Here’s What WORKS For Losing Man Boobs

So I was just searching around this morning about what people are saying these days online about how to lose man boobs.

Unfortunately, as with everything, most people are clueless and are just throwing around the conventional wisdom they've heard from the authorities.

But when you've done enough research and have enough experience in a field like I have with man boobs, you often learn that conventional wisdom is dead wrong and all the advice given by doctors, your friends, on articles online, in newspapers, magazines, and radio shows, is dead wrong.

Here's some of the advice people have been giving that is wrong:

1. “You have to get leaner”

Sure, getting lean can help, but most people who get lean complain that they've lost fat everywhere else, but their man boobs are still there. So the advice, “reduce your body fat”, “lose weight”, “get lean”, just doesn't cut it.

Sure, it's crucial that you get leaner, my methods for losing man boobs will get you leaner, but the focus must be on losing man boobs. Getting lean helps, but for a lot of guys, it's not enough on its own.

2. “Just take in fewer calories than you expend”

The calories in vs calories out mantra is the biggest weight loss fallacy of the century. It doesn't work for fat loss, and works even less-so for losing man boobs.

The shape of your body is determined by your hormones, and you change your hormone profile in a way that helps you lose man boobs, by eating the right TYPE of foods, avoiding estrogenic chemicals, and other methods that I reveal in my program.

3. “The only way to lose man boobs is through surgery”

That's what doctors tell you because they make an absolute KILLING with man boob reduction surgery.

According to medical science, man boobs grow because of a hormone imbalance, and they go away when you fix this hormone imbalance.

So the vast majority of guys CAN lose their man boobs naturally without surgery, but most people like to believe they CAN'T lose their man boobs naturally, because it's EASIER to give up and blame something that's outside their control.

Though most of it was bad advice, not all of it was.

Here's one GREAT piece of advice that made me write to you today:

“Doing lots of chest work can help reduce moobs because it gives you a wider chest, spreading out the fat over a larger area and giving a more defined shape underneath the fat. It also reduces the ‘droopiness' of them for the same reason.”

My brother Shaun has now got a desk job. It pays well but it's stressful with unsociable hours. He's gotten really fat, and since man boobs run in the family, he's got himself a right perky pair sticking out through his shirt.

He's got no time for the gym, so his chest muscles are not developed at all.

I've had a lot of clients like this, and I know for a FACT that if all Shaun did was a good chest exercise to build out the muscles in his chest, his chest would look a LOT better, and those man boobs wouldn't show so much.

So if you've got man boobs and you don't do any resistance training, then give this a go. You should start to see great results in just 3-4 weeks.

You can do push-ups or bench presses (I highly recommend the guillotine press variation), and when you are strong enough, I highly recommend you progress onto doing dips.

Dips develop your chest better than any other exercise:

You should also do a good upper back exercise, for reasons I reveal in this article:

If all you did was a good chest and upper back exercise to build out the muscles in your upper body, like the guy above said, it'll give you “a wider chest, spreading out the fat over a larger area and giving a more defined shape underneath the fat. It also reduces the ‘droopiness' of them for the same reason.”

Just building out the muscles in your chest and upper back really does work, give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Remember though, that for the BEST results, you really should ALSO sort out your diet, train your whole body (to stimulate testosterone production), avoid feminizing chemicals, and use other powerful techniques for redirecting fat away from those man boobs, and also for shrinking those breast glands beneath your nipples.

I go into detail about all of these methods in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:

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