Converting Soft Muscle To Hard Muscle

Converting Soft Muscle To Hard Muscle

Now this is where your training REALLY gets exciting!

In the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, I gave you the fastest possible method for muscle growth and fat loss, so you can get rid of those man boobs and carve out that masculine appearance as quickly as possible.

If you remember, in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, I talk about 3 different types of muscle growth/adaptation – sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, myofibrillar hypertrophy, and neuromuscular conditioning.

The Chest Sculpting 12 Week Beginner's Program is based mostly on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

Although sarcoplasmic training gives you the quickest results and the best chest-flattening effect, this type of training results in SOFT muscle, and very little increase in strength.

In the Advanced Chest Sculpting program, I show you how to convert that soft muscle into HARD muscle by building the contractile proteins in your muscle, and increasing the neurogenic TONE of your muscles.

When you build HARD muscle as opposed to soft muscle, you get that truly rugged-look that looks like it was carved on the battlefield. People will look at you and think you look like a SOLDIER, rather than just some guy who throws weights around in the gym.

To build hard muscle, you have to lift heavier weights through a lower number of repetitions. Below are a number of benefits that strength training to build hard muscle, has over hypertrophy training to build soft muscle.

Why Hard Muscle Is Better Than Soft Muscle

  • Hard muscle looks better than soft muscle. With hard muscle you look toned and ripped, your body looks hard and it feels hard, you look tough and rugged, and women will be more attracted to you (women hate big bodybuilder muscle, but love the lean, hard, and rugged look).
  • Hard muscles last longer – because soft muscle (from sarcoplasmic hypertrophy) is merely an increase in fluid and sugars in your muscles, while hard muscle (from myofibrillar hypertrophy) is an actual increase in solid proteins in your muscles. With soft muscle, your muscles start to disappear just a few weeks after you stop training. With hard muscle, you can stop training for months, and your body will stay looking great!
  • Hard muscles are more functional – lifting heavy makes you stronger, so you can lift heavier things in your every day life (the women in your life will be super-impressed when you are the only guy in the room who is strong enough to open that jar for her).
  • Training for hard muscles makes you more athletic. The heavy lifting you do for hard muscle, also increases your power output, so you can sprint faster, hit harder, and perform better in sports (imagine the envy of your friends when you outperform them in everything!)
  • Strength training improves your performance in hypertrophy training – so you improve your ability to grow more muscle (switching to strength training is an effective method of periodization).
  • Strength training will give your chest muscles (and other important muscles) greater residual tension while at rest, so your chest is firm and defined throughout the day while you are resting, and not just during your workouts.

For me, the most important benefit of training for hard muscle, is that lifting heavy makes you SUPER-strong.

But why is strength important?

Well for a moment, let's forget about the fact that being super-strong lets us show off to girls by lifting heavy things and opening bottles that no-one else can open. Let's forget about the fact that being strong helps you to stand your ground in a fight, makes you better able to handle your body weight so you can climb stuff, do crazy stunts like one arm pullups, lets you run up the stairs with ease, helps you perform better at sports, and so much more…

In my experience, the single most important reason being super-strong is important, is that it gives you crazy levels of motivation to work out.

It's easy to look forward to a workout when you are aiming for 500lb on the bench press, when you can do 20+ pullups and 10+ handstand pushups, and when you can show off with one-arm pullups and one-arm handstands.

Training for strength and hard muscle is not only more USEFUL, but also more stimulating, more exciting, and more fun!

When you start training for strength and hard muscle, all of a sudden, exercise turns into a whole load of fun! You look forward to reaching new lifting records and performing impressive feats of strength.

All of a sudden, working out becomes all about the performance. Getting an amazing body that people gasp at, becomes a pleasant side-benefit.

The drop-out rate from Advanced Chest Sculpting is super-low, because all of my advanced clients have so much fun working out. They no longer dread working out, and they often tell me they wish they could work out every day, or even twice a day!

So, if you're ready to start enjoying your workouts, if you are ready to get strong and start looking better than you ever could with the Beginner's program, then click the link below and get started on Advanced Chest Sculpting right now: