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Excess chest fat and man boobs are more common today than ever before. As a fitness instructor, I have been approached by countless guys telling me they want to flatten out their chest.

Now while there's plenty of information out there on how to lose belly fat, love handles, thigh fat and butt fat, there's very little that shows guys how to flatten out the chest. I've done my research, and I've seen what's out there, and I'll tell you now – most of it is complete BS!

Most websites and videos out there just tell you to do countless reps on chest exercises like pushups, bench presses and cable crossovers. Unfortunately, the body just doesn't respond to these types of exercise regimes by flattening out the chest. All that ends up happening is you either just grow a whole load of muscle beneath the chest fat, making your chest stick out and making you look worse, or you just end up overtraining and feeling run-down and fatigued all the time.

Who Am I And How Can I Help You?

My name is Garry Davidson. I am a sports scientist, fitness instructor and nutritionist. Though I mention my credentials, they're not really all that important. What really matters is that I was once just like you. I had way too much chest fat with full-on man boobs ever since I was 11. I tried every type of diet and exercise regime I could think of for 20 years before I finally came up with some real working methods on how to lose chest fat, lose man boobs and flatten out the chest area.

As a fitness instructor, I have helped well over 300 other guys, just like you and me, not only get rid of their man boobs, but to also carve out a truly masculine physique. What's really great is none of these guys had to study sports science or nutrition to reach their goals. All they had to do was follow my step-by-step Chest Sculpting plan.

What Is Chest Sculpting All About?

Chest Sculpting is a scientific method based on real-world results. Unlike with other exercise regimes, Chest Sculpting takes advantage of your body's hormonal and chemical response to diet and exercise, to flatten out your chest first, before burning fat and adding muscle & definition to the rest of your body.

Within just a few weeks of having started on the Chest Sculpting regime, you'll be more comfortable wearing a t-shirt outside, or even taking your top off at the beach. You'll be stronger, more confident, and full of energy.

One of the major advantages that Chest Sculpting has over the vast majority of other programs, is that it truly is a down right lazy approach for getting the quickest results that are humanly possible without taking any drugs, supplements or pills. With Chest Sculpting, you only have to work out for long enough to stimulate your body's hormonal process for chest-flattening, fat burning and muscle growth.

I have found that most guys do exceptionally well training just 45 minutes a day, 3 days per week. You might also be happy to know that most of those 45 minutes are spent resting between exercises, so you only really are working out for a few minutes at a time, how cool is that?

How Do You Get Started?

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