Blasting Past Your Genetic Limitations

Do you ever feel that your genes are against you?

Do you ever feel that no matter how much you lift, how well you eat, how hard you push yourself, your bad genes will prevent you from ever losing weight, from ever losing those man boobs, from ever gaining any decent amount of muscle, and from ever achieving that ripped, toned physique you've always wanted?

When I was overweight with man boobs and nothing seemed to be working, I felt that way for over 20 years of my life.

But I figured I had nothing to lose. If my body wasn't going to LOOK any better, then at least all that exercise and healthy eating would improve my health, make me live longer, make me stronger, faster, and better able to take care of myself.

So I persisted.

Over time, when I discovered the right dietary tactics to melt away those overlying layers of fat, I finally started to see a masculine form appearing from underneath.

In the end I realized that though your genes can make it harder, they can never make it impossible for you to get a lean, masculine physique.

If you have bad genes, then what you need is the right methods, coupled with persistence and dogged determination.

Here's one of my favorite passages from an old-time classic bodybuilding book I was re-reading just this morning. It's an excellent book by the way, and I advise anyone with an interest in resistance training to get a copy.

Here's the passage:

“The biggest champions of the training world are not the drug- enhanced genetically blessed competitive elite.

The biggest champions are the unsung heroes who applied years of dogged determination in order to build themselves up against the odds, without ever using drugs, without seeking or finding publicity, and without divorcing themselves from the rigors and responsibilities of everyday working and family life.

Genetically gifted and drug- enhanced super achievers who have near-perfect training conditions and lifestyles cannot hold a candle to the real heroes of the training world.”

…Stuart McRobert, Beyond Brawn

Are you ready to become a champion of the training world? Apply those weeks, months, or even years of dogged determination my friend, and you will be a champion – more of a champion than genetically gifted and steroid-pumped brutes like Arnold Schwarzenegger ever were.

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