Guy RAVES About Progesterone Benefits

I just came across this forum post where a guy called Nate was almost RAVING about the amazing benefits he experienced from applying a progesterone cream.

Nate experienced benefits in just 2 days of using the cream.

I personally felt like I had more energy from my very first application. So much that I became obsessed about wanting to exercise.

If you've got man boobs, then you'll definitely want to hear this. Here's what he said:

“From February to March of this year I noticed a decrease in the quality of my appearance, as if I were re-aging again. I thought I would go on Progesterone once more. I used it before, with great benefits but some seeming unwanted effects (or so I thought)…

Just two days of natural progesterone alleviated many of the tired-looking features of my face, and I also continue to slim down. Two weeks on it again and someone told me I looked 30 the other day (I am 35 and used to look 45). My worries of low T seem to be unfulfilled too, as my libido has only increased (as has the size of my **** and testicles, which hang more than they used to and are are generally more engorged). This happened when I used it before, but I experienced a setback which I now recognize as the application of coconut oil (fat) to my testicles. It should have been apparent to me that since fat impairs Testosterone, it's not a good idea to apply fat to the male genitals, even good fat. This time I keep the application of progesterone to other membraneous areas and it seems to be having the best benefits I've ever had when using it, including a raging libido. It is the only thing I have ever taken that has consistently and powerfully raised thyroid function.

There has been discussion of Progesterone lowering T and rightfully so, I think it mainly lowers DHT and men with unstable T levels, like in those who consume alcohol, might experience a decrease in T. But in that Progesterone more powerfully reduces Estrogen, I feel like I'm getting a greater benefit from it's use than not. It definitely makes me appear more youthful. Using in tandem with methods for increasing Testosterone such as a low-fat diet or with magnesium supplementation has superb therapeutic effects. As the health of the male improves, and subsequent ability to produce Testosterone, the diminishing effect of Progesterone should be less pronounced, if at all.

One unavoidable side effect is that prolonged oral administration can give “morning sickness,” which is the effect progesterone has on softening the stomach, and made me feel easily nauseous, but this only happened after taking for six months. Applying it to other membranous areas of the body circumvents this effect altogether. It can also give you the feels. So be wary if you are emotionally vulnerable to begin with. If progesterone does induced symptoms of depressed Testosterone, you might try it on a low-fat diet to eliminate any possibility of peripheral testosterone suppression, or eliminate anything else that could be compromising your testosterone production.

I always apply it with an equally small amount of coconut oil. It seems to work with skin application but not quite as good as on membranous areas, and two small applications a day is sufficient, but three seems to be ideal for me. Last time I used Progesterone I was actually able to stop taking thyroid for a time, so I'm hoping I can achieve that again since I haven't found any other way to stop thyroid medication.

You will definitely get fat and definitely loose your erections. Progesterone has the function of making your body do whatever it must to improve health, and the effect of this with alcohol is to increase triglyceride production by the liver. This will improve your health BUT will make you fat. Alcohol is wholly estrogenic and causes severe organ damage, the only defense against which is to increase saturated fat synthesis by the liver, which it does very efficiently in the presence of progesterone. When I tried progesterone while actively drinking, it had the exact opposite effect on my **** and made it less responsive and smaller.”

Lol, three guesses what **** stands for.

I don't agree with the statement that dietary fat reduces testosterone. All the studies show that dietary fat BOOSTS testosterone, especially healthy sources of saturated fat, such as coconut oil, tallow, and organic grass-fed ghee and butter.

One study for example, showed that going from a 40% fat diet to a 25% fat diet resulted in a 15% drop in testosterone levels.

But otherwise I had the same experience as Nate.

When I started to use progesterone, it totally reversed the clock for me. I looked younger, had more energy, slept better, got leaner, got stronger, and grew more muscle. I've also found that it makes losing man boobs easier for my clients.

The only way to know how well progesterone will work for you, is to TRY IT FOR YOURSELF.

One cream I know that's made specifically for men, and is totally safe, is Hewis & Selby's ProgesterAid for men, which you can learn more about here:

See, this cream contains not just progesterone, but a whole bunch of other natural ingredients that help your body better utilize progesterone.

It contains vitamin E for example, which helps enhance the absorption of progesterone, so unlike Nate did, you won't have to use any coconut oil.

You can get this cream here:

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4 thoughts on “Guy RAVES About Progesterone Benefits”

  1. I got confused. I was with the impression that we can consume as much fats as we want, because Testosterone is made of fat. Also when we cut carbs we should raise fats, to be able to don’t make the body starving and so on. Now it’s look like we need to be careful with the fats. So in the end shall we consume fats without thinking about them or there are some proportions we need to follow. Please advise.

    • Marc,

      I would advise applying the cream on the areas suggested on the bottle. It’s best applied to areas where you blush (indicates good level of blood flow to the skin) and have the least subcutaneous fat. Examples include your face, neck, upper chest, wrists, scrotum, and ankles.

      I wouldn’t advise applying it on your nipples, because there’s more fat in this area and progesterone accumulates in fat. This can cause problems in the long-run. You can apply it to the UPPER chest where there is less fat.

      You don’t need to apply progesterone directly over the area where you want to see change (e.g. on your man boobs), because when you apply it on your skin, it is absorbed in your blood, and from your blood it is circulated all over your body to work its magic on antagonizing estrogen and boosting testosterone.

      Hope that helps.


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