A Powerful Bench Press Tweak For Thicker Pecs

If you've ever watched the Olympics, you may have noticed that different TYPES of athletes have different types of physiques.

Long distance runners have a skinny, shriveled appearance, while sprinters are more muscular, with broad shoulders and husky legs.

Wrestlers and weightlifters have a larger, more muscular frame than swimmers and cyclists.

See, the thing is, those skinny, shriveled long distance runners put in a hell of a lot more training hours than do those ripped and muscular sprinters, weightlifters and wrestlers.

It's obvious then that reaching our goals and building that powerful, masculine physique, is less about how LONG we train for, and more about what TYPE of training we do.

The good news is you really CAN put in far LESS time and get much more out of it if you are doing the right type of exercise.

Think about it.

You no longer have to devote ALL your free time to training. You really CAN have a perfectly ripped, muscular physique with unstoppable pecs and 6-pack abs, by training just 2-3 hours a WEEK.

I know guys who used to train 2-3 hours a DAY with no results to show for it.

It really is all about doing the right TYPE of exercises that stimulate muscle growth and fat loss, the type of exercises I talk about in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint.

Seriously, when you get this right, your friends and family will poke you and ask you where you get the time to train that much.

I call this the ‘Volume Training Myth' – people actually do believe that the more you train, the better your physique.

People always look at men's magazine cover models, or some ripped actor on TV and say dumb-ass things like: “Shit, that guy must work out all the time”.

Hey, I used to think like that myself.

I used to think I could never have the body of my dreams because I just don't have the time on my schedule to work out that long.

But that's not how the body works.

The alternative to the Volume Training Myth is the “Stimulus Adaptation Principle” (SAP).

SAP will allow you to build a jaw-dropping physique by training just 3 days per week, for as little as 20 minutes at a time!

But SAP is an advanced topic I won't discuss with you here.

The exercises I'm showing you now (including today's exercise), are an important part of SAP, so pay close attention :p

The Second Most Effective Chest Exercise

Chest Sculpting is all about proportions.

We Chest Sculptors don't just want big muscles, we want to LOOK great. You want people to GASP when they see you take your top off.

The key to building a powerful looking chest with a sweeping, stone-slab-like surface, is to have a strong UPPER chest.

But the upper chest can be a real BITCH when it comes to growth.

Not only is it naturally thinner and weaker than the lower chest, but the standard exercises we use to target the upper chest are ineffective.

With the standard incline barbell bench press for example, studies have shown that the bigger the incline, the more you target the SHOULDERS and the less you target the chest.

You CAN however, tweak the incline bench press in a way that'll take the focus away from your shoulders, and into those upper pec fibers.

This special tweak was used by a long-forgotten icon of modern bodybuilding, to build some of the most impressive pecs in the biz.

He was, in fact, the superstar of bodybuilding before Arnold came along.

Anyway, I'll tell you about this guy and his special upper-chest tweak in my next post.

But this post is about something else.

Today I want to tell you about another VERY powerful exercise you can do to target the WHOLE chest.

EMG studies have shown that this exercise stimulates those pec fibers WAY better than the standard bench press or pushup.

This exercise is also a lot easier to do than chest dips.

See, even if you do have the right equipment for doing dips, dips can be a real difficult exercise to start out with.

The trouble with dips is you won't see any real results until you're able to pump out a good number of reps in one go – at least 5, preferably 10.

By all means, work on your dips and your hard work will pay off soon enough.

But like most guys, you're probably after quick results. Maybe you've got a party coming up in a few weeks and you want to look good in a shirt.

In this case what you want to be doing is a much easier exercise that you can do multiple sets and reps with.

This particular exercise is just that. It is the best non-bodyweight exercise for carving out that unstoppable chest. You can learn about it in the link below (video included):


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