An Unusual Exercise That Can Help You Lose Man Boobs

Today, I started doing this new exercise using resistance bands.

I hooked one end of the bands to a post near the floor, and the other end around my ankle. I then swung my leg backward in an ark, like you do when you are running.

This exercise is kind of like the “standing hip extension” exercise, but not exactly. In the standing hip extension, you keep your knee locked straight, so you only target the hip joint. But in this exercise, you also bend your knee slightly to better emulate running.

Here's an example of a guy showing the standing hip extension using resistance bands. To better emulate running, I would recommend swinging the leg back further, and also bending a little at the knee.

If you have shorter resistance bands, then you can also do this exercise by attaching one end of the band to your stationary ankle.

While doing this exercise, I could feel it hitting my hamstrings and lower back muscles super hard.

This is not an exercise you can easily do with weights – unless you have access to a huge complex cable pulley system. Nor can you do it well with bodyweight training.

But why am I doing this exercise?

Well, although it can INDIRECTLY help to get rid of man boobs (for reasons I'll explain later), maintaining a manly chest is not why I'm doing this exercise.

Although it can indirectly help me to burn FAT, that's not why I’m doing this exercise.

Although this exercise will directly build big hamstrings, glutes, and lower back muscles, I have no great desire to grow these particular muscles, so I'm not doing this exercise for muscle growth.

There are two main reasons why I am doing this exercise.

The lesser of these two reasons is that it will help me get faster at sprinting.

In my sprint training program for losing man boobs, Paleolithic HIIT, on page 210, I mention how legendary sprint trainer, Charlie Francis, had his trainees do the single legged standing “reverse leg press” exercise on a leg press machine. This resistance band exercise is another way to train the same muscles, but without needing access to a leg press machine.

In Paleolithic HIIT, I also mention how the faster you are able to sprint, the greater the testosterone boosts you get from every workout. This means that the more trained and athletic you are, the easier it gets for you to blast away man boobs with your workouts.

Studies have found that those who sprint faster in a race experience greater testosterone boosts than those who sprint slower.

So if you do this resistance band exercise, AND you do sprints, you'll get faster at your sprints, hence you'll burn more fat and lose more of your man boobs from your workouts. That's how this exercise can INDIRECTLY help you to lose your man boobs and lose weight.

But as great as that is, that's still not my MAIN reason for doing this exercise.

My main reason for doing this exercise is that it will make me faster at pushing on my SKATEBOARD.

Yes, skateboarding is my new passion, lol I'm getting kinda obsessed by it.

I love the feeling of gliding along with wheels under my feet.

But I'm not trying to get you into skateboarding.

Some 10 years ago I got obsessed for a while with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This obsession got me doing all sorts of funky exercises that would make me better at doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, while as a great side-benefit, also helping me to burn fat, lose man boobs, get fit, and build muscle.

What I'm trying to say is that the best way to get fit and to stay fit is to find a physical activity that you can really get passionate about, one that will have you doing exercises that will make you BETTER at that activity.

It's hard to get passionate about just LOOKING good. It's hard to get passionate about building muscle. It's hard to get passionate about losing weight. It's impossible to get passionate about losing man boobs.

However, it's easy to get passionate about a skills-based activity, like a martial art, a sport, or even skateboarding or roller skating.

When you train to get better at something you're passionate about, that training no longer feels like a chore.

That's the secret to losing man boobs and getting lean and fit without it even feeling like you're trying.

Find a physically engaging hobby, and get OBSESSED about getting as good as you can possibly get at it.

Whatever the activity, as long as it is physically engaging (not something like chess), you'll find that you have to strengthen and condition your ENTIRE body if you are to be the best you can be at it, INCLUDING getting slim and losing your man boobs.

There are very few physically engaging activities that require you to be FAT to be good at them. The vast majority require you to be light and lean.

With skateboarding for example, I'm surprised by how THIN the vast majority of skateboarders are. It's very rare that I see even a SLIGHTLY fat skateboarder. There are many possible reasons for this.

One reason is that I find that I can go on skateboarding for several hours on end, and still not want to stop. This shear volume of exercise is sure to help you shed fat.

Also, you fall a LOT when skateboarding. You can't get good at skateboarding without falling. As the saying goes, the bigger you are the harder you fall. Fat newbies are more likely to break bones and give up than slim newbies. Also, there's lots of jumping involved with skateboarding, you'll be severely limited in your abilities if you weight a lot, so there's ample motivation to shed the excess weight if you want to get good at skateboarding.

Jumping with skateboard is called an “ollie”. There are youtube videos of guys who do tremendously high ollies, and it looks amazing. But you can only ollie as high as you can jump WITHOUT a skateboard. So when I start learning ollies, there's no doubt that I'll also be doing jump training.

I've always said that the squat is perhaps the best exercise at boosting testosterone levels and thereby helping to get rid of man boobs. However, due to its more explosive nature, it's possible that jump training is even better. So think about all of the fat busting, man boob busting, muscle boosting, fitness enhancing, and health boosting benefits I'll be getting from doing this jump training, which I will be motivated to do, just because I want to get better at my new physically engaging passion – skateboarding.

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