Can Turmeric Get Rid Of Man Boobs All By Itself?

A guy called Wasam recently asked me something interesting about turmeric.

Wasam's Question:

“Thanks for your reply. I have read all your book and it has been amazing throughout. I have been using turmeric for a week now and its improving the situation. Honestly, I’m having my regular diet because here in Pakistan living without carbs is almost impossible. The question is will I be able to eliminate man boobs with turmeric only?”

My Reply:

Hi Wasam

It varies with different people. Some people find turmeric is all they need, while with others turmeric only helps when used as part of a diet, exercise, and lifestyle change regimen.

If you are eating lots of grains, then it's unlikely turmeric alone will help you. The assault on your body by grains is far too big to be handled by turmeric alone.

Best wishes,


My Comments:

Sure, I've seen guys do nothing but take turmeric and their man boobs have vanished (like this guy who lost his puffy nipples with turmeric).

But those are a few isolated cases here and there.

If you want to lose man boobs, know that turmeric is just one piece of the puzzle.

I recently made an Avengers analogy, where your body is under attack by multiple powerful foes that are hell-bent on killing your masculinity.

Turmeric, like the Hulk, is a very powerful ally to have on your side, but in most cases, turmeric alone is not enough, just like the Hulk on his own would not be enough against Thanos and his minions.

So pick up a bottle of a good turmeric supplement by all means, but don't be surprised if your man boobs don't vanish within a few days or even weeks of taking the pills.

Your man boobs MAY vanish just from taking turmeric, but if they don't, it doesn't mean the turmeric isn't working.

What turmeric does in MOST cases, is it makes losing man boobs EASIER.

It blocks estrogen, protects your body's testosterone production, reduces inflammation, improves insulin sensitivity, helps you lose weight, and more.

What this does is it makes all of your OTHER efforts at losing man boobs more effective.

While on turmeric, my clients notice they get better results from their exercise. Not only can they exercise harder and recover faster from their workouts, they also see the fat and man boobs come off much quicker.

They also get better results from their diets and from their other lifestyle changes while on turmeric.

So, the take-home message here is do take turmeric, but do also combine it with other important methods of man boob reduction, which you can learn about here:

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