Are you Cheap, Fast & Fake?

My girlfriend sent me this video by a Mark Leong, I thought it has a powerful message that most of us need to hear, check it out:

Reality Check about “Cheap, Fast & Fake” by Mark Leong

Mark Leong's advice won't just improve your health, it will help you to lose your man boobs and get in shape.

If you are mindful about what you eat the way Mark suggests, your man boobs and excess body fat will drop off naturally.

Most people try and lose weight FORCEFULLY. My girlfriend's brother does this. He trains like crazy and starves himself to try and force the fat off.

This approach doesn't work for most people, and those it does work for (my girlfriend's bro included) always find the process a hell of a struggle, and always end up gaining all the fat back.

A better, more natural way to lose the fat and lose the man boobs, is to focus on good nutrition for the sake of your health.

When you focus on good nutrition, your man boobs will drop off naturally, and it won't even feel like you were trying.

Here are some points from the video I thought were particularly powerful:

“We count calories instead of counting chemicals”

Hormone disrupting chemicals not only increase your appetite, they also induce obesity via multiple other mechanisms.

How much do you think counting calories will help you if chemicals are making you want to eat more and forcing your body to store more of what you eat as fat?

When you go back to a natural diet, free of chemicals, you'll find your appetite regulates itself so you don't need to count calories to get or stay lean.

“We question why real food is expensive instead of asking why fake food is cheap”

Healthy food is expensive, it sucks, but if you think about it, your health is the single most important thing in your life. Investing in your health is totally worth it. Spend the time and money it takes to buy and prepare REAL food.

“Technology is becoming more advanced, yet more people are getting sicker”

Nature is infinitely more complex than man made technology. If we are eating chemicals rather than the food nature intended for us to eat, our bodies develop diseases that modern medicine is nowhere near to fully understanding. None of the medicine or technology we come up with can reverse the damage we are causing to our bodies.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when diet is right, medicine is of no need”

My maternal grandmother's brother has diabetes, he's taking insulin injections, and his kidneys have started to fail to the point of needing dialysis. He's a stubborn old man who won't take any of my dietary advice. For the last decade or so he's been taking a dozen pills twice a day, and none of this crap is helping.

If he would take my dietary advice, I'm confident he could reverse his kidney disease so he no longer needs to be strapped to a dialysis machine 8 hours a day, and reverse his diabetes to the point of no longer needing insulin injections. But he insists that his cure lies in drugs, not in food.

In the same vein, if you have man boobs, your best chance at a full, permanent cure, is through the natural method, not through drugs or surgery.

“When you're eating real & nutritious foods, counting calories are of no need”

Nutritious whole-foods will regulate your appetite and make your body better at burning fat, your body will naturally shed the fat to be in a healthy state. No calorie counting needed.

“Eat not for the sake of filling our stomach but for nutritional reasons”

This is a big one I could write a book about.

Most people think food just does one thing:

  1. Provide calories for energy

Heck, even doctors nowadays act as though this is all food is needed for. What most people and doctors don't consider, is the fact that food has a second role that's just as important:

  1. Provide micronutrients (i.e. vitamins & minerals) to maintain bodily functions

Without calories you will die of starvation in about a month.

Without micronutrients you will die of disease within a few months.

Alcoholics are a good example of this. Alcohol contains calories, but little or no micronutrients. People who start consuming nothing but alcohol, end up with Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome, which is a form of brain damage caused by vitamin B12 deficiency.

Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome develops after 4-6 weeks of being on a diet deficient of vitamin B12. Left untreated, it leads to permanent brain damage and death.

In the Western diet we are PARTIALLY starved of micronutrients, so instead of developing brain damage and dying in a few months, we live for many decades, but we live sub-optimally, riddled with disease and shit like man boobs.

Micronutrients play a big role, by the way, in boosting your testosterone levels and helping you to lose man boobs.

“Many only start making changes when death is at their doorstep”

In the case of man boobs, don't wait till you are at your fattest to start making changes to your diet. Start changing it up NOW.

“Start living right, because our body is the only temple we live in”

You are in your body 100% of the time. If you are not happy with your body, then your life sucks. If you have an illness, then you are not comfortable in your body and your life sucks. If you are overweight or you have man boobs, then you hate the way your body looks and your life sucks.

The method of natural man boob reduction I teach, is designed to get rid of your man boobs by optimizing your health.

Man boobs and all the health problems and diseases that are rising in the modern day, are linked by bad food choices, a sedentary lifestyle, too much stress, detachment from nature, and chemical exposure.

All of these things affect different people in different ways. Some will get diabetes, others will become overweight, some will get heart disease, some will get arthritis, some will get inflammatory bowel disease, others will get cancer, and others yet will get man boobs. Many will suffer from MULTIPLE problems.

When I started losing my man boobs using the special methods I discovered, I found that my asthma, excess body fat, hay fever, and arthritic left knee got better too.

So if you want to lose man boobs and upgrade your body and upgrade your health, then start being mindful of what you put in your body. Eat natural WHOLE-foods that contain ONE ingredient–meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruit and veggies. Avoid processed foods with over a dozen ingredients, avoid chemicals, and avoid sugars and grain-based carbs. Take natural whole-food supplements that help counteract the effects of chemicals.

For more detailed instruction on how to eat right and train right to lose man boobs and boost your health, check out How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:

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