A Peek Inside My New Bodyweight Chest Exercise Program For Losing Man Boobs

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This Program Isn't Suitable For Everyone…

If you're doing well with weight training, the way I outline in my weight training program for losing man boobs--The Chest Sculpting Blueprint--and you're not at all interested in getting better at moving your body around in real-life situations with bodyweight training, then this program may not be for you.

Below is a list of benefits of bodyweight training that weight training does not offer. If none of these benefits interest you, and you're already doing well with weight training, then you may be better off saving your money and not buying the new program.

Bodyweight Training Benefits You Don't Get With Weight Training:

  • Improved ability to move your body around in real-life situations. e.g. climbing trees and fences, standing and walking on your hands, doing impressive stunts like one arm handstands and backflips, fighting, and jumping.
  • A more fun and more interesting progression model, moving onto new and more exciting exercises over time, rather than just increasing the weight on the same boring exercises as with weight training.
  • Improved agility, coordination, balance, and flexibility.
  • Much lower chances of injury.
  • Healing joints and ridding body of aches and pains.
  • Whole-body strength that's more useful in everyday situations than the isolated body part strength you develop with most weight training exercises.
  • A convenient form of training you can do almost anywhere with minimal space and minimal equipment.

The best thing about bodyweight training is the impact it has on your everyday life, by making it easier for you to move your body around. As you move onto the more advanced exercises, you realize you can do things with your body that you could never do before.

Once you start doing pull-ups for example, the next time you go to the park, you might have a go on the monkey bars, or climb onto a tree-branch.


Two of the best things about bodyweight training is you can train almost anywhere using objects around you, and you can use it in real-life situations.

Getting good at bodyweight training is like upgrading your body so you can move your body around better in real-life situations. It makes life more exciting, fills your life with more possibility, more action, and more fun.

Imagine falling in love with something so much that you almost forget you're doing it because you want to lose your man boobs. You get obsessed with getting better at this new sport, and your man boobs just happen to disappear on the side. When this happens, it can make losing man boobs seem effortless.

If upgrading your body so you can move your body around in new and different ways, is something you can get passionate about, then this new program could be just what you need to get rid of your man boobs.

Limitations About The Program

Ideally you would train your whole body with bodyweight training. This will maximize testosterone release, which will better help to get rid of your man boobs. It will also build muscle on other parts of your body, which will help improve your appearance.

But this is not a guide on bodyweight training for the WHOLE body.

This program only contains bodyweight CHEST exercises.


Because it's still summer, the weather is still good, and people want something NOW. If I wrote a book and DVD series on exercises for not just the chest, but for the legs, shoulders, back and core as well, then you would have to wait till NEXT summer before the program was released.

I figured if you get started on losing your man boobs with this program now, I can create bodyweight training programs for the legs, shoulders, back and core, LATER based on the feedback you give me on the chest program you're getting now.

The good thing however, is that from page 97 to 101, there's a section called “On Training Other Body Parts”, where I give suggestions on exercises you can do for the rest of the body.

Most of the information in the rest of the book also applies to the rest of the body, not just the chest. This includes the section on “Exercise Parameters: Sets, Reps, Rest Intervals”, from page 9 to 15; “What To Do When An Exercise Is Too Difficult” p16-19; and “The Two-Step Approach For Losing Man Boobs With Bodyweight Training” p27-29.

There's also nothing on diet in this program, since I've already discussed diet in previous programs, namely in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, and the Chest Sculpting Blueprint.

Here's What's Inside The Program

With my Bodyweight Chest Exercise Program For Losing Man Boobs, you'll get your hands on the following:

1. The Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Losing Man Boobs Book.


This book gives you all the details on how to go from a novice to a pro in bodyweight chest training, while quickly losing your man boobs along the way.

It leaves no stone unturned, giving you all the details on how many sets and reps to perform, how long to rest in-between sets, how fast to do each rep, how many days a week to train, what body parts to train on what day, whether to train to failure or not, and more. You'll find these details on pages 9 to 15.

One huge problem with bodyweight training is some of the exercises are so difficult that most people can't even do a single rep of the exercise. With conventional methods, it can take many months or even years before you can do a full depth dip or full depth handstand push-up. From pages 16 to 19, I show you 3 different methods you can use to break into these tough exercises within a few short weeks.


I show you how to break into doing tough bodyweight exercises like full-depth dips, within a few short weeks. Once you can pump out multiple reps of a tough exercise like this, you'll not only develop a great-looking chest, you'll also develop phenomenal strength to boot. Be warned though, the dips I show you in this program are different from the kind of dips you see most other people performing in the gym or at the park on calisthenics bars. They're at least twice as difficult, and far more effective at developing your chest.

From pages 27 to 29, you'll discover my Two-Step Approach For Losing Man Boobs With Bodyweight Training. This is something no-one else will teach you.

With the first step, you build up your body's ABILITY to get rid of man boobs. Once your body is bursting with man boob busting POTENTIAL, then it's time to move to Step 2, where you use that potential to blast away your man boobs. When you get to Step 2, it's surprising how quickly your man boobs disappear.


With my Two-Step Approach For Losing Man Boobs With Bodyweight Training, first you build up your man boob busting potential in Step 1. The more you build up your man boob busting potential, the easier it is to blast away your man boobs in Step 2.

Most people who want to get rid of man boobs, jump right into Step 2, but without the man boob busting potential from Step 1, they train for hours on end for months and months, and see little or no results from their efforts.

From pages 32 to 88, I unveil 21 different bodyweight chest exercises that will help you get rid of your man boobs, starting from beginner exercises to more advanced exercises, with detailed pictures and annotations to show you how to do each exercise with proper form.

From pages 89 to 93, you'll discover three different bodyweight exercise ROUTINES for losing man boobs. You need only follow ONE of these routines exactly as it is, and you'll soon be doing some advanced bodyweight exercises and be well on your way to losing your man boobs FOREVER.

From pages 97 to 99, I explain how to combine bodyweight chest exercises with exercises for other parts of your body to further boost testosterone levels, so you burn more fat, grow more muscle, and lose your man boobs QUICKER.

2. The Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Losing Man Boobs HD Videos.


These are professionally created computer generated videos that show you every detail on every bodyweight chest exercise you need to do to get rid of your man boobs.

These crystal-clear videos zoom in, they zoom out, and take you 360 degrees, all the way around the subject, so you don't miss a single detail on how EXACTLY to perform each exercise.

The videos also come with detailed written annotations and clear vocal descriptions so you're never left in the dark and you always know what you're doing. It's the closest thing to having me come into your home and show you how to do each man boob busting, body transforming exercise.

Here's one of the 21 different videos. Notice the high video quality, detailed descriptions, the annotations, and the 360 degree view, so you don't miss a single detail:

When you know how to do just SOME of the exercises in this video series, and you combine this with the training parameters and routines I set out in the book, I promise you, you'll be SHOCKED at how quickly your chest transforms.

So what are you waiting for? If a great body with “normal” chest is what you're after, then there's no better way to get it than with bodyweight training. Click the link below, and you'll be taken to a page where you can learn more about the program and send for your copy by clicking the “Add To Cart” button at the bottom of the page:

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