Emma Coburn’s Shocking Victory (Steeplechase 2014)

So this video came up on my youtube video feed, and it was one of the most inspiring sporting events I've ever seen.

This Coburn girl is so good at running, throughout the whole thing she looks like she's in her element.

Notice how relaxed she is, notice how, despite running way faster than everybody else, she doesn't have any sign of struggle on her face, she doesn't appear to be huffing and puffing, she looks nothing like the typical jogger on the street or at the park.

She's looks as comfortable running at that fast pace, as you and I are at walking.

Her posture, the way she glides over the floor, everything about the way she moves is just… elite. She's in the flow, it's beautiful.

I was so inspired by the way she ran in that video, that I imagined myself being in the flow today while doing clapping push ups, and it felt so different.

Normally I'm struggling to push myself up as hard and fast as I can, struggling to get in that clap before landing down hard on my hands, but today there was a flow in my movements, it was like I was flying up and getting in that clap with ease, landing softer, and performing more like an elite athlete.

I hope this video inspires you the way it has inspired me.

Whether you aim to get good at push ups, dips, squats, pull ups, running, swimming, or cycling, aim to be as good as Emma Coburn is at running, and you will achieve greatness.

I've added this video to my list of inspirational content, and I will be watching it often.

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