A Powerful New Supplement For Losing Man Boobs

I've come across a new ‘wonder' supplement that can help you in your fight against man boobs.

I've not mentioned this supplement anywhere before, so today's post is a real treat.

This supplement works by reducing levels of what's perhaps the single most important hormone that's responsible for you having man boobs–the hormone estrogen.

Studies suggest that this totally safe and natural supplement that's free of side-effects, may be just as effective as the medical drug tamoxifen, at reducing the effects of excess estrogen in your body.

One particular study found that it can reduce the number of estrogen receptors in your body by 48 percent. It's also been shown to lower serum estrogen levels by 23 percent.

In clinical trials, tissues that are sensitive to excess hormones – such as breast, liver, and lung – have been shown to respond favorably to this supplement. Many women who experience breast tenderness and breast fullness, both of which result from estrogen dominance, are easily cured by this supplement.

In fact, this supplement is so powerful, that the National Cancer Institute has started a Phase I trial in patients at high risk for breast cancer to examine the use of this supplement as an alternative to tamoxifen.

Why It's Important To Remove Excess Estrogen From Your Body If You Want To Lose Man Boobs

Estrogen is a female hormone. Women develop breasts because of high natural levels of estrogen. Men develop breasts (i.e. man boobs) because of high unnatural levels of estrogen.

Man boobs are becoming more and more common in the modern day because we are all exposed to artificial estrogens called “xenoestrogens”.

We get exposed to xenoestrogens from pesticides, plastics, vehicle exhaust fumes, emulsifiers in soaps and cosmetics, and even through contaminations in our drinking water.

Xenoestrogens aren't just responsible for you having man boobs. They're also responsible for a plethora of illnesses that are becoming more and more common over time as we are exposed to more and more chemicals in our food, water, cosmetics and environment.

Examples of other problems caused by xenoestrogens include obesity, breast and prostate cancer, decreased fertility, heart disease and diabetes.

So Here's How This Wonder Supplement Works…

This supplement works by helping your liver to excrete excess estrogen and xenoestrogens from your body.

Your liver acts like a police force against toxins like xenoestrogen–it binds them up and leads them out of your body. Toxins are bound up through a process called “conjugation”, thrown into the digestive tract, and excreted.

But the trouble is, toxins like estrogen don't always STAY bound up.

At any point before it's actually excreted, estrogen can get UNBOUND, at which point it re-enters into your blood–like a thug breaking in twice–and you end up with man boobs and a whole host of other problems.

Your liver is also overburdened by all of the different toxins your body is under attack from in the modern day.

The particular supplement I'm telling you about today, acts like a backup private security force.

It helps your liver to do its job by keeping estrogen and other toxins ‘packaged’ tightly so the bound up garbage can go through the digestive tract and get excreted.

This means that estrogen bound for excretion STAYS bound, and the total estrogen load on your body is reduced.

And let me remind you: unlike harsh medical drugs like tamoxifen, this all-natural wonder supplement also has no known side-effects.

You can also safely take it in combination with antioxidants, protein shakes, and other supplements.

Want to know what it is?

It's called calcium-d-glucarate.

Combine Calcium-D-Glucarate With This Other Supplement For A One-Two Knockout Punch Against Estrogen Dominance And Man Boobs

Calcium-d-glucarate works particularly well when combined with another very special all-natural supplement.

This other supplement is just as powerful as calcium-d-glucarate, if not more.

Both supplements put a dead-halt stop to the havoc excess estrogen wreaks on your body. They work well together because they inhibit estrogen via COMPLETELY different mechanisms.

While calcium-d-glucarate ensures estrogen stays bound in its conjugated form so it can be excreted from the body, this other supplement does two totally different things:

  1. It inhibits the enzyme aromatase, which is the main source of estrogen in the male body. Aromatase converts the male hormone testosterone into estrogen.
  2. It acts on more potent forms of estrogen (e.g. 16-hydroxy estrogens) and converts them into less potent forms (2-hydroxy estrogens) that actually have a beneficial affect on your body.

So while calcium-d-glucarate helps excrete excess estrogen, this other supplement reduces the production of estrogen and helps convert the more potent forms of estrogen into less potent, healthy forms of estrogen.

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Beware Of Toxic Artificial Additives Found In Most Calcium-D-Glucarate Supplements.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of supplements contain toxic artificial additives. Calcium-d-glucarate supplements are no exception.

These toxic additives are used because they reduce costs for the manufacturer, and it can be difficult to find supplements that are free of these additives.

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