Holes In Your Life That Give You Man Boobs

Imagine you’re living out at sea on a small boat.

You’re having a great time, the sun is shining, you can row, sail, or even use your little solar powered motor if there’s no wind and you’re feeling lazy.

There are plenty of fish for you to eat, and you’ve got a portable distiller for making water.

Life is great.

Then, one day, you notice a small hole in your boat.

No big deal.

Your boat fills up with water by the end of the day, and you have to use a bucket to empty it out.

But then you notice a second hole, then another, then another, until you seem to be having to empty your boat of water every few hours.

Your boat is constantly full of water, it’s always half sunken, it becomes slow and sluggish.

Rowing takes a lot of work, the wind can’t push the sail hard enough to make your boat soar any more, the motor runs out of charge in a fraction of the time it used to do.

Life is shit, but you’re still able to get by and you choose to do nothing about those holes.

Until one day, you realize you’ve got so many holes in your boat, that it’s a matter of survival.

If you don’t do something about those holes, you’re going to sink and you’re going to DIE!

So like any sane person would do, you start patching up those holes.

You don’t try and patch up every hole at once, if you tried that, you’d get no-where.

You start by patching up just ONE hole.

Ideally, you would start by patching up the BIGGEST hole.

Once you’ve patched up the biggest hole, you work on the next biggest, then the next biggest, then the next one and the next one, until all the holes are patched up.

Once every single hole is patched up, your boat will be in perfect working condition.

Your boat will no longer be full of water, which means your boat will once again, fly with the wind, be easy to row, and the charge on your motor will last for hours on end.

Life will be good again.

If you have man boobs, and/or you are overweight, then living on a boat with holes in it is a useful analogy to work with.

The boat is your body.

The holes in the boat are the things that are making you fat, and the things that are giving you man boobs.

  • If you don’t do any exercise, that’s a big hole you need to patch up.
  • If you’re eating several slices of pizza every night, that’s a big hole you need to patch up.
If you are addicted to Coca Cola, that’s a big hole you need to patch up.

What holes can you think of in YOUR life that are causing you to be fat, and/or causing you to have man boobs?

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Do also keep a copy of this list for yourself. The first step to eliminating a problem in your life, is to identify the problem and to write it down.

Just like the boat, you mustn’t try and patch up all the holes at once.

It’s best to work on one hole at a time.

Patch up one hole, once that’s fixed, move onto the next.

You work on one hole after another, until there are no holes left.

When there are no holes left, just as the boat will lose its water and soar with the wind, so will your body lose all its unwanted fat (man boobs included), you’ll be lighter, you’ll be leaner, you’ll look great, feel great, and life will be good again.

Just like with the boat, the key is to patch up the biggest holes first.

Once you’ve patched up the biggest holes, you’ll notice your body will lean down a LOT, and your man boobs will be less noticeable.

Your life will improve a lot here, but your body still won’t be where you want it to be.

You’ll look fine wearing clothes, but you’ll probably still be chubby, and your man boobs will show when you go topless, or wear that thin tight summer t-shirt.

To get that perfect beach body, you’re gona have to patch up those SMALL holes.

But the small holes are different.

I’ll tell you about those small holes in a future post.

Meanwhile, if you’re at the stage where your man boobs are out in full force, focus on patching up those big holes, and patch them up one at a time.

In my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I show you how to patch up some of the biggest holes that are causing you to have man boobs.

Once you patch up those holes, you’ll notice your body leaning out and your man boobs shrinking down fast.

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