A Shocking Source of Estrogen I’ll Bet You Never Knew About

In my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I talk about how man boobs are caused, in part, by exposure to high levels of the hormone estrogen.

I mention how estrogen is everywhere in the environment – it's in the food you eat, the water you drink, even the air you breathe.

One important man boob reduction method is to avoid exposure to environmental estrogens, and I outline how to do this in my program.

BPA is one such estrogenic chemical that you should avoid. I remember reading this article once, on how a scientist left a culture of cancerous cells in two containers over the weekend. She came back, and found that the cells had unexpectedly grown in one container (the plastic container), and not grown in the other (the glass container). She later discovered that the cells had grown in the plastic container, due to a chemical called “BPA” in the plastic.

If BPA can cause cancer cells to grow in a plastic container, imagine what it can do inside your body.

Also, studies have found that BPA is readily absorbed through your skin.

Estrogenic chemicals are so widespread and everywhere in the environment, that even I, as a guy who considers himself a man boob reduction professional, was shocked to discover this NEW source of BPA that probably ALL OF US are exposed to!

You can read about it in this article:


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  1. Hi Garry this is Sufiyan from India. I want to know that to flat my chest should i need to give up on dairy like milk and cheese and Carbohydrates like Rice and wheat. I am in a terrible situation and is seeking help. Thanks for sharing your knowledge to us.


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