Another Man Boobs Success Story

I always tell you that when it comes to losing man boobs, one method on its own isn't enough.

You have to use MULTIPLE methods – diet, exercise, avoiding feminizing chemicals, and other key lifestyle changes.

But there's this ONE method that I keep seeing time and time again, as being able to get rid of man boobs ON ITS OWN.

And it's not one-bit difficult, it's as easy as popping a pill.

This guy on Reddit was raving about this method, and I'll let him describe it to you:

“I too have large puffy areolas for a guy and have had moobs since I was in about the 5th grade also lol.

I've lost a considerable amount of weight in the past 3 months ( 65+ lbs went from around 250-255 to 190 and I'm 5′ 8″) but these damn man breasts wouldn't go away even though I was straight skin and bone in between them and my ribs were starting to show so I looked for natural solutions and ran across Turmeric.

Now I can happily wear t shirts again without feeling like people are ogling over my chest.

I believe most of the studies say it is hard for your body to absorb curcumin naturally unless you take a lot but that black pepper helps serve as a catalyst for some reason.

I haven't tried the black pepper thing but I do know that since using the Turmeric my moobs have deflated quite a bit.”

I wrote about how turmeric can help you lose man boobs here:

I recommend taking a good turmeric supplement that contains not only black pepper, like the guy above mentioned, but also GINGER, which increases the absorption of curcumin from turmeric even more.

Here's the turmeric supplement that has worked best for me and my clients:

So this guy only took turmeric on its own and his man boobs shrunk.

Imagine what could happen if you took a turmeric supplement that had both black pepper and ginger for enhanced absorption?

Pick up a bottle of those turmeric caps and see how you get on.

Please don't get TOO excited though.

I still think MOST guys will need to use turmeric WITH other methods for losing man boobs, in order to see dramatic changes in their chests.

So if you take turmeric and don't see your man boobs quickly shrink down like the guy on Reddit did above, don't despair, it doesn't mean turmeric doesn't work for you, it could still be helping drastically, but you just need to combine it with the right diet and exercise regimen in order to see those big physical changes that transform your body.

More about those other methods here:

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