An Easy Tip To Build The Perfect Body

I just had this awesome idea when I was at the gym today.

See, I was listening to this podcast some days ago, by a guy called Matt Bodnar, who hosts the Science Of Success Podcast.

He said something powerful that really applies to building that dream body you've always wanted, and also to losing man boobs.

He said that if you want to be successful you should take a 101 course of every major academic discipline – psychology, biology, history, economics, mathematics, physics, etc.

If there's something you want to get good at, you should know that subject really well, but also have a BASIC understanding of everything else.

This is also a really powerful thing for the human body.

See, if all you ever do is work on your chest, then your body will limit how much chest development you can get.

If you've got no muscles in your legs, then the muscles in your chest will only grow so much.

Also, just developing your chest won't give your body an overall good look that looks good at the beach.

For the best chest development, you also need to build the other major muscle groups in your body – namely your back and legs.

For the best overall body development, you also need to develop your shoulders, arms, forearms, calves, and core.

Your muscular development will also be limited by your cardiovascular fitness–by how much work your heart and lungs can handle, so if you want to maximize muscle growth, you also have to do cardio (HIIT being the best form of cardio).

You don't have to develop all of these areas to the max. You only need MODERATE development in every area.

Just like Matt advises, you don't have to be an EXPERT in all of those subjects.

You don't have to do a PHD, you don't have to do a degree, heck you don't even have to go to school. Just pick up the top book on the basics of the subject, a SMALL book that covers just the key principles, and you'll know more than 99% of people know about the subject.

In the same way, it doesn't take much to MODERATELY develop every part of your body.

Pick one or two body parts you REALLY want to develop, and focus on ADVANCED development in those areas.

The MODERATE development in the rest of your body will further help you develop those advanced areas.

The key thing here is that MODERATE development is SUPER-EASY!

Newbies to bodybuilding experience something called “newbie gains”, where you put on lots of muscle really fast when you first start training, then your muscle growth slows down the more advanced you get.

Why not make use of those “newbie gains” and build some half-decent muscle ALL OVER? The small amount of work you do for MODERATE development will have a HUGE impact on the way your body looks.

It will also have a HUGE impact on developing those few areas of your body that are really important to you.

I hope that explains it.

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