A 21 Minute HIIT Workout For Blasting Away Man Boobs

This 21-minute HIIT workout includes 5 minutes of exercise and 16 minutes of rest.

Most so-called experts have got it totally wrong when it comes to HIIT.

Seriously, type “HIIT workouts” into Google and you’ll get page after page of BAD ADVICE.

A lot of HIIT advice is based on the old Tabata protocol.

Tabata training was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr Izumi Tabata.

Tabata and his team conducted research on two groups of athletes:

  • Group 1 trained at moderate intensity for one hour a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks.
  • Group 2 did HIIT for 4 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

The results:

  • Group 1 increased their aerobic capacity, but showed little or no results for their anaerobic system.
  • Group 2 showed much more increase in their aerobic capacity than Group 1, AND increased their anaerobic system by 28%.

That’s VERY impressive! 4 minutes of HIIT got better results than 1 hour of steady state cardio.

But that doesn't mean you can just take any old HIIT protocol and try to lose your man boobs with it.

Problems With HIIT Workouts You See Online

The HIIT protocol the Tabata study used, was 20 seconds of all-out intensity on a stationary bicycle followed by 10 seconds of rest, done 8 times.

The trouble though, is when you go online, you see people telling you to do their own version of the Tabata protocol.

You see people recommending calisthenics exercises like pushups, squats, burpees and jumping jacks. They might replicate the time sequence of the Tabata protocol, but this is NOT a Tabata protocol.

The Tabata protocol used a stationary bicycle to achieve 170% VO2 Max. That’s a crazy high intensity for your cardiovascular system.

If you strap on a heart rate monitor and check your maximum heart rate reached during a 20 second all-out sprint on a stationary bicycle, then compare it to your maximum heart rate reached during 20 seconds of pushups, squats, burpees, or jumping jacks, you’ll see that no matter how hard you push yourself with those calisthenics exercises, you’ll never reached as high a heart rate as you do with cycling.

You don’t need a heart rate monitor for this by the way, you can just measure your pulse rate immediately after the 20 second bout of exercise.

Like in the Tabata study, HIIT is meant to be done with cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming and cycling, not with calisthenics exercises like pushups and squats. Only with HIIT done with cardiovascular exercises, do you get the level of lactate accumulation and testosterone boosts that can really boost your fitness and get rid of your man boobs.

Sure, HIIT with calisthenics can and does work, I’m just saying that HIIT with cardiovascular exercises that really get your heart rate up, work far better.

Problems With The Tabata Protocol

Tabata’s research looked at the effect of HIIT on VO2 max and anaerobic capacity.

He DID NOT look at weight loss, post-exercise calorie expenditure (EPOC), metabolic rate, or post-exercise testosterone or growth hormone release.

Nor did Tabata compare different types of interval training. It’s not like he tested a number of work-to-rest ratios and concluded that 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest worked best.

All he did was compare one form of interval training with steady-state cardiovascular exercise over a period of six weeks.

How do we know that you won’t get better results by doing 30 second sprints with 1 minute rest intervals? Or 60 second sprints with 2 minute rest intervals?

Unfortunately, there are no studies out there comparing different HIIT protocols to one another to see which is best for fat loss.

However, what I’ve done is I’ve studied the science and put together specialized HIIT protocols that are best for both shedding fat and boosting testosterone so you lose man boobs.

I’ve tested these protocols on the field, and they work.

I explain all the science behind it in my program, Paleolithic HIIT. Meanwhile, to get started, you can try out this 21 minute HIIT protocol, that I’ve extracted from my Paleolithic HIIT program. You can download it here:


Remember, you can use any cardiovascular exercise for this HIIT protocol. Examples include running, cycling, swimming, and jump roping.

Note that the above protocol starts at Phase 2. Phase 1 simply involves building an endurance base with the exercise you choose to do. So if you choose to do sprint cycling, you’ll start by first training yourself to be able to do 20 minutes of steady state cycling at a moderate intensity. This will get your muscles, joints, and ligaments ready for the high intensity sprints of Phase 2.

Just the Phase 2 sprints alone will get you a ripped physique with a flat man-boob-free chest. It’s way better than the Tabata protocol for losing body fat and losing man boobs.

You'll learn about Phases 3, 4, 5 and 6 when you purchase the full Paleolithic HIIT program. In Phase 3, you start building in shorter, more intense sprint bursts to improve your performance in those 60-second sprints.

Why improve your performance?

Because studies have shown that the better you perform in your sprints, the greater the testosterone boosts you get from your workouts. The greater the testosterone boosts, the greater the tissue growth and body remodelling you’ll experience.

So here's the link again where you can download the free HIIT protocol I promised you today:


And here's where you can take things to the next level by getting your hands on the full Paleolithic HIIT program: