Have THIS for Breakfast to Keep You Full All Day

I remember how back in the day I lost a LOT of fat – off my belly AND my chest – while eating an omelette every day for breakfast.

I just had that same omelette again yesterday, and I realize that the reason the omelette was SO good at helping me reduce body fat, was not just because it was low carb and made from pasture-raised eggs with golden beta-corotene-filled yolks…

…but it was because it was fried in coconut oil.

See, I've been having boiled eggs every morning for the past few weeks, and I find I get hungry again in about 3 hours.

But when I had that omelette fried in coconut oil yesterday for breakfast, I found I didn’t really have to eat again until DINNER time!

I wrote about how coconut oil can help you lose man boobs here:


One thing a lot of people RAVE about with coconut oil, is how good it is at suppressing your appetite.

To help you lose your man boobs, coconut oil can also…

  • raise your testosterone levels (which will have a direct effect on shrinking your man boobs). 
  • It acts on the craving center in your BRAIN to give you more control over what you eat (so it’s easier to eat the right foods that help you lose your man boobs), 
  • and it can boost your energy levels (so you have the energy to work out regularly and push yourself harder each time).

So get to adding some coconut oil to your diet and see how you get on.

You can use it in your cooking (check out that omelette recipe here).

You can take it raw by the spoonful (here’s a good one).

Or for the most convenient option, you can take these coconut oil capsules.

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