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I visited my brother today and we had a COVID lockdown conversation by the front door.

We had a long conversation about training, and I remember the last thing I told him was about how much more alert and energized you feel after a HIIT workout.

One reason this happens is because when you sprint, there's this huge increase in blood flow to your brain, far more-so than when you do with steady state cardio.

Another reason this happens is because sprinting jacks up your metabolism more-so than any other form of exercise.

Just as you stay alert and energized for the entire day after a HIIT workout, so does your metabolism stay high, which means you burn extra calories all day long after that workout.

It's not just your alertness and metabolism that go up, it's also your testosterone levels, and this is what helps you to lose your man boobs with Paleolithic HIIT.

Paleolithic HIIT is a unique form of HIIT designed by me, Garry Davidson, The Man Boobs Expert, that's designed to maximize testosterone release, thereby helping you to lose your man boobs.

I've told you about this training system before, and you can learn more about it on this page. But you may not want you to spend too long on that page, in case you miss today's half off offer – if you get the program before the timer ends on the next page (click link below), you get the entire program for half off.

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In case you need some quick convincing, here are what some real customers have said about this program:

“Sir garry. I bought your book last time which helped me condition my body. By the way your PHIIT gave me a lot of benefits. I play basketball during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And doing my PHIIT on alternate days. Wow! I gained a lot of resistance and strenght. Im a point guard but I can do what centers do during the game. I became efficient doing offense. I use Jump ropes during my Phiit training well it benifited me so well.”

… Ernie John | Bacolod, Philippines

“Thank you so much Garry. I appreciate the time you took to respond. My wife got me a road bike trainer so I can bike during the winter. By coincidence, I had just finished your book, so guess which exercise I am doing for HIIT.

Your answer gives me what I need. Will probably try 2 weights and 1 HIIT per week, as hockey is similar to HIIT (without the same structure obviously). Lots of sprinting and resting.

Again, really enjoyed your book. Feeling the results already after just 8 workouts. Put on 5 pounds, and it ain't around the waist.

Have a great day.


… André Couillard | Quebec, Canada

“Hey garry I did jump rope under phiit protocol for about a month for now which I was able to understand by your phase2 giveaway ! I got fever and had to stop it. I am willing to buy ur phiit book if I do how would I start that program would my 1 month workout would have any bad effect

Also I got some results from that 1month period loosed stomach fat and loosed hardlump under my nipples like 50%?

What's ur advice ????”

… Akalanka S | Sri Lanka

“Thanks for the tip, Garry! Definitely going to try this. How soon before training did you take the spinach and MCT? I´ve also found that drinking some beet root juice about 30-60 minutes prior to training had similar effects.

BTW, I am just starting Phase 3 of PHIIT and LOVING it. I read the manual over and over and continue to learn new things. One of the best training manuals I´ve come across. Combined with kettlebell and bodyweight training focusing on chinups, pullups and dips, my chest is flattening out and shaping up nicely, slowly but surely! Thanks again.”

… Ray Paez | Wisconsin, USA

“It was the paleolithic training book I wanted to see again as I had followed it before with great success. The content is brilliant, well written and to the point.”

On prompting him for more information, Marc said…

“The main theme for Garry’s information and programs are losing man boobs and this is the primary reason that many buy the products of course, but this is really is just a small part of it all.

I’ve bought and seen many high profile diet programs, with different methods to lose fat and man boobs, but nothing is as detailed as the documents which Garry has put together. Other programs just tell you what to do, but this gives you all the reasoning and science behind it, so you have that complete knowledge. This understanding of the why you’re doing something is so important, as it gives confidence in the system and process.

When implemented correctly and as Garry suggests, these programs are very powerful and more importantly, work! It’s common sense! The Paeolithic HIIT Training being a favourite of mine. My fitness levels and body shape changed dramatically after doing this alone.

The level of knowledge he has is second to none. He should really be charging far more for this. It not only applies to men but all people trying to get fit and lose weight.”

… Marc S | Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

If those testimonials don't convince you to give Paleolithic HIIT a try at half price, I don't know what will.

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