The Chest Sculpting Blueprint – A Look Inside The Program

Chest Sculpting Blueprint - A Look Inside The Program

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In this video, one of my customers, Jay, takes you inside the Chest Sculpting Blueprint program. If you're not sure whether the program is right for you, then I think the best way to decide is to have a look inside.


I'm very grateful that Jay took the time to do this review. If you do get yourself a copy, then please do consider leaving a testimonial. It'll really help to get the word out. There are LOTS of guys out there suffering from a poor self image, and I want to do everything I can to help as many as I can.

Thanks a lot.

74 thoughts on “The Chest Sculpting Blueprint – A Look Inside The Program”

  1. Garry
    i also forgot to mention that i read your articles on The Untold Secrets of Intermittent Fasting and How to Boost Testosterone Naturally and I have to say that i am without a doubt going to purchase both.
    I just wanted know, if i were to purchase these books, would it be possible for you to send me these products through an email instead having a physical copy delivered, because i find paypal to be quite a tricky thing.
    No matter what the price may be for both, i am very prepared to pay for each.

    • When you purchase these products, nothing will be shipped to you, you will receive your purchase via digital download, which you will have access to immediately after making your purchase. So you don’t have to worry about receiving anything in the post.

      Unfortunately at present, Paypal is the only payment method available for these products. Though I’m working on making direct credit card transactions possible in the near future.

      • Dear Garry
        I’ve recently purchased your untold secrets of intermittent fasting and I have some questions regarding the training section.
        In the book, you said that one should use one of his fasting days to do resistance training and his other fasting day to do high intensity interval training. I wanted to know
        1. Would it be a problem if I did both HIIT and resistance training on all three of my training days seeing as the chest sculpting program is a 3day per week program.

        • Hi. Yes, stick to what I mention in my programs, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint and Paleolithic HIIT. In Paleolithic HIIT I mention how as a beginner, you should do HIIT and resistance training on different days, but if this isn’t possible or if it’s more convenient for you to do HIIT and resistance training on the SAME day, then you can still do it, it’s not a deal breaker. Just make sure your body can handle it and keep an eye out for symptoms of overtraining.

          • Dear Garry
            I’ve got a couple of questions for you.
            1. Regarding your article about cold water therapy, you said that the best adaptions happen “when the water is cooler at 10 degrees Celsius”. I just want to know how I would go about making sure that my water temperature is a cooler at 10 degrees.
            2. I know I’ve asked you this before but regarding dark green leafy veggies, are there any ones I should be focusing on in particular?
            3. Garry I.m very interested in learning about how our Paleolithic ancestors lived and I just wanted to ask if you could recommend some really good books on how they lived.

  2. Hi Garry,

    I have bought an Assault Air Bike to work on my upper body as well as my legs. And going as hard as I can, I can get up to 100RPM on the display. So I figure 100RPM = 100%.

    But as I am working my upper body as well, and this bike is a resistance bike (so the harder I pedal, the more resistance there is), does that mean that it will be harder to reach the levels expected in the program?

    For example, I am currently in Phase 2 Week 2 of the singular protocol outline. For the 1st set I can do 75RPM (75%), and same in the 2nd set, but in my 3rd set, I cannot reach 80RPM and I can only go for 30 seconds. Today I decided to lower my expectations, and try for 67RPM, 67RPM and 72RPM (so really 90RPM = 100% effort now) which I could just do.

    Is this ok, as I am on a cross-training resistance bike?

    Thank you again for all your guidance, it is much appreciated!

    • Hey Max

      It’s difficult for me to say what’s 100% without actually seeing you on the machine, or without using the machine myself. Generally though, I would be careful about added resistance from a machine, since too much resistance can impede on your total power output. And remember, Paleolithic HIIT is all about maximizing power output. As I mention in page 112 of the Paleolithic HIIT book…

      strength x speed = power

      Added resistance increases the strength requirement, but also decreases speed. To get the highest power output, you need the right balance between strength and speed.

      Resistance naturally increases the faster you go, due to increased friction. I would advise against using a machine whose resistance is set to artificially increase above the norm the faster you go. Ideally you want a machine that you can CHANGE the resistance level on, and one where you can view the power output in Watts. Then for Paleolithic HIIT, you would find and use the resistance level in which you can achieve the highest power outputs.

  3. Hi garry
    Lately somethings been on my mind. I’ve been really wondering about how our paleolithic ancestors used to stay clean. I mean, i dont think such things as soap existed back then. So i was just wondering if you could maybe shed some light on that for me because i’m really looking towards either using natural soaps or letting go of soap altogether, once i find something that our paleolithic ancestors used to use.
    The thing about soap however is lye. lye as we all know is very hazardous and i’m quite skeptical about it seeing as it’s involved in the soapmaking process. Overall, what i would really like you to help me with is shed some of your knowledge on this:
    1. Am i able to make natural soaps without using any lye.
    2. I would reallly like to know how our paleolithic ancestors used to stay clean.
    I know it’s quite a lot of work, but it would be much appreciated if you could help me with such dilemmas.

  4. Garry,
    I am 18 years old and I have man boobs. I weight about 215 and I did do exercise until the summer which is when I gained weight again. I have been intrigued by your program for a while, but I have a few questions concerning which one to do. I did check the “which one to choose” link and it seems the best for me, as a bigger (fat) person is to do the Chest Scullting Blueprint.
    So this is my question, would I need to go to a gym to do all of the exercises?
    As a young man tight on money, would you suggest I do the “how to lose man boobs naturally” since it has the diets and the exercises only require a kettlebell?
    Thanks Garry.

    • Also I have another question. Some forms of gynecomastia are caused by extra tissue which can be taken out only by surgery while others are just caused by lack of exercise and dieting (gynecomastia ans pseudo gynecomastia). So what you are saying is that your workouts and diets can get rid of both causes for gynecomastia? Can you please explain.

      • Hi Andrew

        Yes, you can lose both types of gynecomastia using my methods, but you’ll have more success if you don’t have fibrosed breast glands. If you have enlarged breast glands (felt as a firm rubbery lump beneath your nipples), they undergo a process called fibrosis after a period of 2-3 years. Most doctors will tell you that fibrosed breast glands can only be removed via surgery, but studies have shown that even fibrosed breast glands respond to medical therapy using drugs like tamoxifen and raloxifene, and if the medical approach works, then so can the natural approach.

    • Hey Andrew

      You are right, it sounds like the Chest Sculpting Blueprint is a good fit for you. You don’t need to go to a gym, you just need access to a barbell, and preferably a set of dumbbells too (though these aren’t compulsory). I actually detail in the book why going to the gym is a waste of time and money, and why you’re more likely to succeed in the comfort of your own home using your own barbell.

      The exercises in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally also require a barbell, the kettlebell training is just an added bonus, it’s not the mainstay of your training.

      I’d stick to the Chest Sculpting Blueprint.

      Hope that helps.

  5. Because of my chest my wife of 10 years only ever saw me with my top off once, even t shirts dont hide the moobs, so i spend all summer in a jacket sweating my a*s off, i tried the gym every day, tried the healthy eating but nothing worked and now i have piled on the pounds and am depressed, my new partner has never seen me naked because i think she would run a mile if she saw me, i am 33 and really need to change this body before its to late, help !!!

  6. Hi Garry!

    i’m 15 years old and my weight is around 70kg. Now i have had these “man boobs” for 3 years- under my nipples are tough pieces and my nipples are quite big too- they are about 1,5 cm long!.
    I’m very athletic- i go to gym for 4 times per week and i am quite skinny too. I have a big problem! All my friends are skinny but they have’nt got anything like that. I have searched a solution since i got them but lately i found your page and i saw the video.. Now i have a question.. what should i do- look i’m from east-europe and if you can say, that your program works and if i use that, then can i go for my summer holiday without my big man nipples?
    I would be very thankful, when you would answer me.
    You are my only change to get rid of them, becasue my doctor said that theese nipples go normal after three years, BUT THEY ARE’NT GONE ANYWHERE!!!
    Please help me, Garry!

  7. Hello my name is Jake I am 17 years old, 182cm/6 foot and 85kg.

    I have no six pack no muscles I been running for 1 year and I only lost weight lit bit but no muscles. I live in the UK by the way. I have been bullyied from college becouse my man boobs i even thought to kill myself. I have tried but failed. I can’t do this any-more. Garry I don’t know who you are but I hope you help. I really need help I am in so stress I lost nearly most my hair. I have buyed instanity and other products but I really have no money any-more but I cant trust people plz help me Garry. I am having bad time my mom is ill so i hope you understand i need save money but i not saying i doing this for money. But I hope you reply thank you Garry love you.

    Peace from united kindom. Thank you Garry hope you understand me.

  8. Hey Garry I recently lost 25 pounds just from proper dieting and weightlifting, but my lower chest fat isn’t going away and neither is my lower stomach fat. I’m what you consider skinny fat and it’s really killing my social life. I’ve tried many programs and they’ve failed to give me the muscular chest I desire. I’d like to look at some testimonials of your program if possible

  9. Hey. I was just wondering if you have checked out cliff hamiltons chest coach. Should I buy both of your books or is it pretty much the same. I am asking you rarher than being the judge cause its been on my mind to buy your chest sculpting blueprint for a year now.

    • Hi Charan. I can assure you my program is completely unique. It details my many years of experience helping other guys to lose their man boobs and to build a great body. I can’t comment on Cliff Hamilton’s product, as I have not read it.

  10. Hi Garry
    I recently had my blood tests done like you suggested and yesterday I received my results and it seems as if every thing is fine – except for my progesterone. Now I know that progesterone wasn’t on the list of blood tests, but I really need to know if super high levels of progesterone can lead to man boobs? the normal ranges for progesterone, as shown by my results sheet are 0. 32 – 3. 18 nmol/L – my progesterone is 9.9. So could that lead to gynaecomastia in men? Please get back to me as soon as possible.

    tthank you.

  11. Hey Gary. I’m skinny and i want to grow a big chest and shoulders but I am worried my weight will prevent me. Does your program work on skinny people.

    • Hi Omor

      The Chest Sculpting Blueprint is designed to stimulate maximal testosterone production, which both helps to get rid of your man boobs, and helps stimulate maximal muscle growth. This system is the best way to train for a skinny guy who wants to pack on muscle, not just in the chest, but all over your body.

      Please do keep in mind that this program isn’t just about doing chest exercises, it’s about training your WHOLE body, which is something you’ll HAVE to do if you’re a skinny guy who wants to pack on muscle on your chest.

      You can learn more about the program here:

      And if you’re ready to order, you can do so here:

  12. Hi Garry,
    Im about to buy the 37$ chest sculpting but i cant find the paypal link.. Can you send me thanks


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