A Quick Training Tip To Boost Muscle Growth

I just got back from a week in south Cyprus. If you're planning a holiday, then Cyprus is an excellent place to go. The best beaches are on the east coast, and be sure to check out the sea caves of Aiya Napa. Best to go in the summer though, because the country just isn't hot enough in Easter.

The Sea Caves of Aiya Napa, Cyprus. The water is so blue, that it seems like there's a blue light glowing from underneath.

My girlfriend and I stayed in these lovely traditional village houses. While there, I didn't have access to a gym or any weights, so I had to adjust my training to the only piece of equipment I had available – my own body.

I did handstand pushups (for my shoulders and triceps), pullups on a ceiling beam (for my back and biceps), standard push-ups (for my chest and triceps), and air squats (for my legs).

The pullups were a bit of a problem, because the ceiling beam was so fat, I couldn't grip it. The only way I could pull myself up on it, was to do the log-on-shoulder variation.

I don't know the official name of this type of pullup, but when you pull yourself up, it resembles holding a log on your shoulder, as shown in this funny little 9gag pic (look at the Russian woman on the right):

On your first rep you pull yourself up to your right shoulder, on your second rep you pull yourself up to your left shoulder, and you alternate between each shoulder like that.

Now, for the past couple of months I was stuck on pull-ups. I had reached a plateau, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't do a single more rep.

When I got back from Cyprus yesterday, I tried pulling myself up on my pull-up bar at home, and lo and behold, each rep felt so easy, I could easily do several more reps than I could before.

I managed to blast past my plateau, simply because I was forced to do a different variation of pull-ups for one week in Cyprus.

Lesson learned? If you're stuck on a particular exercise, try doing a different variation of the same exercise for one week.

While in Cyprus, I bumped into one of my old man boob clients, Mark. In Easter 2013, Mark decided he would get rid of his man boobs and shape up in time for the summer. He failed miserably that year, and the summer passed him by.

The following year during Easter 2014, Mark discovered Chest Sculpting. Though he didn't lose his man boobs completely that summer, he DID manage to flatten his chest and belly enough to look good in a vest.

When I saw Mark at Nissi Beach, Cyprus just 4 days ago, he looked completely different. At 40 years old, he looks 10 years younger. He has a great body and a great girlfriend, and he couldn't be happier.

Mark told me his success was down to discovering training secrets that he never would have discovered if he hadn't known about the Chest Sculpting Blueprint. The training insights in this program helped force his body to finally give up the chest fat and the belly fat.

If you want any further tips on the best places to go in Cyprus, shoot me an email and I'll tell you what I know :p. Before you go though, make sure you lose your man boobs. A sunny beach with white sand is no fun if you're wearing a sweater. Mark recommends the best time to get started is right now, and the best way to reach your goals as quickly as possible is to follow the guidance in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint:


2 thoughts on “A Quick Training Tip To Boost Muscle Growth”

  1. I think that I have “Man-Boobs” and probable a little fat around my middle.

    But I have been medically advised not to exert myself in any way at all,
    as I have had several Strokes (Bleeds in the Brain) in recent years,
    and that the only exercise that I should do is not to be strenuous at all,
    just “Stretching” and “Short Walks”, etc..

    When I have overdone things, like walking too far or standing too long,
    I have experienced strong headaches, dizziness, fainting, even “Blacking Out”.

    The “Bleed in the Brain Strokes” that I have had in the past
    have always rendered me suddenly unconscious without any warning,
    and I have awoken in the “Stroke Ward” of the local Hospital.

    I often suffer some “Mild Strokes” that the Doctors call “TIAs”,
    which do not last very long.

    So the Doctors tell me that I should not exercise very much,
    but they also tell me that they are worried about my Muscles,
    that they may deteriorate and/or atrophy,
    and they also are concerned that I may put on Weight and risk Diabetes

    So I would respectfully greatly and gratefully appreciate your expert
    kind and friendly advice, especially on how to get rid of my “Man-Boobs”,
    lose some “Fat” and reduce Weight, and build some Muscle, etc., please.

    I just receive the “Disability Age Pension” from the Australian Government
    as my only very limited Income, and I have hardly any “Personal Savings”, etc.,
    at all.

    So I just cannot afford to pay anything at all to achieve these results, etc..

    Can you please help me – Please ???

    Please fully and simply advise me at your convenience.

    THANK-YOU !!!

    From Alan

    I suffer some effects of a few Strokes that I have had in recent years,
    and these effects are compounded by a diagnosed severe permanent major Depressive Disorder with Suicidality, etc..
    I have attempted Suicide many times during the past dozen or so years,
    always being very close to being successful.
    I just receive the “Disability Age Pension”
    from the Australian Government Social Security Agency
    as my only very limited Income,
    and I have hardly any “Personal Savings”, etc., at all.
    I tend to worry quite a lot, especially about my Finances and my Health, etc.,
    but this constant worry just does not help matters nor the Depression at all,
    but only causes more extreme intense Stress, Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts, Nightmares and Panic Attacks, etc..

    • Hi Alan

      You should have no problem losing weight or losing man boobs, especially because by far the single most important factor that helps you get rid of body fat and man boobs, is diet. Diet is 85% of the game, and becomes increasingly important with advancing age.

      However, growing muscle requires exercise, and this may be a problem for you. Resistance training increased intracranial pressure when you are exercising, and this may be dangerous if you are prone to hemorrhagic strokes. You’ll have to discuss with your doctor what level of exercise you are able to do.


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