat, building muscle, and looking your best and leanest, the one person who was most ahead of their time, was the legendary Vince Gironda.

Like Beethoven was ahead of his time in the world of music, so was the legendary Vince Gironda ahead of his time in the world of body sculpting.

Back in the 1950’s through to the early 1970’s, Vince Gironda racked up the longest list of body transforming success stories anyone had ever heard of.

If you wanted a great body, you’d go to Vince.

Celebrities, professional bodybuilders, and people from the general public, all flocked to Vince’s gym in the hopes that Vince would train them. Even the great Arnold Schwarzeneggar went to Vince’s gym, hoping to be trained by Vince..

Despite Vince’s success at transforming people’s physiques, many of his ideas were ridiculed and made fun of at the time. Just like Ludwig van Beethoven’s musical compositions were criticized in his later days, and then heralded as some of the best musical pieces of all time long after he died, so are Vince Gironda’s ideas only now being proven by science to be true.

One of Vince’s many ideas was that when it comes to body sculpting, diet is 85% of the game.

This is something a lot of guys who love their food, don’t like to admit. But trust me, once you believe it, once you get your diet in order, your body will soon start to change.

If you want to lose man boobs, you’ve gotta get focused on your diet.

And I’m not talking about starving yourself or going on a low calorie or low fat diet.

Vince Gironda said you should stop counting calories and start count grams of carbs instead. He was a proponent of a high fat, low carb diet, which is something the studies now are showing is the best way to reduce body fat.

When it comes to losing man boobs, studies show that a high fat diet is ideal for keeping your testosterone levels elevated in the long-run (since testosterone is made from cholesterol, which comes from fat in your diet).

In my experience with helping guys to lose man boobs, I’ve found that diet is at LEAST 85% of the game when it comes to losing man boobs.

This is why I have lately been focusing on helping you to get your diet in order.

The first thing I did was write a short report with 5 powerful grain-substitute recipes. These recipes will help you ditch grains like rice, wheat and flour, which are the primary source of bad, fattening, man boob forming carbohydrates in most people’s diets.

You can learn more about these recipes here:

What I’ve been working on since I released those grain substitute recipes, is finding DELICIOUS food that both helps you lose man boobs, and is delicious enough to replace your favorite fat-forming foods, the likes of pizza, burgers, and french-fries.

I’ve come up with 5 new man boob reducing recipes that are so delicious, that if you had to choose between one of these man boob reducing dishes, and say, the best pizza in the world, you would happily choose the man boob busting dish (I’m serious, these new recipes really ARE that delicious! Yes, better than the BEST of pizzas!)

Now I’m not saying these outrageously delicious man boob busting dishes will make you quit junk food forever. I personally still enjoy the occasional pizza and doner kebab. What I AM saying, is these recipes will at the very least, significantly reduce your intake of bad, man boob-forming dishes like pizza, pasta dishes, burger with french fries, fried chicken, etc.

And if you DID decide to never eat pizza again, as long as you’re able to fill your need for great-tasting food with these 5 new delicious man boob busting dishes, you wouldn’t feel one bit deprived.

I’ll be letting you in on my new outrageously delicious man boob busting recipes this Monday at 6pm EST, so keep an eye out for my email.

And remember, according to the man ahead of his time, Vince Gironda, body sculpting (including losing your man boobs) is 85% diet.

So get to sorting out your diet already, and I’ll help you along the way with my tips and recipes.

See you on Monday!


A 21 Minute HIIT Workout For Blasting Away Man Boobs

February 14, 2017

This 21-minute HIIT workout includes 5 minutes of exercise and 16 minutes of rest. Most so-called experts have got it totally wrong when it comes to HIIT. Seriously, type “HIIT workouts” into Google and you’ll get page after page of BAD ADVICE. A lot of HIIT advice is based on the old Tabata protocol. Tabata […]

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Lose Your Man Boobs With Cold Water Therapy

January 14, 2017

Just a reminder today about the power of cold water therapy for helping you to lose your man boobs. Scientists have done some studies where they have taken a group of people from a hot country and put them in a cold country. Without changing their diet or doing any extra exercise, these people were […]

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A New Model Of The World For Training Success In 2017 And Beyond

January 6, 2017

What I want to do today is I want to give you a model of the world that you can use–to your benefit–for the rest of 2017, and hopefully for the rest of your life. It’s this model of the world that helps me easily get back on track if I ever do miss a […]

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How To Build Massive Arms

November 29, 2016

I’ve had a lot of guys ask me how they can build big arms. If this is something you’d like to learn more about, please let me know and I’ll do a detailed write-up about it in the future. Meanwhile, today, I want to tell you about one particular exercise, which is a replacement for […]

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