An Awesome Side-Benefit Of Muscle Growth & Fat Loss

I was hanging out with one of my closest friends yesterday. We were driving to meet another friend who had just got back in touch with us after a good 7 or 8 years.

I was in the passenger seat, and we saw something really funny. Well it really wasn't that funny, but you know one of those things where you just take something and blow it out of proportion, and you're laughing about it for a good hour or so?

Heck, maybe it's just me and my crazy friends and you have no idea what I'm talking about. Here's what happened.

The weather was amazing – clear sky with the sun bearing down on us with this delicious heat. The chicks were out in full force, undressed to impress (yeh, I said ‘undressed', lol).

We were waiting at the traffic lights, when we saw this guy come out of the pub, just as this hot chick was walking by. This guy was blatantly about to walk to the right, but as soon as he saw this chick, he immediately changed direction and started to follow her, just so he could check her out. Don't worry, she was with another guy, so she was safe.

This guy almost looked like a zombie from AMC's The Walking Dead – hands hanging down by the sides, neck contorted and bent to one side, heck I'll bet he was drooling too.

We took that image and just started cracking joke after joke about the kind of shit that can go down when we guys are busy checking out girls in the summer, especially while driving.

We were laughing so loud, we almost had a couple of accidents of our own! Most of the jokes were dirty, so I won't share them with you ;)

Anyway, later it got me thinking… we guys are always so busy checking girls out, wouldn't it be cool if it were the other way round?

What if, rather than have man boobs, you had such an awesome physique, that girls would change direction on the street to follow YOU around, just like that guy did with the girl outside the pub?

Well, I'll have you know that this sort of thing did used to happen back in the era of classic bodybuilding. Back then, bodybuilding was all about perfect proportions and building a manly physique, rather than just building huge bulging muscles like the bodybuilders of today.

Steve Reeves for example, had such a physique that women would follow him around whenever he went to the beach.

I've written about the kind of exercises you need to do to build a Steve Reeves style physique, in my program, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint.

Now I can't guarantee that the workout in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint will have women literally follow you around, but what it WILL do is help you sculpt the kind of body that women are CRAZY for.

All the latest studies and surveys suggest women are CRAZY about a guy with a small, tight butt (yeh, I know, disgusting!) and broad chest/shoulders. Heck, ask any woman on the street and she'll tell you the same thing.

One thing's for sure – they ain't crazy about a fat guy, and they sure as hell ain't crazy about a guy with man boobs.

My program comes with detailed pictures and videos of powerful and some very RARE exercises that you don't see anyone doing at the gym. These exercises can really help you both blast away those man boobs, AND sculpt a powerful, manly physique, so women can finally start lusting over YOU for a change. Get it here:

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