Coconut Oil For Coronavirus And Man Boobs

Coconut Oil For Coronavirus And Man Boobs

Wow, this corona virus thing has totally gone out of hand, hasn't it?

One thing they don't tell you, is that just like with the flu, most of the people who have died from corona virus are elderly (85%) or already sick (75%).

The medical establishment is scared because they don't have a vaccine for coronavirus, but everybody knows the flu vaccine does sod-all for the flu.

At the end of the day, the coronavirus is just another virus, and mother nature has already provided us with the solution.

See, with medical drugs, you need a specific drug for a specific virus. There's no such thing as an antiviral that kills ALL viruses.

NATURAL remedies on the other hand, have multiple modes of action that allows ONE natural remedy to fight ALL viruses.

And it turns out that coconut oil is one of those remedies.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which has potent antiviral properties. It attacks viruses via multiple modes of action, of which we have only discovered a few:

We know that lauric acid from coconut oil disintegrates the virus cell membrane, inhibits virus maturation, and prevents binding of viral proteins to the host cell membrane.

Studies have shown that coconut oil is effective against multiple different viruses, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Junin virus, which is similar to coronavirus.

If you're even a little worried about catching the virus from someone at the workplace, if people around you are ill, if you commute to work in a busy bus or train, then get yourself some coconut oil, and you'll decrease your chances of catching the virus, and decrease your chances of dying if you do catch it.

Make sure the coconut oil you get is virgin, unrefined, and cold extracted to get the maximum benefit.

I recommend you get it in a jar AND get some coconut oil capsules.

The stuff from the jar you can use in your cooking, and the capsules are an easy way to get in a regular dose – take one capsule in the morning, and one at night.

Here are my favorite coconut oil capsules, they're organic, virgin, cold-pressed, and unrefined:

When I take these capsules, I notice that I am less hungry throughout the day, I don't crave sugary snacks and junk, and I'm full of energy despite eating less.

And here's good coconut oil in a jar:

Oh, and don't forget that coconut oil is one of the most powerful natural fat busters out there. It's a great appetite suppressant, and studies show it can boost testosterone levels, which means it could help reduce man boobs.

Coconut oil truly is a super-food, and anyone who wants to be healthy, corona-proof, and wants to look great, should make this stuff part of their regular daily diet.

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