Grave Dips

Several years ago, I was staying in a small country next to India, called Bangladesh.

I was living with my close friend Shujon, in a rural part of the country.

Quick side-note: make friends with people from different countries, then go live with their families for a bit in that country. You'll see a side of that country you'll never see as a tourist with no contacts.

Unfortunately, Shujon's grandmother passed away while we were there.

I attended the burial with Shujon.

Shujon's grandmother was a highly respected woman. Everyone in the village attended her burial, there must have been more than a hundred people.

The burial site was in the middle of a muddy field with knee-deep mud.

I've noticed that some Bangladeshis in the rural parts of the country have somewhat of an inferiority complex towards Westerners.

We are seen as physically incapable, many of the villagers loved to laugh at the way I had trouble walking bare feet on slippery mud. Many of them found it funny that I didn't fully understand the language.

Heck, even my friend Shujon gets laughed at when he goes back home. Shujon may have his roots back in Bangladesh, but he grew up in the UK. Shujon is overweight, and the villagers find this hilarious.

During the burial, 4 people had to jump into the grave to help lower the body into the grave (they don't use coffins in Muslim burials, the body is wrapped in a white cloth).

Two of those people were capable young men who were part of the burial process and knew what they were doing. The other two were supposed to be close relatives.

Shujon's lean native cousin jumped right in, and everyone looked at Shujon, waiting for him to get in there as well.

But I could tell Shujon was uncomfortable. The guy was overweight and he would have trouble getting in and out of that deep muddy pit.

As Shujon reluctantly took a step forward, I quickly stepped forward and took his place.

It was a very emotional experience for me, lowering a dead body into a grave. It reminds you of your own mortality, and makes you appreciate the life you still have. It makes you question the meaning of life, and reminds you how small all the problems in your life really are.

Despite all these feelings though, it was still important to me that I didn't make a fool of myself.

I knew there were people at that burial who would have loved to see me slip and fall or get stuck or something.

But I was determined not to let Shujon down.

When the time came for the 4 of us to get out of the grave, the other three guys managed to get out with a little bit of help from two guys on the surface.

When the time came for ME, the bumbling Westerner, to get out, a whole bunch of extra guys came to help because everyone expected I'd have trouble.

I could sense some of the morons in the village, half expecting me to slip and fall back into the grave.

But everyone was shocked when I waved away the extra help, planted my two hands on the muddy surface at the level of my neck and dipped myself out of the pit like a pro.

Despite the emotional circumstances, the one thing on my mind at the time was, “thank God I've been doing dips!”

Had I been doing the bench press, push-ups, dumbbell flies, cable crossovers, the pec dec, or any other chest exercise, I would definitely have needed the extra help to get out.

And who knows, maybe one of those guys trying to help me would've sabotaged me and let me fall back down, just for a laugh.

Can you imagine the humiliation I would have faced if I fell down, slipped, or just got stuck and couldn't get out?

Thank God I do dips!

What I love about dips is not only is it the single most effective exercise for building muscles in your chest, it's also one of the most functional exercises there is, meaning it's potentially extremely useful in your life.

Any time you have to climb onto a raised platform, dips will help you more than any other chest exercise will.

Sure, it may not be an everyday occurrence, but those few times in your life when you need to dip yourself out of a situation, you’ll think to yourself, “Thank God I do dips!”.

And sure, you might be the kind of person who ONLY cares about the way he looks. Maybe the only thing you care about is losing your man boobs. But when an exercise is functionally useful as well, it gives you an added boost in the aesthetic development of your chest.


It gives you added motivation to work out.

When you adopt the attitude that, “I want to be a more functional human being who is more capable of doing stuff with my body, more capable of surviving, winning a fight, defending myself and my loved ones, etc.”, every time you do a tough exercise like dips, you tell yourself, “this is something I'm MEANT to be able to do”, and that’s all the motivation you need to excel in dips and build a great manly chest with zero man boobs, that looks great wearing a thin t-shirt in the summer sun.

So, if you haven't started already, get doing this great exercise right away.

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