How Fiber Helps To Shrink Man Boobs

How Fiber Helps Shrink Man Boobs

“How Does Fiber Shrink My Man Boobs?”

Fiber reduces the time available for estrogens to be absorbed in the bowel. Not only that, it also binds to extra estrogen in the gut and removes it from the body.

Studies have shown that people with a higher intake of dietary fiber have lower circulating estrogen levels. Researchers have found that the two potent female hormones estrone and estradiol drop sharply as dietary fiber intake increases.

Whole Grains Are Not Your Best Sources of Fiber

Conventional wisdom suggests you should stuff your face with wholewheat grains like brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread and ‘All-Bran' cereal.

While it's true that these foods can contain a very high fiber content (provided they are truly whole-wheat and not just brown-colored semi-processed grains), I don't suggest you get your fiber from this source. There are a few reasons for this.

Grains are grains. They still have a high carb content. I personally found it difficult to lose weight when I switched from refined to whole-wheat grains. The only time I lost massive weight was when I let go of grains altogether. The same has been true for my clients.

Soluble VS Insoluble Fiber

Also, grains mostly contain insoluble fiber, while vegetables contain more soluble fiber. There are many studies that suggest most of the benefits of fiber – reduced cholesterol, improved bowel movements, reduced risk of cancer, diabetes prevention, etc – are bought about by soluble fiber in vegetables, rather than the insoluble fiber you find in whole-grains.


When it comes to reducing estrogen and losing man boobs, vegetables are a better source of fiber than whole-grains

Insoluble fiber is an inert polysaccharide that just passes through your gut, moving your stools along. Just the act of moving your stools faster through the intestines can be beneficial for your estrogen levels and general health, but being inert, there isn't much else your gut can do with it. Also, according to a review published in 2009 in “Topics in Clinical Nutrition”, an increase in insoluble fiber, by using wheat bran, for example, often aggravates gastrointestinal issues, while soluble fiber tends to improve these symptoms.

Unlike insoluble fiber, many forms of soluble fiber are fermentable ‘prebiotics' that can feed and support your gut flora, and help produce beneficial short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). A number of studies have suggested that SCFAs may reduce the risk of developing gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, and heart disease.

Butyrate From Soluble Fiber Helps Reduce Estrogen Levels

In particular, the SCFA butyrate, is known to reduce colonic pH. This is very important for estrogen metabolism. Most of the estrogen in your food is inactivated in your liver by a process called conjugation. Certain enzymes in your gut are known to deconjugate estrogen back to its active, harmful form, and this estrogen is then reabsorbed into your blood. By reducing the pH in your colon, butyrate helps to inactivate these estrogen reactivating enzymes.

Though soluble fiber is in many ways, better than insoluble fiber, insoluble fiber isn't evil. You just have to take it in moderation. Whole grains provide too much insoluble and too little soluble fiber, while vegetables tend to provide just the right amounts of both.

So the bottom line here is, when you cut out grains from your diet, don't go full-on Atkin's by morphing into a complete carnivore. Think about replacing those carbs with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Meat is allowed of course, but you'd likely be better off if more of the space on your plate was occupied with fibrous veggie goodness.

The Ideal Diet

Meat, fish, veg, some fruit, nuts, seeds and eggs = the ideal diet

Just as an extra suggestion, you may want to try something called psyllium seed powder as a natural supplement for soluble fiber. It's a soluble prebiotic fermentable fiber that has been shown to increase butyrate production by 42%, an effect that lasted for two months after treatment.

Though this stuff can't replace a good diet, using it occasionally to clear out your gut of all the excess fecal residue that builds up over the years, can really provide you with a much-needed boost. It's a super-fiber though, so be prepared to lose a couple of pounds of poop-weight in the process ;).

14 thoughts on “How Fiber Helps To Shrink Man Boobs”

  1. Dear sir,
    I’m 25yrs old…iv been suffering from manboobs for about a decade now…iv been going to the gym 6days a week since last 4yrs…while iv developed muscularly the man boobs haven’t budged even though iv tried to eat healthy n stay away from junk food…but its been a constant source of shame n low confidence as a result. A real blow in my life. Iv read ur articles n they have been helpful n enlightening. Will definitely apply them to my lifestyle.
    Is it alright to have muesli as a replacement for rice or wheat? Or should I stick to oats?

    • Hi Arjun.

      Unfortunately, eating “healthy” is a very vague expression. There are many definitions of “healthy”. Some would say “healthy” involves going vegetarians, someone would say it involves going on a “balanced” diet, others would say it involves going organic. Losing man boobs requires a specific type of diet, and unfortunately, just plain “healthy” doesn’t cut it. It’s great that you’ve read the articles on my site, as they’ll help guide you on the right path.

      I would avoid muesli, as it’s heavily grain-laden, with sugary dried fruits. Oats are a little controversial when it comes to losing man boobs. Though they help to boost testosterone, they are also a grain, and too much can make weight loss difficult.

      Rather than look to replace rice with something similar, the idea is to try and replace it with vegetables.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Garry,
    I’m a 26 year old university student. I’ve had man boobs since I was 14 years old. Throughout my teens I was crazy about sweets, meat and cola. Around my 20’s I started to lose weight by cutting carbs and eating lots of protein. It worked, I have lost 23 kg, my waist, belly and arms tightened up, but my moobs are still there. I heard that man boobs are caused by high estrogen levels, so I started to do research on how to to get rid of my moobs. I found many tips on the internet, and on your site (thank you btw :) ). So I want to ask you a question. Does chicken breast (non-organic) cause moobs? Because I’ve been on a low carb diet, eating lots of chicken meat (every day), and unfortunately my moobs are still the same. Thanks for the advice :).

    • Hi, thanks for the question.

      From what I have seen, chicken itself doesn’t cause man boobs. However, if you are eating non-organic chicken that is being treated with hormones, this can cause man boobs. The use of hormones in chicken feed is banned in many developed countries, but hormones are still used by many non-organic farmers whose farming practices are not closely monitored. They are also used quite widely in developing countries.

      Also, your definition of a “low carb diet” may be different from mine. Plus a low carb diet on its own may not be enough, you may need to implement some more advanced dietary (and non-dietary) methods to lose those man boobs. I discuss all of this in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

  3. Hello
    I cannot even think of having vegetables in the morning. If not grains for breakfast, what else would you suggest to get the morning fiber?

    Thank you in advance Garry


    • Without whole-grains, your body relies a lot more on those veggies to get your fiber intake. Though it offers a lot of variety, a low-carb, grain-free diet is still more restricted than an eat-what-you-like diet. A lot of people who go low-carb, end up treating breakfast like any other meal. Other than habit, there’s no real reason why breakfast should consist of certain “breakfasty” foods like eggs, beans and toast.

      What I advise you do, is over time, focus on breaking the habit of having to eat only certain things for breakfast. For me, it started with replacing my toast with a grilled tomato and some salmon. I still keep eggs in my breakfast, to give it a semblance of “breakfast”, but I add non-breakfast items, like spinach or tomato & cucumber salad.

      Right now you may not feel you can tolerate these non-breakfast foods in the morning, but it’s definitely something you can get used to over time.

  4. Hi Garry,

    I am reading a few things on your diet and some things did come as a bit of a shock to me, I used to think that fat was bad and carbs were good, although I did know that the Atkins diet where carbs are cut out so your body uses fat instead of carbs. I must be honest with you and say that I have been suffering from manboobs for a long time now I am 30 and have had them for almost 15 years or so now, and I do a lot of carbs like bread, pasta, rice and a lot of potatoes. From what you have told me, this could be contributing to the growth of my manboobs, but however I have seen many other men my age who eat just as much or even more carbs than me and don’t have manboobs. I think it is a genetic thing and I am just unlucky, am I right? My question is just about replacements for carbs – I usually have corn cereal in the morning, but can I replace it with wheat cereal? I will replace white bread with brown bread and also rice and pasta with brown rice and pasta. But what would be an alternative to potatoes, french fries and potato chips? I am not keen on sweet potato, so is there anything else I can use. I will try my hardest to adapt to your diet, but to start with would it be OK for me to have potatoes at least once a week – as long as I have brown bread, brown rice and brown pasta as an alternatives to regulars and have wheat cereal. Please provide your view. Thank you.

    • Hi Charles, thanks for your comment.

      The fact that you see other men your age eat worse than you and not have man boobs, is because there IS a genetic component involved. Some guys like you and I have a genetic predisposition to developing man boobs. But that doesn’t mean you are doomed and there is nothing you can do about it. The good thing about a genetic predisposition to things like man boobs and excess body fat, is that there is also an environmental component involved. You can still reduce chest flat and get a flat chest by fixing the environmental component – which includes your diet, exercise, and exposure to feminizing environmental chemicals. You can read the various articles on my site for more help with this.

      Regarding your question about carbs, changing to the brown wholemeal variety is a good step, but in most cases this is not good enough. You should be replacing these grain-based carbs entirely. I would definitely NOT suggest replacing corn with wheat. Both are grains, and both should be avoided. Avoid cereals entirely, these are grain-based foods that are devoid of micronutrients, and artificially fortified to make them SEEM healthy.

      Ideally you want to learn to prepare dishes that don’t require grains like rice and pasta. Eat a dish of meat and veggies for example, or fish and veggies. Try snacking on various nuts and seeds instead of cakes and biscuits.

      Hope this helps.

      Best wishes,

  5. HI Garry,
    very recently i started looking at your articles. i have been suffering this man boobs since i noticed. really i don,t remember it when it started. i am really very much interested in getting your books and cd’s . now i am working in UAE. how can i buy your books and all. from the time i am writing so happy to get your books for get rid of my man boobs. i don’t really prefer surgery only a last option. would you suggest me some ideas i can start with in my diet. i always prefer veggie food rather than NON VEG. twice in a week i am having meat or poultry items. i am a thin and very lean person.

  6. Thanks Garry for your valuable articles, i have this question that you’ve told about amazing foods like curry and cauliflower rice but i will be very thankful to you if you tell us about a few more recipes for lunch and dinner because Cauliflower’s are only available in winter

    Thanks again you’re doing a tremendous job helping us hopeless

  7. Hi Garry,

    Thank you very much for the wonderful advice and guidance you provide here. it’s such a relief finding someone so knowledgable and experienced as you sharing such important information for clueless people like me who’ve been suffering with manboobs for long and haven’t been able to do anything about it until now.

    I work out every day for five days a week with good heavy weights. I have good genetics i feel because i tend to build muscle fast. But been bad at diet also since I overdo alcohol every weekend which I’m going to avoid completely.

    My question is: My pre-workout meal includes about 250-300 gms of red meat or Chicken breast plus a cup or cup and half of white long grain rice. Post work-out that is till the next workout session I only drink protein shake (casein) eat nuts (peanuts, almonds & cashew (less amount)) and drink hell lotta water.

    After reading through your advice I’m going to make changes in cooking my meat like avoid tomatoes, and avoid dairy products replacing that with more vegetables.

    Is this something I’ve gotten right? My manboobs are cuz of excess fat. There’s hell lotta fat in my tummy and chest area. It’s not related to gynaco. Please advice.

    • Hi Prashant

      Thanks for your question.

      Hmmm not sure I said anywhere that you should avoid tomatoes. Eat as many as you want, they’ll actually help you get rid of man boobs and extra body fat.

      It’s good to avoid most forms of dairy, though some dairy can be good. The best dairy is full-fat, from organic pasture-raised animals, upasteurized, unhomogenized, and preferably fermented (think yogurt and kefir).

      The worst thing you’ve mentioned here is white rice. Ditch the rice, grains are bad for you and will make it tough to get rid of your excess weight and man boobs. You’ll find a great rice alternative here:

      Red meat, chicken, protein shake (whey is better than casein), nuts (not peanuts. Almonds and cashews are good) and water are good.

      Hope this helps.


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