An Unlikely Food That Will Shrink Your Man Boobs

Man Boob Shrinking Foods

Sometimes, the best foods for losing man boobs are not what you think.

On my website, and in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I mention how cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower help to shrink your man boobs by eliminating the female hormone estrogen from your body.

I also explain how some unlikely foods like saturated fat (from the right sources) can help get rid of man boobs by boosting levels of the male hormone testosterone in your body.

But today I want to tell you about another class of food that I haven't really talked about before, and can potentially be even more powerful than any of the above foods.

This other class of food doesn't necessarily actively shrink your man boobs like cruciferous veggies and healthy sources of saturated fat do.

What this other class of food does is it prevents you from eating foods that would otherwise GROW your man boobs.

See, usually the foods that grow your man boobs have a far more powerful effect on GROWING your man boobs, than the effect foods like cruciferous veggies have at SHRINKING your man boobs.

Think of it as bad guys vs good guys. The evil of the bad guys is greater than the goodness of the good guys. So when the bad guys are in force, no amount of effort by the good guys will help.

So if you're eating these bad foods, no amount of cruciferous veggies and healthy eating will help get rid of your man boobs.

That's why I'm saying this OTHER class of food, that is neither a good guy nor a bad guy, can be even more powerful than the good guy at getting rid of man boobs–because this other class of food works by preventing you from eating bad food, it focuses on getting rid of the bad guy.

Are you with me still?

To get rid of the bad guy, we have to know who he is.

I've previously talked about how one of the meanest bad guys are grains. Stuff like rice, wheat, corn, cereals, and anything made from grains–flour-based products like bread, cakes, biscuits and pasta.

This is because grains kill testosterone levels via multiple different mechanisms. Refined white grains (like white bread) are worse than unrefined wholemeal grains (like brown bread), but wholemeal grains are not very good for you either, for reasons I'll discuss in a future email.

The bottom line is if you want to lose man boobs, you've got to get grains out of your diet.

If your diet has a lot of grains in it, then chances are no amount of healthy eating will help get rid of your man boobs.

So your first priority should be to get those grains out of your diet.

But getting grains out of your diet can be tough.

I grew up eating breakfast cereals, sandwiches, rice, and cakes & cookies with my tea.

Here's What Made Losing My Man Boobs Easy For Me

One of the biggest things that made losing my man boobs EASY for me, and easy for dozens of my one-on-one clients, is I came up with near-identical replicas of popular grain-based foods.

Imagine having a rice-substitute that looks and tastes just like rice, but it isn't a grain, it isn't actually rice!

The particular rice substitute I have found, doesn't just help get rice out of your diet, it also happens to be a man boob shrinking superfood!

So this particular recipe has a double-whammy effect on getting rid of your man boobs.

The other grain-substitute recipes I have discovered, may not have a particular man boob shrinking effect by themselves, but they taste great and will help you wipe out that all-powerful bad guy, the grain, from your diet, so your man boobs finally get permission to flatten out and disappear.

These grain-substitute recipes are a real goldmine. Each recipe is like a golden nugget, no, a whole bar of gold, and combined, these 5 bars of gold make a massive fortune that will change your life.

I personally eat these new grain-free foods every day, and they make it 10x easier for me to hold onto a lean, man boob-free frame. So much, so that I no longer feel like I'm trying.

With these grain-substitute recipes, I have helped dozens of my one-on-one clients lose their man boobs, and I know these recipes can help you too.

If you're struggling with your diet, if you're struggling with losing man boobs, these recipes can be that one thing you need to spur you onto stratospheric success with your body.

Imagine how it would feel if your body suddenly just started responding to your workouts the way you want it. Imagine seeing your frame shrinking day by day, the fat on your chest thinning out and disappearing, while the muscle grows from underneath, so you quickly start to look GREAT in front of the mirror.

These grain substitute recipes can be the key to finally giving you that man-boob free, beach-body frame you've always wanted.

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Here's a picture of the report:

The picture of that burger is one I took myself. What's special about that burger is not only is it mouth-wateringly delicious, but it also won't give you man boobs OR make you fat.

My girlfriend had that very burger after I took the pic, and she told me it was the most delicious burger she ever had.

That's really fatty meat inside a grain-free bun that, according to my girlfriend, tastes better than normal grain-based buns.

Imagine eating delicious food like this every day and still getting lean!

Who said losing man boobs and getting in shape had to be all hard work and no joy?

With these 5 grain-substitute recipes for losing man boobs, you really can enjoy your journey all the way to a completely flat and lean, manly chest and shredded overall physique.

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