Can Turmeric Get Rid Of Man Boobs All By Itself?

A guy called Wasam recently asked me something interesting about turmeric.

Wasam's Question:

“Thanks for your reply. I have read all your book and it has been amazing throughout. I have been using turmeric for a week now and its improving the situation. Honestly, I’m having my regular diet because here in Pakistan living without carbs is almost impossible. The question is will I be able to eliminate man boobs with turmeric only?”

My Reply:

Hi Wasam

It varies with different people. Some people find turmeric is all they need, while with others turmeric only helps when used as part of a diet, exercise, and lifestyle change regimen.

If you are eating lots of grains, then it's unlikely turmeric alone will help you. The assault on your body by grains is far too big to be handled by turmeric alone.

Best wishes,


My Comments:

Sure, I've seen guys do nothing but take turmeric and their man boobs have vanished (like this guy who lost his puffy nipples with turmeric).

But those are a few isolated cases here and there.

If you want to lose man boobs, know that turmeric is just one piece of the puzzle.

I recently made an Avengers analogy, where your body is under attack by multiple powerful foes that are hell-bent on killing your masculinity.

Turmeric, like the Hulk, is a very powerful ally to have on your side, but in most cases, turmeric alone is not enough, just like the Hulk on his own would not be enough against Thanos and his minions.

So pick up a bottle of a good turmeric supplement by all means, but don't be surprised if your man boobs don't vanish within a few days or even weeks of taking the pills.

Your man boobs MAY vanish just from taking turmeric, but if they don't, it doesn't mean the turmeric isn't working.

What turmeric does in MOST cases, is it makes losing man boobs EASIER.

It blocks estrogen, protects your body's testosterone production, reduces inflammation, improves insulin sensitivity, helps you lose weight, and more.

What this does is it makes all of your OTHER efforts at losing man boobs more effective.

While on turmeric, my clients notice they get better results from their exercise. Not only can they exercise harder and recover faster from their workouts, they also see the fat and man boobs come off much quicker.

They also get better results from their diets and from their other lifestyle changes while on turmeric.

So, the take-home message here is do take turmeric, but do also combine it with other important methods of man boob reduction, which you can learn about here:

Click here to learn more about how turmeric helps get rid of man boobs.

Click here to pick up this bottle of turmeric capsules that works surprisingly well with man boobs.

3 thoughts on “Can Turmeric Get Rid Of Man Boobs All By Itself?”

  1. I recently discovered your work while scouring the internet for a solution to my issue with man boobs.I’m now 31 and have had them since i was 14 and as you already know it hasn’t been very nice.I’v had to rely on your free news letters because it’s kinda difficult to buy things(your man boob program) online because of banking restrictions in my country(Zimbabwe) however i have been very inspired and impressed by the way you seem to have such in depth knowledge on man boobs.For a while i waited for the newsletters but i then discovered your chest sculpting site which has tonnes of information and i have enjoyed and been inspired by a lot of it.I weigh about 87kg so i’m still very slow on the exercise front i can hardly do a rep of pull ups yet but i do squats well and also play amateur soccer(which is the closest thing to HIIT ? i thought i could enjoy).This is my third week(no notable change to my chest yet) of training but i have understood very well the part about diet your articles have made it crystal clear that diet is 85% of the game.Although i feel that my training is not yet of the required standard for example the gym(crappy amateur stuff) i got to doesn’t have a dipping station and the lead trainer didn’t even know what dips were when i asked him.They also made me join their routine i was scared of telling big buff guys i wanted to do my own thing and also very shy coz let’s face it i’m a fat guy with boobs they’d probably laugh their heads off.The routine is as follows
    Mondays = Squats
    Tuesdays = Shoulders( standing bar bell pull ups,shrugs etc)
    Wednesdays= Back(bent over barbell rows)
    Thursdays = Chest(flat,Incline and decline bar bell bench presses)
    Fridays = Squats

    Then on Saturdays it’s soccer.Now i also understood the part about not training everyday so i’v decided to do what i think is important at least according to some of your articles so now i only go to gym on Mondays,Wednesdays,Thursdays(i try to convince the guys to let me do the decline bench press only which is almost like dips right?) and then play soccer on Saturdays.How is this?

    The real reason for this email though is that although training is still very hard i think i have a much bigger problem on the diet front.Although i have tried to make changes to what i eat and drink(have only taken 4 beers in 2 weeks) i’m having problems getting low carb meals, our staple food in this part of africa is sadza(solidified corn meal porridge) which is very high in carbs.I tried to let them go for a couple of days eating only meat,eggs,avocados,fish with cabbage salads but i could hardly train as i was very low on energy so i went to back to having a few carbs like two slices of brown bread in the morning and a little sadza for supper.I have maintained most of the healthy foods and tumeric drink twice a day and i was so thrilled when i discovered the article on grain substitutes only to discover that items on the list are both very difficult to find and very expensive.I found the items online in South Africa(neighbouring country) which is about 800km from where i live but i could buy it with relative ease were it not so expensive for example almond flour is US$10 for just 300grams,Coconut flour about US$5 for 500grams and not to mention grass fed butter which even South Africa imports from the USA selling at a whooping US$95 for a 16oz bottle.For a family man earning just US$400 per month this would be a devastating blow to my income.So are there any tips you can give me?can i eat just a lil bit of carbs and expect some result even if it takes long? I’ve really taught myself to be patient since i had lost all hope thinking the only solution was surgery as according to numerous websites.



    • Hi Jonathan

      Thank you for the detailed comment. It’s great to hear that you are benefiting from the info in my emails and on my website.

      It’s a shame about healthy sources of protein and fat costing so much. It’s especially expensive in developing countries, and it’s no wonder why we’re seeing such a huge surge in obesity, man boobs, and countless other modern diseases in developing countries – it’s all because they’re living on grains, particularly refined grains, and also because of the increasing use of chemicals.

      I would advise you to increase your protein and fat intake as much as you can on your income. Where you do have to eat grains, it will help if you stick to the wholemeal (brown) variety and avoid the refined (white) variety.

      Don’t worry about making grain alternatives with the likes of almond flour. That’s an expensive path to take to help bring you added ease and convenience with tasty snacks and grain-alternative foods. If money is a problem, stick to the cheapest sources of healthy fats & protein – the likes of chicken, eggs, and cheaper species of fish. These may not be as convenient as almond cookies, but they’re healthier.

      If fish, meat, and eggs are expensive in your country, eat as much of those as you can, and add some legumes and lentils to your diet. These are grey-area foods that are very nutrient dense and contain a good deal of protein, but not ideal because they are also quite carb dense. But it’s far better to eat this stuff than to live on grains.

      Also, finding organic food may be tough or expensive in Zimbabwe, but at the very least you should investigate what chemicals are being used on the food you eat.

      If you can’t find chemical-free, pastured, raw dairy, then it’s better to avoid dairy altogether.

  2. Thanks so much Garry that’s going to be very helpful.I can easily get raw milk,fish & grass fed beef so at least that’s a start.


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