‘Eat Stop Eat’ For Losing Man Boobs?

I just got this strange email from a guy who told me all my stuff is rubbish, and all he ever needed was Eat Stop Eat. Well I thought this was a tad strange, I told him, “dude, you haven't BOUGHT any of my programs”, lol. I think he was just really excited with his results, but there's no need to insult my programs, sheesh!

Anyhow, getting back to today's post…

If you've been trying to lose your man boobs for YEARS with no success, then you might be in need of a DRASTIC change that will SHOCK your body into finally responding and flattening out that chest.

Over the last few months, my clients and I have been experimenting with intermittent fasting. I'm happy to say that we've had some awesome success stories and unexpected breakthroughs.

This stuff is really powerful. Just one short intermittent fast can program your body to burn fat for the rest of the week.

Intermittent fasting can help keep your testosterone levels raised by increasing insulin sensitivity and preventing meal-induced testosterone reduction. It can also help spur on new muscle growth by enhancing a form of cellular cleansing called ‘autophagy'.

I've had a lot of emails from guys, telling me they want to learn more. So I decided to write a detailed review of the program that “I” first used to learn about and get into intermittent fasting.

It's called “Eat Stop Eat” by Brad Pilon, and you can check out my review of this program in the following link:


And yes, it's the same program that guy told me is better than all of MY stuff, but hey, that particular guy hasn't even SEEN my stuff. So I'll let YOU be the judge.

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