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Doing Chest Dips At Home

by Garry Davidson on December 20, 2012

You know, the truth is, to do chest dips, you don’t really¬†need specialised equipment like a dipping station or power rack. All you need are two stable platforms that are at least at the level of your hips. I know it can be hard to find two such platforms that are exactly the same height as each other, but just look around your house, and with a little creativity, I’m sure you’ll find something.

I for example, started out using the corner of my mom’s kitchen worktop, where the edges of the worktop come together at right-angles, forming a V-shape. I’ve also used two shoe-boxes set side-by side. There was this one time when my mom had guests and I couldn’t work out anywhere downstairs, so I went upstairs and started scanning the rooms, looking for something else I could use. I eventually found the solution in my attic – between a table-top and the headboard of my brother’s bed. By bringing my knees up in front of me, I could go just low enough to get that perfect stretch in my pecs.

Another option is to use the backrest of two chairs. At some point in the future I’ll make some videos of how you can use furniture at home to do dips, but for now, you can check out the video below by good ol’ Scooby. Note that in the video Scooby talks about dips as being an exercise for the ‘arms’, but as I’ve discussed with you before in this article, dips are perhaps the best exercise you can do for the chest. If you want to better target the chest, just remember to use a wide grip (i.e. place the chairs wider apart), flare your elbows out to your sides during the movement, and lean your torso forward.

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