Are Deadlifts Better Than Squats For Losing Man Boobs?

I woke up this morning with my entire upper, mid and lower back in pain. Thankfully though, it's the good type of pain you get after a workout.

See, 2 days ago, I started doing deadlifts again.

For the last couple of months I was experimenting with a new exercise regimen that involved just doing squats.

While this worked out very well, and while I believe squats beat the hell out of deadlifts when it comes to losing body fat, losing man boobs, and sculpting a manly chest, you're still missing out on a LOT of benefit if you don't do deadlifts.

Though deadlifts don't work your legs nearly as well as squats do, they do work your entire posterior chain (everything in your lower, mid and upper back), far better than squats.

There is also one situation where deadlifts might just outclass squats when it comes to sculpting a manly physique.

This is when you are doing high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Deadlifts are a secret weapon that can really boost the chest-flattening effect you get with HIIT.

This is because deadlifts, done a certain way, can significantly increase the testosterone boosts you get from your HIIT workouts, far more so than squats can.

See, deadlifts work your legs and hips in nearly a perfect range of motion to prepare you for sprints. When you run, you don't bend your knees all the way, nor do you bend your hips all the way. Also, professional sprint trainers know that most of the power in sprinting is generated by your hips, not by your knees.

You'll notice that unlike with squats, deadlifts only work your knees through a partial range of motion – just like you do when running. Deadlifts also require more power from your hips than do squats.

Professional sprint athletes are known to do heavy weight deadlifts in order to boost their sprint performance.

Studies show that the better your sprint performance, the greater your post-exercise testosterone boost.

So putting two and two together, if you focus on building strength on the deadlift, your sprint performance will improve. As your sprint performance improves, your post exercise testosterone boosts will improve.

However, if you want to use deadlifts to boost sprint performance, boost testosterone, and get rid of man boobs, it will only work if you do deadlifts a certain way.

I reveal to you how to do deadlifts in the right way to boost sprint performance, in my new program on Paleolithic High Intensity Interval Training. In this program I also reveal another exercise that works far better than the deadlift at targeting those sprint muscles.

This is a very specialized exercise that is likely to get you kicked out of most gyms. Why? Because it's weird and it looks dangerous, but trust me, there is nothing dangerous about it, and it does wonders to improve your sprint performance. And don't worry, you won't get kicked out of the gym as long as you can explain what you are doing. Your fitness instructor will be astonished at how well-informed you are about exercise.

2 thoughts on “Are Deadlifts Better Than Squats For Losing Man Boobs?”

  1. Hey great post ., I do agreed with everything your say but ! there is a different type of dead lift that is best . Which is Trap bar dead or dumbbell deads. Its a safer and less strain on the back. I also I have a great work out fatloss chest fat. I call it a strength circuit ( dumbbell complex). You need a pair of 45lb dumbbells. Circuit : bent over row , deadlift and crushgrip db pushups. This pushup keeps time under tension ( adduction ) the entire time. Also a plain bodyweight circuit is good too. I read you body weight squat and i like your high rep method which is the same for plain push ups.

    • Hey Tyler,

      Sounds like a great circuit, covers the 3 major body areas: chest, back, and legs. It would be great to add in a shoulder exercise there too, well built shoulders really add to the appearance of the upper body.


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