The Right Way To Do The Barbell Back Squat

Barbell Back Squat Demonstration

Don't injure your back doing back squats.

Watch this video and make sure you're doing it right. Start with a light weight to get your form right, then, as the days go on and you become more experienced, progressively load on heavier and heavier weights, always being sure to maintain good form.

For more detailed instruction on how to do this exercise, and how to use the barbell back squat as part of a whole-body workout routine designed to get rid of your man boobs in the quickest time possible, check out the Chest Sculpting Blueprint here:

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3 thoughts on “The Right Way To Do The Barbell Back Squat”

  1. Hi Garry,

    Are you still recommending to do the barbell back squats once a week in place of one of the lower body workouts in the chest sculpting blueprint? I bought the exercise a couple of months ago, but haven’t seen it advertised under products or sitemap.

    If I replace this with the front squats exercise once a week, should I still try to perform the last deadlift exercise after these barbell back squats? Or will I be too busy stretching immediately after the back squats?

    Thank you for your time!

    • Hi Max

      Do at least one lower body exercise. Which you pick depends on what you want to achieve. If you want better proportions in the long-run, with small butt, narrow waist, and thick legs, then stick to the front squat.

      If all you want is to get rid of your man boobs ASAP, and focus on proportions later, then doing the barbell back squat like I suggest in the latest program you purchased from me, is the way to go.

      When you do the back squat, it’s less necessary to do deadlifts, since the back squat does build your hams and glutes to a great extent. But you can still do the deadlift, it depends on how your body responds to the rest of your workout. If you find it too draining to do a set of deadlifts at the end, then don’t do it. If you feel it energizes you and helps build extra lower back strength, then go for it.

      The deadlift will add more lower back, hamstring, and glute development than doing the barbell back squat alone, but if it’s too draining on your body’s resources, and negatively impacts whole-body muscle development and hormonal response due to overtraining, it’s better to avoid it for now.


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