Why You Should Be The Best You Can Be And Never Give Up

My favorite TV series ever is a sci-fi series called Stargate SG 1. I realize that this kind of thing isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for me it was just amazing, and nothing else came close (OK, except maybe Game of Thrones, but that's a different genre altogether).

All these other famous sci-fi series/movies with space travel – Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica… were NOTHING compared to Stargate SG1.

In SG1, they uncover a “Stargate” which was built by an ancient race and lets people travel to different planets in the galaxy. It was all fascinating, watching this small team of four called “SG1” travel to different worlds, making new friends and enemies, whilst on the lookout for new technology that can help defend Earth against our enemies.

The cast in this TV series were amazing. There was colonel Jack O'Niell (played by Richard Dean Anderson, aka MacGyver), who has an absolutely hilarious sense of humor, yet knows how to be serious at the right time and is an excellent leader of the SG1 team.

There's also Samantha Carter, an incredibly hot and incredibly bright physicist, who impresses the most advanced alien races with her understanding of the basic principles of physics. She uses her scientific know-how to get SG1 out of countless different impossible situations. She's also military and can totally kick ass.

There's Daniel Jackson, who is totally awesome as well. Of the entire team, Michael Shanks (who plays Daniel Jackson), has by far the biggest fan-base. Daniel is an archeologist, historian and linguist. He's the guy who establishes relations with all these new cultures SG1 encounters through the galaxy. Daniel is the one who figured out how to use the Stargate.

And last but not least is Teal'c of Tulac. Teal'c is a human-looking alien who has twice the strength of a human and twice the lifespan. Teal'c above all, is a warrior and a leader of his people. He joins SG1 because he believes SG1 are the people with the biggest chance of defeating the arch enemy of his people – the Goa'uld.

Now I can go on talking about this show forever, but I realize this is a newsletter about chest sculpting, so I'll TRY to keep it short :p.

The reason I introduced the main characters for you is because the characters in this TV series are VERY important. You really get to know them, you grow to love them. Anything bad ever happens to any of these guys, and it really hurts.

There's this one episode where Samantha Carta (Sam) figures out a way to travel back in time using the stargate. Daniel Jackson then discovers a strong possibility of there having been a “zero point module” (ZPM) on earth in the past in Ancient Egypt (a ZPM is an extremely powerful power source that can help power Earth's defenses against its enemies).

Since the whole Stargate program is all about uncovering technologies that will help Earth defend itself against its enemies, the SG1 team decide to travel back in time to get this ZPM.

However, it doesn't all go to plan.

When they get to the past, they get a hold of the ZPM (with much difficulty), but the device they used to travel back in time gets discovered by the enemy. They could fight the enemy to retrieve the device, but doing so would change the timeline, making the future unpredictable. So they decide to do nothing. They decide to live out the rest of their lives in the past, in ancient Egypt.

Meanwhile, despite SG1's efforts to not interfere with the timeline, we are shown an altered version of the present day. In this new version of the present day, the Stargate was never discovered. Daniel and Sam are complete GEEKS, they totally suck! They never found Teal'c (since they don't have a stargate), and O'Neill, though still awesome, has retired from the Airforce.

(To keep things simple, I'll refer to the original SG1 team who got stuck in the past as “Original SG1”, or “Original Sam, Original Daniel, etc.” I'll refer to the new Geeky Sam & Daniel and new retired O'Neill in this altered present day as “alternate SG1, or alternate Sam, Daniel, O'Neill”.)

Archeologists in this alternate reality, are astonished to discover a “video tape” in a dig in Giza, Egypt. This video tape was made by the original SG1 team who travelled back in time. Original SG1's intention with the tape was to instruct Earth on what to do if the timeline was changed in a bad way. With the help of this tape, alternate Sam, Daniel and O'Neill, manage to find another Stargate and travel back in time to fix things.

When they arrive, original Sam, O'Neill and Teal'c are dead, only original Daniel is left alive. Together, they prevent the enemy from stealing the Stargate, and bury the ZPM in a place where it will be found in the future. i.e. They fix the timeline.

We are then taken to the present day for the last time, where, everything is back to normal. The US Air Force discovers the stargate, Daniel, Sam, O'Neill and Teal'c are all normal and part of the SG1 team. The only thing that's different is that in a dig in Gaza, they discover a ZPM!

That episode was mind-blowing when I watched it. I've watched a couple of re-runs too, and it's amazing every time I watch it. What really gets to me is that the original SG1 team we grew to know and love, ended up stuck in the past, with most of them dead, and poor Daniel having to live the rest of his days in ancient Egypt with his new alternate reality comrades.

That show is just full of travel, adventure and discovery. They discover new worlds, new civilizations, new technology. They see some amazing sights, come across some remarkable people, have heart-rendering and enlightening experiences – some that even change the way you look at the world.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that my life and who I am today, was MOULDED by this TV series. The whole of the SG1 team were amazing at what they did. I always wanted to be as smart and intelligent as Sam, as good a communicator as Daniel; I always wanted to be a warrior like Teal'c, and a good leader like O'neill.

And I always wanted to travel and meet new people, new civilizations, and have a life filled with adventure and exciting encounters.

Now, you and me don't have access to a Stargate. But we DO have access to an entire WORLD. There is so much to see and experience here on Earth, that you couldn't see or experience it all even if you had 10 lifetimes!

The point I'm trying to get at here, is stop letting something shit like man boobs get in the way of your life!

We all crave adventure, we all crave a fun, exciting and enjoyable life. Yet we are burdened with shitty little problems like man boobs, being overweight, having low confidence, financial difficulties, destructive families – problems that end up taking over our lives.

We spend an entire lifetime clamped down by our problems, and never really get on top of them, because we never make an all-out attempt to do so. We make a half-assed attempt and give up, another half-assed attempt and give up again, and so on and so on until we are old and frail and looking back on life thinking of what COULD have been.

I truly believe that any problem you have in life, is one you can get on top of and deal with completely. You can get rid of man boobs, become lean and ripped like He-Man, develop the confidence of a rock-star, and earn millions.

I won't lie to you, it takes effort and hard work, but with each problem you deal with, your life permanently improves by that much more. You get closer to living the life of your dreams buddy. You get closer to realizing those dreams you had as a child, of ruling the world, living like a king, saving the planet, traveling the world, and driving a Ferrari.

Seriously. If a weak chest, man boobs, or being overweight is holding you back from living the life of your dreams, then it's time to fix your physique NOW. No more half-assed attempts, no more failures, no more leaving it till tomorrow. It's now or never buddy, and the best way I know of how you can do this, is by using the method I used to get rid of my own man boobs, sculpt a manly physique, and help thousands of others do the same.

I admit that my method doesn't work on everyone. A small handful of guys I have treated, have gone on to have surgery, but not before they experienced a powerful chest-flattening affect, to the point where they didn't really NEED surgery, but just wanted to have that last bit of nipple-fat gotten rid of.

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Even if you don't get any of my programs, maybe you can't afford them or you don't trust buying things on the internet, then I urge you – NEVER GIVE UP! There is a solution to every problem, you just have to work hard enough to find it. My programs make it MUCH easier for you to lose man boobs and sculpt the body of your dreams, better than the dozens of other programs I have personally come across. But I'll never say that you can't make it without my programs, because you can. There is ALWAYS hope my friend.

Keep at it and you WILL get the results you want. The only time you WON'T is when you give up.

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