How Carb-Loading With Your Favorite Treat Can Help You Lose Man Boobs

You know how sometimes you get hooked on a certain way of eating and you find it hard to get out of?

There were times when I was hooked on fast food, and I was having it 4 to 5 times a week.

There were times when I was hooked on rice.

There were times when I was hooked on beans and toast every morning.

I particularly remember the time when I was hooked to eating french fries for EVERY dinner, just before bed.

Now, these french-fries were home-cut potatoes, shallow-fried in a pan with coconut oil then placed in an air-fryer. They were the healthiest form of french fries you could eat.

But potatoes being starchy, I ended up with a bit of a belly and man boobs I couldn't get rid of.

Everything ELSE in my regimen was on point. I was eating low carb, I was doing high intensity whole-body exercise, I was avoiding chemicals, and doing everything else for losing man boobs just right. So I knew the only thing giving me man boobs and a belly was the fries I was having just before bed every night.

At the time I didn't think there was anything I could do to get out of the habit.

I was addicted to having fries for dinner and I couldn't fathom ever changing it up.

I tried every now and then to replace those fries with healthy veggies like carrots, asparagus, and spinach, but those veggies tasted disgusting compared to my fries, and they just made me feel deprived.

I would dread the thought of going to bed without a belly full of good old tasty home-made fries.

Heck, I even tried imitating fries using different veggies. I made carrot-fries, sweet potato-fries, and swede-fries. But they all had this extra flavor that put me off, none of them tasted anything like my white potato-fries.

I was in despair.

I thought I would be stuck with this belly and man boobs forever.

I had to choose between having a belly and enjoying dinner, or having a flat midsection and living with a miserable dinner without my fries for the rest of my life.

I didn't know what to do.

But Then One Day I Came Across The Answer

Salvation was at hand.

I was reading something by the legendary Vince Gironda.

I had read it before, but I needed a reminder.

Just like I advise you to do for losing man boobs, Vince prescribed for his clients, a low carb diet of whole eggs and meats in combination with non-starchy vegetables.

The piece of advice that helped me out of this particular rut, was this:

In his book, Unleashing The Wild Physique, Vince advised eating one high-carb meal every 3 to 4 days. He said the reason behind this was… “to restore carbohydrates to the system and glycogen to the muscle.”

He also went on to say,

“This promotes recovery and a better pump from your workouts. If you eat carbohydrates after 3-4 days on a high protein/high-fat diet, it causes a diuretic action, releasing water from the tissues. People often report a lower bodyweight of several pounds when using this method.”

This got me real fired up and ready to get out of the rut of eating fries every night and being stuck with a big belly and man boobs.

It reminded me of when I quit eating my same favorite carb-heavy breakfast every morning.

I was eating eggs, baked beans, fried eggs, and toast every morning. I noticed that I wasn't enjoying it any more, so I added more stuff to it, like a hash brown, then some cheese, then some meat, and the meal just got bigger and bigger, and I kept getting bored, until one day I decided to say “NO” to breakfast.

I started skipping breakfast from Monday to Friday, and would indulge in my favorite breakfast only at the weekend.

When I did this, not only did I lose weight, I also found it bought MORE joy to my life.


Because by restricting myself on weekdays, I found that when I DID eventually eat my favorite breakfast on those weekends, I enjoyed it 10x more!

Seriously, every weekend, the same breakfast I was bored of before, seems to BURST with flavor.

Vince Gironda's advice reminded me that I didn't have to let go of my favorite dinner COMPLETELY, I could just deny myself for a few days and I would enjoy it all the more when I got to have it EVERY 3 TO 4 DAYS.

So I decided to make two changes:

  1. I started having my dinner at least 3 hours before I went to bed. I enjoyed eating just before bed and going to bed with a full belly, but I didn't NEED to do it, this wasn't a big sticking point for me. As soon as I started making the effort to prepare my meals earlier, I found it easy to stick to.

If you're eating just before bed, I suggest you change it up and start having your dinner much earlier. Going to bed full will greatly reduce the fat loss benefits you get from sleep.

  1. I started eating low carb dinners on most days, only allowing myself to eat my home-made fries every 3rd or 4th day.

One big problem I faced here was I would prepare dinner for both me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend being naturally skinny, can eat all the fries she wants and not get fat. There would be no need for her to avoid fries, and it would be twice as difficult for me to watch her eat those delicious fries, while I abstained.

But I remember the first night after I read Vince's advice.

I ate a home-made burger with a low carb burger bun, with asparagus and spinach as a side, while my girlfriend ate the same burger, with asparagus and those mouth-watering FRIES!

Funny enough, I didn't miss the fries one bit.

I actually really enjoyed my burger and felt like I had a totally fulfilling meal.

I was 100% satisfied, and all because I knew I was avoiding those fries for my own good, and more-so because I knew I would enjoy those fries far more when I got to indulge in them 3 days later, and enjoy them I did!

When I eventually got to eating my fries 3 days later, they seemed to be BURSTING with flavor! To the point where I wanted to start eating them every day again, but I knew there would be no point, because when you let yourself indulge in something you enjoy EVERY DAY, you stop enjoying it so much.

The only way to keep the enjoyment level maximized, is to limit yourself to indulging in the thing you love, to no more than once every 3 to 4 days.

I then started to see my belly flatten out within a matter of days.

How To Lose Weight, Lose Your Man Boobs, And Enjoy The Process

The key point here is this:

At first, I thought I could either have a flat midsection, OR I could enjoy my dinners. I couldn't have both.

This is what the conventional approach to weight loss has to offer. You can either be lean and live the miserable existence of exercising for hours on end every day, avoiding all good-tasting food, and being hungry all the time; OR you can eat all you want, do no exercise, and live the miserable existence of being FAT.

When I read Vince's advice, I learned that I could lose my belly and BOOST the level of joy in my life.

When I started to avoid eating fries for 3-4 days, not only did I feel great about losing my belly, I also thoroughly enjoyed my fries much more when I occasionally DID eat them, so the overall JOY in my life went UP!

But It Only Works When You Do This In-Between

This only works if you've got other good-tasting food to eat that doesn't make you fat or give you man boobs.

It wouldn't have worked, for example if I didn't have that delicious home-made burger with grain-free burger-bun to eat instead of the fries.

See, as well as reducing how frequently you eat carbs, it's just as important to find equally delicious low-carb replacements that will keep you happy, with your meals feeling totally wholesome and fulfilling.

This is why I came up with these 5 grain substitute recipes for losing man boobs.

They're a key part of the process when it comes to losing man boobs. You can check them out here:

So find healthy, man boob busting foods you enjoy (e.g. the 5 grain substitute recipes in the link above), eat these foods most of the time, then, every 3-4 days, let yourself indulge in your favorite carb-loaded, sugary treat, be it donuts, pizza, french-fries, or Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

And what's really cool is this doesn't just apply to food. It applies to EVERYTHING you enjoy, be it going to the movies with your friends, playing computer games, listening to your favorite songs, sex, drinking wine… if you do something you enjoy every day, you become desensitized to it, the pleasure center in your brain goes numb from the frequent daily stimulation.

But if you just use an ounce of willpower and hold back on that thing you enjoy for just 3-4 days, you'll find you enjoy it so much more, and life in general gets better.

In the 3-4 days in-between, you fill the gap with things that move you forward in life.

This way your life improves, AND there is more joy in your life.

How cool is that?

So start preparing delicious man boob busting food to eat most of the time, allow yourself to indulge in your high carb treat every 3-4 days, and let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

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