A Diet Experiment That Got Some Interesting Results

A friend of mine did a diet experiment and got some interesting results.

This guy is a bodybuilder who's been a “six meals a day” muscle-head for 20 years, and he decided to try something NEW.

This NEW thing he tried is something up and coming.

It's a totally different fat loss technique that bodybuilders, celebrities and fitness pros are flocking to today–because the science proves that it works.

When this NEW method first came out, a lot of people were against it.

But the scientific evidence that this method works–both for fat loss and muscle growth–is so strong now that no one can deny it.

It was hard for my bodybuilding friend to admit this method works, because you could say it's the complete OPPOSITE to everything he's been doing for 20 years.

He was afraid that–with this NEW method–his muscles would shrink, he'd get weaker, and put on more fat.

But He Couldn't Have Been More Wrong…

To his surprise, when he tried this method, he ended up losing 20 pounds of fat while preserving his muscle mass.

Before the experiment he was already lean, at just 10% body fat.

After the experiment, he was even more lean, at 4% body fat.

Before I tell you what this NEW method is that helped my friend to get a lower single-digit body fat count, let me tell you why people were so against it when it first came out.

This NEW method is the OPPOSITE of the popular “six meals a day” system.

“Six meals a day” is a GOOD method. You really should try it. The first time I ever got abs was on a “six meals a day” plan.

Having six small meals a day helps control your appetite. You don't ever get hungry, so you avoid binge-eating.

But then when this NEW method came out, people were afraid that it would make you binge–because you're no longer eating small frequent meals.

They were afraid you would lose muscle–because you're no longer eating protein every three hours.

But both science and the experience of thousands of people on this NEW method–celebrities like Hugh Jackman included–show these things just don't happen.

With this NEW method, you don't lose muscle–it actually primes your body to get BETTER at building muscle.

You also don't binge–it helps control your appetite BETTER than the “six meals a day” approach.

This NEW method is also a hell of a lot more convenient and easy to stick-to than the “six meals a day” plan.

But Which Method Is Better?

Studies show that this NEW method–called “intermittent fasting”–is more effective at burning fat than low calorie dieting, and more effective than the “six meals a day” approach.

Both methods are effective.

But as my friend discovered, intermittent fasting is even MORE effective.

It helped him burn more fat while preserving his muscle mass.

What I have found is intermittent fasting also gives you EXTRA help in losing man boobs.

Not just by helping you to burn fat, but also by helping you preserve your testosterone levels in the short-term, while BOOSTING your testosterone levels in the long-term.

I've been experimenting with intermittent fasting for a good few years now, and I've made some interesting discoveries.

Since I study human physiology for a living, I've discovered these BODY HACKS that don't just make intermittent fasting more EFFECTIVE at getting rid of man boobs…

…but also make intermittent fasting EASIER.

You know how everybody ELSE is doing intermittent fasting?

They're starving their butts off for hours on end, just putting up with the hunger.

But with these little-known BODY HACKS, you can get all the benefits of intermittent fasting WITHOUT putting up with the hunger the way everybody else is.

I reveal these BODY HACKS in my report called “Untold Secrets Of Intermittent Fasting”.

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