Grow Muscle HERE To Shrink Your Man Boobs

Man, I just got back from an old colleague's wedding, and I feel like crap.

I've just spent the last few months doing all this writing, working on my website, and getting training programs together that will help you get rid of man boobs, and get the chest and body you want.

I've now become a complete hermit and I've forgotten how to socialize.

The only person I knew at this wedding was the groom, and he was busy getting married :P.

I said hi and spoke to some of the guests, but I felt so nervous, and I couldn't come up with anything interesting to say.

In the end I had to leave that party early – I felt like an idiot, standing there and sipping on a drink on my own all day.

Losing your man boobs and having a decent physique is great and all, but my little experience at that wedding shows that getting the body of your dreams isn't the solution to EVERYTHING in life.

If you want to get good at socializing, you have to get out there and socialize regularly. Having a good body does help though, it takes away that extra element of being self-conscious about your body.

I'm going to get out there and start socializing some more, starting today! Meanwhile, let's get to doing what I do best–helping you to lose your man boobs.

There's more to losing man boobs than just losing weight, eating the right foods, reducing estrogen and boosting testosterone.

One thing that really helps to accelerate your results, is to grow muscle in all the right places. It's also important to AVOID growing muscle in the wrong places.

The traditional flat bench press and pushup for example, can end up putting too much mass in your lower chest, which can make your man boobs stick out.

Ideally, you want to do chest exercises that do two things:

1. Increase the WIDTH of your chest
2. Build the upper chest more than the lower

Losing man boobs is all about appearance. As well as flattening out the chest and actually burning off the breast fat, you want to be – at the same time – improving your appearance by building a more masculine frame.

But what IS a masculine frame?

It's having a wide and muscular upper body, and a slim and narrow waist and lower body. When you have this, your body takes on a V-shape, which makes you look totally unstoppable, and makes man boobs invisible.

Standard exercises like the bench press, shoulder press, barbell back squat and bent-over barbell row, can really take you far in helping to get rid of your man boobs. But they are not ideal for sculpting a masculine physique.

Wouldn't you rather start off with more optimized exercises that are tweaked to both help get rid of man boobs AND build a powerful, V-shaped physique?

Some changes you can start making today, include…

  1. Start doing exercises that hit both the upper and outer parts of the chest (the standard incline bench press is a TERRIBLE exercise for the upper chest. Also, if you're thinking about doing wide-grip bench presses to hit the outer chest, then you're sorely mistaken).
  2. Start hitting the flare of your lats to increase the width of your upper body (the bent over barbell row, though an excellent exercise, does not do this very well at all).
  3. Start hitting those lateral deltoids to increase shoulder width (the shoulder press, though a good overall shoulder builder, hardly hits the lateral delts at ALL).
  4. Tweak the positioning of the bar and your heels during the barbell squat, to reduce involvement of the hips, and increase involvement of the quads in the thighs (be very careful how you do this, you'll do more harm than good without proper instruction).

I've had a lot of guys emailing me about their results, having gone through videos of these specialized exercises in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, and they're really impressed with the changes they are seeing in the mirror.

That look of powerful masculinity has really helped to both improve their appearance and increase their confidence much quicker than if they had just followed a standard method aimed solely at losing man boobs.

If you want all the details on how to use specialized exercises that both get rid of man boobs and shape your body so you look more manly, then pick up a copy of the Chest Sculpting Blueprint here:

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