A Quick Tip To Improve Your Look FAST

Do you have chicken shoulders?

Long time back, I was reading this book.

Silence of the Lambs.

There was this female bodybuilder on steroids.

She was huge.

She was obsessed with bodybuilding.

At one point she looked at this slimy pathetic politician guy who never works out.

She thought to herself that this guy looks like he's got chicken shoulders.

That image stuck to me.

Some people naturally have wide shoulders, they NEVER get chicken shoulders.

But I'm not that lucky.

When I don't train my shoulders, I end up with chicken shoulders.

My dad doesn't work out, and he has chicken shoulders.

It runs in the family.

But the good news is you can do something about it.

When you do a good shoulder exercise, your shoulders get wider.

You lose that chicken shoulder look.

And you look a hell of a lot better!


Just one shoulder exercise can improve your look TREMENDOUSLY!

If starting today you just did the shoulder press…

In just a couple weeks from now, your entire upper body will start to look broader.

Broad shoulders give you presence.

They make you look tough, like a guy to be reckoned with.

Women pay more attention to a guy with broad shoulders than to a guy with chicken shoulders.

Guys will think twice before starting on a guy with broad shoulders.

As the saying goes, “Shoulders maketh the man”.

And the other saying, “Give me not a lighter burden, but broader shoulders”.

Shoulders play an important role in improving your appearance when you've got man boobs.

Sure, just training your shoulders won't make your man boobs go away.

But if you use the other methods I show you in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, together with the shoulder press…

…as you shrink your man boobs and grow your shoulders bigger and wider at the same time…

Your look will improve way faster.

If you've not yet taken ANY of my other advice…

…then do this one thing:

Train your shoulders.

Start today.

3 non-consecutive days a week.

Lift a heavy weight through multiple repetitions and multiple sets.

Do this one thing and see if your look doesn't improve HUGELY.

For more tips on how to both lose man boobs and beef up those shoulders…

…check out How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:

How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally

Be careful of heavy seated shoulder press if you've got a bad lower back.

This exercise can put a lot of pressure on your lower back.

I recently did my back in with this exercise.

If you've got lower back or other spine problems, you'd be better off doing handstands and handstand push-ups for your shoulders.

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