Can this crazy mountain fungus transform your body?

A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to a video about some crazy fungus that grows in the Himalayas.

This fungus apparently has some crazy health benefits.

It's more expensive than gold.

It only grows above an altitude of some 3,000 meters.

It's formed only after some parasitic mushroom mummifies a caterpillar.

What the hell?

Yeh, you heard me right.

It's that rare.

Thousands of Nepalese relocate to the Himalayan mountains to harvest this precious fungus.

Now, I'm not going to tell you what this fungus is.

I could go back into my Whatsapp and find the link and send it to you, but I won't.

I don't want you to sink your money into some crazy new fad that sounds exciting.

I don't want you to even waste your time looking into it.

This stuff has supposedly been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 2,000 years, and has countless health benefits. It increases energy, strengthens the lungs and kidneys, treats cancer and asthma, and most famously, cures impotence, boosts libido, and boosts semen volume.

If it cures impotence and boosts libido, chances are it probably boosts testosterone levels and can help you lose your man boobs, lose body fat, and grow muscle.

Hearing this, I can imagine there are countless men who would rush to Nepal to buy this stuff.

But I would tell these people, “wo, wo, hold your horses”.

Before you sink over $50,000 on a single pound of this stuff, have you sorted out the FUNDAMENTALS of good health?

If you are not EXERCISING, then getting started on a good exercise regimen for losing man boobs will do 10x more for your man boobs and your health than this crazy mummified caterpillar fungus.

If you are not EATING RIGHT, then sorting out your diet–by avoiding junk, avoiding sugar and grains, and sticking to unprocessed home cooked food with plenty of raw veggies, grass-fed meat, and wild fish, and other good food, will do 10x more for you than this crazy high altitude fungus.

If you are not SLEEPING well, then improving your sleep will do more for you than this $50,000 per pound fungus.

So my first bit of advice to you, is work on the FUNDAMENTALS before you go out and sink your money into some bright shiny object that's rare and has seemingly magical properties.

I told my friend, I'll bet raw SPINACH has more health benefits than this fungus.

People just aren't EXCITED by spinach, because it's everywhere, it's cheap, and it isn't some raw Himalayan treasure that's more expensive than gold.

I know for a fact that something like turmeric has more PROVEN benefits than this fungus, and I wouldn't be surprised if turmeric did far more for getting rid of man boobs, than this crazy expensive fungus.

Yet turmeric powder, and a good turmeric supplement costs a FRACTION of the price of this fungus.

So the lesson today is, stick to the basics.

You don't need to sink your money into some bright shiny object to lose your man boobs, you just gotta get the FUNDAMENTALS right.

I go into all the fundamentals of losing man boobs, in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally. In this program, I detail all the little lifestyle changes you need to make for your man boobs to go away.

The only cost involved is the small fee to get the program. All the methods you use are totally free for the rest of your life. They will benefit you far more than this mountain fungus that costs over $50,000 per pound.

More about this program here:

Once you've got the fundamentals right, you are exercising, eating right, sleeping, avoiding man boob forming chemicals, taking a good man boob shrinking supplement like turmeric, THEN maybe you can consider something like this rare mountain fungus, though by then I'm willing to bet your man boobs will be gone anyway.

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