High Intensity Interval Training – Program Your Body For Permanent Fat Loss

I just got back from a HIIT workout, and I'll tell you, doing HIIT just feels amazing. It fills you with energy that will last you the entire day. Plus it does wonders for getting rid of man boobs.

It was a bit eerie that I ran into my local butcher though… I mean, what on earth would a butcher be doing walking in the park at 06.50 in the morning, wearing his white butcher's overalls? His shop just round the corner, doesn't open until 9am :s .

I'm just glad he didn't have his meat-cleaver on him, with blood-stains on his overalls.

Anyway, when I got back home and checked my inbox, I had received three new emails from guys who were praising me for telling them about intermittent fasting.

One of these guys, Rod, told me he really thinks he has finally found the one method that will change EVERYTHING for him. This poor guy has tried every diet you could think of with no success. It's like he's got this thing in his brain about not being able to restrain himself around food.

He told me that though intermittent fasting does require some restraint, he sees each fast as a small challenge. Rather than have to watch what he eats almost every day of the week for the rest of his life, he simply fasts just 2 days a week, and the rest of the week he eats as much as he likes and eats whatever the hell he wants.

What's really cool is that each fast day automatically conditions him to eat less on his eating days. It's like his mind and body are being programmed like a computer to eat like a SKINNY guy.

Suddenly, Rod can totally control himself around food. Because he's used to fasting, if you presented him with a gourmet meal on his eating day, he could easily say “no”, and now he does, every single day! Plus, rather than feel deprived, he feels great about it.

So if you want to program yourself to automatically say “no” to food, and to have more control over “what” you eat, without having to constantly use your willpower and feel miserable about depriving yourself, then I really think intermittent fasting could help you out.

Heck, it changed MY life, even AFTER I lost my man boobs, think what it could do for you if you still HAVE your man boobs.

If you like, you can check out a new in-depth article I've written about intermittent fasting here:


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