Does Eating CHICKEN Help You Lose Man Boobs?

Do you eat chicken?

A big chunk of America is CRAY-CRAY about chicken.

The demand for chicken has gone up so much, that for decades, chicken farmers have been finding ways to make chickens grow bigger and grow big FASTER.

But the thing is, people aren't crazy about the WHOLE chicken.

People are particularly crazy about chicken BREAST.

So much, that we have to EXPORT all the extra dark leg meat to other countries.

So this obsession with chicken BREAST means that farmers have been obsessing for decades, over how to grow chickens with BIGGER BREASTS!

And they’ve succeeded.

Have you noticed how HUGE chicken breasts are nowadays?

I’m always flabbergasted by how HUGE those slabs of boneless chicken breasts are at the butcher’s.

How can there be so much MEAT, with no sign of bone, and no sign that there ever WAS any bone torn off that clean, shiny slab of pure, smooth-surfaced chicken breast meat?

Back in 1957 a fully grown chicken weighed about 905 grams, and could feed two people.

In 2005, a fully grown chicken weighed around 4,202 grams, and could feed SIX people.

Chickens are getting bigger and bigger. That 2005 chicken is unnaturally big, and I've heard reports that they're even BIGGER now in 2019.

So how can this be?

How can it be that chickens are so much bigger today than they were back in the day?

And how does this matter to YOU if you’ve got man boobs?

Well, the authorities, and the popular articles online written by the “experts”, claim that it’s all down to artificial selection where farmers selectively breed the biggest chickens.

They claim that no steroid hormones are used on poultry, because it’s been banned in the US since the 1950’s. To date, the FDA has only approved the use of steroid hormones in sheep and cows raised for beef.

But that doesn’t stop farmers from finding other ways of increasing estrogen levels in their chickens.

The government for example, doesn’t stop farmers from feeding chickens estrogen-containing and estrogen-boosting foods like processed GMO soy and nutrient deficient processed grains like corn.

Regardless of HOW they’re doing it though, the important thing is that U.S. chicken was found to contain more estrogen than U.S. beef.

In a 2010 study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, scientists measured the level of two types of estrogen, Estradiol 17 Beta (E2) and Estrone (E1), in U.S. chicken fat and beef fat:

Here are the results, measured in pg/g (E2, E1):

  • Chicken fat (20.7, 54.6)
  • Beef fat (14.0, 7.7)

So you see, even though the use of steroid hormones is allowed in beef and banned in chickens, there’s more estrogen in U.S. chicken fat than there is in U.S. beef fat.

Could the high estrogen levels in U.S. chickens be the reason why chicken breasts are so disproportionately huge? 

I don’t know anything about chicken physiology, but it’s possible.

Could it be possible that eating chickens with big breasts could be making your own breasts bigger?

We don’t know for sure until they do a study on it, but it’s highly likely that if you’re eating food with high levels of estrogen, then your own levels of estrogen will go up, and your man boobs will get bigger.

So what’s a guy to do?

Should you stop eating chicken altogether if you want to lose man boobs?

Not necessarily.

If all you do is eat the standard chicken and red meat you get at your local butcher’s, you’d probably be better off eating red meat than chicken.

You’re still better off eating chicken than eating grains and grain-based food like rice, corn, bread and pasta.

A lot of people do lose weight by going on a grain-free chicken and veg diet.

But if you’re on a chicken and veg diet, and you’re having a hard time losing man boobs, or you want to know what to do with CHICKEN, to lose your man boobs the fastest way possible, then buy me a cup of coffee (just $2.75) and I’ll tell you all about it.

In this in-depth article, called, “The Ultimate Guide To Eating CHICKEN For Losing Man Boobs”, you’ll learn:

  • 4 reasons why chicken is by far the WORST type of meat for a guy with man boobs. (You're better off AVOIDING chicken unless you know what I tell you in this article).
  • What type of chicken you should be eating to help SHRINK, rather than grow your man boobs (why organic and free range chicken is not good enough, and what you SHOULD be looking for instead).
  • What PART of a chicken should you eat to best help you lose your man boobs? (Should you eat only skinless chicken breast? Or is dark meat better?)
  • Why estrogen levels may not be as important as something ELSE in chicken. See, most of the estrogen you eat is broken down by your liver. But there’s something else in chicken that will determine how good your liver is at breaking down estrogen, and can also help you produce testosterone, which opposes excess estrogen.

Standard commercial chicken LACKS this stuff big time. When you know what this stuff is, you’ll know why eating skinless chicken breast is no better than eating estrogen-filled fatty chicken leg or chicken skin.

Know that if you eat conventional chicken from the supermarket or from your local butcher’s, chicken is BY FAR THE WORST TYPE OF MEAT YOU CAN EAT.

It’s harmful for your health and if you’re eating a lot of it, it could be contributing to the size of your man boobs.

You should either stop eating chicken altogether, or eat chicken maximum once a week.

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Sourcing the right type of chicken is more important than how you cook chicken. When it comes to cooking, just be sure not to overcook or burn it, and you’re gold :p .

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