How Losing Man Boobs Is Like Healing A Cut

So I've had this deep cut on my finger for 2 good weeks.

At first I just ignored it and carried on with life as usual.

I'd get water on my finger regularly throughout the day, while washing the dishes, washing my hands, washing my face, showering, etc.

After a week I realized the cut wasn't healing, it was infected.

Rather than go to the docs for antibiotics, I thought I'd take control and fix it myself without resorting to drugs, I knew what needed to be done.

I got some medical tape, cut it into thin strips, and used it to pull and hold the edges of the wound together.

Then, for about 5 days, I was sure to get ZERO water on the wound.

I wore gloves while washing the dishes, I kept the hand dry when I showered, and I washed my face with my OTHER hand.

During those 5 days, it didn't seem like the wound was healing.

I looked at it regularly, and it just kept looking the same.

But I know about bacteria, the effects of regular water exposure on cuts, and how cuts heal. I know that what I was doing was the right way to go.

I had faith in what I was doing.

But day after day I looked at the wound and it wasn't getting any better.

Then, suddenly, things started to get better

Then, just 2 days ago, my wound was suddenly better enough for me to be able to remove the strips.

The cut was still there, but it wasn't as deep, it wasn't nearly as wide, and it didn't look infected.

This morning, I looked at my finger, and suddenly, the cut was COMPLETELY healed up.

I can now put water on my hand and not worry about the wound being infected.

It happens the same way with losing man boobs

I realized that this is actually how things go down when you're trying to lose your man boobs, and also when you're trying to lose weight or build muscle.

In the beginning, you see little or no results.

You keep trying and trying and trying, and you see no change in your chest, in your belly, or in your muscles.

You're doing all this hard work, and you seem to be getting ZERO results.

Sure, with weight loss and building muscle, you see some great results at first, but that initial gain is followed by a LONG-ASS PERIOD of seeing ZERO results.

This is the point at which most people quit

Most people quit at this stage because they don't know if the methods they are using are working.

If I wasn't 100% sure I was doing the right thing to make that cut on my finger heal, then I would have given up and gone to the doctor's after the 3rd or 4th day.

But I know how a wound heals, I know how to get rid of a minor infection.

I knew I just had to use the right method and wait long enough for the wound to heal up.

The important thing here is you must KNOW that the method you are using, actually WORKS.

How can you know that the method you are using is working?

Well the best way to know is if you've done it before – you've done it on yourself, and you've seen it done on others.

If you lost weight in the past and got fat again, then you know you can lose weight again using the same method, and it will work.

Though one problem here is that a method that works for you when you are younger, may not work so well when you are older with a slower metabolism.

One way to be even MORE sure a particular method works to help you lose man boobs or to help you lose weight, is if you have helped OTHERS that are just like you, to lose man boobs or to lose weight.

Now I've helped a lot of other guys lose man boobs and I've helped a lot of other guys lose weight where they never thought they could.

So I KNOW what methods can help a guy to lose his man boobs.

So if I ever grow man boobs again, I'll know exactly what to do to get rid of them again.

Just like with the cut on my finger, I'll simply apply the right methods and keep applying those methods until my man boobs are gone.

And the way it works is for a good few weeks, it will seem like nothing is happening, despite all my hard work in the gym and in the kitchen.

But just like with the cut on my finger, the change at the end happens ALL OF A SUDDEN.

All of a sudden, you realize your man boobs are shrinking FAST, and it's almost like in a span of a few days, your man boobs are gone COMPLETELY, and everyone is commenting on how GOOD you look, you're astonished at how good you look in that expensive top you bought months ago but could never wear because of your man boobs.

But hey, unlike me, maybe you've never LOST your man boobs before. And you probably haven't helped anyone ELSE lose their man boobs either.

So how can you KNOW the method you are using is working?

Well, you can never be AS sure as someone like me, but you should seek to be as sure as you can to give the method a go and stick to it as long as you need to see results.

If I had never healed a deep and wide wound before and I had to heal it myself, I'd read about the subject and learn as much as I could about how a wound heals, what makes it get infected, what to do to treat an infection, and how to prevent further infection.

Sure, ideally you'd go seen an expert who has done it before, say a doctor or a wound nurse, and have them show you the ropes.

But in the case of losing man boobs, I'm the only expert you've got, and I'm no longer taking on clients.

So here's what you do to lose your man boobs

So in your case, if you want to lose man boobs, you should learn everything you can about the subject, learn everything about what causes man boobs, and what you can do to get rid of them.

Then, once you're as sure as you can be about a particular method, start USING that method.

Have FAITH in the method, and stick to it for long enough for you to see results.

With losing man boobs, losingweight, growing muscle, and healing a wound, before you can see the VISIBLE changes on the surface, there are a LOT of different MICROSCOPIC biochemical changes that happen inside your body, which you cannot see.

When you're doing your training, eating the right foods, and making the right lifestyle changes for losing your man boobs, all of those hidden biochemical changes are happening inside your body, and it's only AFTER a good few weeks of these hidden biochemical changes happening, that you'll finally start to see your man boobs shrinking.

And then when you start to see those man boobs shrink, they shrink FAST!

Now, there's a lot of conflicting information out there online about how to lose man boobs.

I've written down the methods that worked for me and have worked for thousands of my clients and customers, in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, which you can get your hands on here:

Another method that I KNOW works for losing man boobs, and has worked for countless people, who are raving about it online, is taking a good turmeric supplement.

Here's one that I KNOW works:

And if you don't believe me that turmeric works for losing man boobs, check out this article where I link to a different site where people are commenting and raving about how turmeric helped get rid of their man boobs and puffy nipples:

I suggest you use the methods in my program (link above), and start taking a turmeric supplement, then just keep at it until you start seeing results.

Give it at LEAST 12 weeks, and if by the end of 12 weeks you've seen ZERO results, then re-analyze what you're doing, find what you are doing wrong, change it up, then keep at it until you're doing it right and your man boobs are finally gone.

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