How Brad In China Maintains 9% Bodyfat

Every time I take turmeric, I notice that I get a little leaner, and my chest feels tighter (not the way it feels when you're having a heart attack lol, but when your skin is wrapped tight around your pecs, without any fat in the way).

This is testament to the fact that turmeric helps you burn fat, especially in the chest area.

The latest studies have confirmed that turmeric does indeed help to reduce body fat…

In a 2019 meta analysis published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, researchers analyzed the results of 21 studies that looked at the effect of turmeric on weight loss. They concluded that consuming curcumin from turmeric resulted in significant reductions in BMI, weight, and waist circumference1.

In relation to this finding, I want to show you an interesting email I got from a Brad Stephen from Brisbane, Queensland Australia, and currently living in China.

Here's what Brad said:

“I agree Garry. I also had the same experience. I ran out of the same H&S turmeric pills, and noticed within a week I had put on about half a kg of fat (I weight about 88kg with 9% BF) and my body fat caliper measurements went up correspondingly. Some might be water retention but I definitely carry a bit more fat also.

I did start taking another branded turmeric suppliment (also with peperine) soon after finishing the H&S brand but it might as well be cardboard, has no noticeable effect that H&S does. Obviously a different in the quality of ingredients. Now waiting for H&S to arrive this week to get back on track.

Based on your advice to use H&S Turmeric, I decided to make the extra effort to import the supplement into China via MyUS in preference to Australian brands, and I believe that has paid off as it has helped me to completely relieve an irritating knee ailment and helped with supporting fat loss too.

Thanks for your help Gary.


You can get Brad's H&S turmeric here

If you live outside the USA, you can use a service like MyUS to ship it to you internationally like Brad does.

The H&S brand is one that Brad and I have found to work, especially on the chest. Do feel free to try out some other brands if you can't get hold of the H&S one. Many turmeric supplements don't work that well because supplements often get contaminated with estrogens during processing, and can be processed in a way that deactivates the beneficial nutrients.

Give turmeric a go and let me know how you get on.


  1. AKBARI, M., LANKARANI, K. B., TABRIZI, R., GHAYOUR-MOBARHAN, M., PEYMANI, P., FERNS, G., GHADERI, A. & ASEMI, Z. 2019. The Effects of Curcumin on Weight Loss Among Patients With Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Frontiers in pharmacology, 10, 649-649.

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