How Ricky B. From The Netherlands Lost His Man Boobs

Back in January 2017, a Ricky Bogema from the Netherlands got in touch with me about how he used my methods to get rid of his man boobs.

What's really cool is in Ricky's second email below, he shares some powerful tips on how he finally managed to build a chest he could be proud to show off topless.

I wanted to share Ricky's story with you because it shows you that it IS possible to lose your man boobs without surgery, and I hope it motivates you to take action, sort out your diet, hit the gym, and finally do away with your man boobs.

Ricky B, Email 1:

“Hi Garry,

I want to thank you for helping me reducing my manboobs.

I got to be honest this was the 3rd program on the same subject but this one got it all!

As a kid I was always skinny and had manboobs which was really embarrassing.

You gave me hope that there was a way to overcome this.

Thanks to your information (diet & exercise) I'm in a place where I feel confident walking shirtless.

I went from ‘hating' my chest to ‘liking' my chest.

I already unsubscribed from your e-mail list because the information was no longer relevant.

But now I realize that I never showed you my gratitude!

Thank you for everything Gary :)”

I wrote back to Ricky and asked him for a little more detail on how he lost his man boobs.

He was ill when I wrote back to him, but he soon recovered and wrote me this:

Ricky B, Email 2:

“Hi Gary,

Finally I am fully recovered so this is my story.

When I was a teenager I was very skinny but still I had manboobs.

It was very embarrassing because it just doesn't fit.

I knew that weight lifting could help so I started doing that.

I didn't know what I was doing so I got zero results.

I just googled to get some information and came across your program.

I felt understood, someone who gets it and the free tips also helped.

I bought it and it was really eye opening for me so I took action on the information.

The very first time that I saw a line from my armpit to chest I was jumping up and down from happiness.

I started drinking water in BPA-free bottles and eating more healthy and my energy levels where rising.

From then I kept feeling better and better about my chest!

Some Tips:

– Dips are your number one friend, try doing them with 2 loose parallel bars so you can vary the distance and target other parts of the chest.

– For some variation try ring dips, if you never try them they can be very challenging but you will feel your chest in a whole new way.

– Start practicing the mind and body connection with your chest, really feel and squeeze your chest.

– Decline pushups are also a great way to build the upper chest, you can work up to one arm-decline pushups which also looks really cool.

– Realize that every chest and body is different and find a role model for your body's destiny. (Don't try to be ‘the rock' if you are lightly built).

– You can also train your neck to improve your physique.

– Write down your workout, see your strength numbers going up this gives you momentum.

That was my story, tips and some pictures [see below].

I could not find any before pictures.

Thank you Gary!”

Wow, see that? What an awesome body!

Ok, lol I'm just messing with you. That's not Ricky.

Would you have believed me if I told you that was him? Haha.

Here's the REAL Ricky, a real-life guy just like you and me who hasn't dedicated his life to fitness and isn't on steroids, yet is very happy with his body having lost his man boobs:

Here are the main points Ricky covered on the methods he used to lose his man boobs:

Drinking water in BPA-free bottles

A lot of plastics contain a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), which is highly estrogenic.

I read a study once about a scientist who left cancer cells in two different containers over night.

She came back the next day to see that the cancer cells in ONE of the containers had significantly multiplied in number, while the cells in the other container had not multiplied.

She studied the containers and found that the container where the cancer cells multiplied, was made from plastic containing BPA, and those cancer cells multiplied because of the estrogenic effect of the BPA.

If BPA is so estrogenic that it can cause cancer cells to grow on contact, what do you think it can do to your man boobs, knowing that one of the main causes of man boobs is a high exposure to estrogen?

So like Ricky, be sure to avoid BPA and to avoid eating or drinking from anything plastic.

Stick to glass, ceramic, and stainless steel.

Eating more healthy

No amount of exercise can undo a bad diet. Food is crucial if you want to lose your man boobs.

Ricky didn't elaborate on this much, but he bought my program for losing man boobs, and I know that he used the very specific type of “eating healthy” that I describe in my program.

The conventional form of eating healthy, where you count calories, go vegetarian/vegan and fat free, don't cut it when it comes to losing man boobs.


Dips are by far the most powerful chest exercise.

Get good at doing dips, and I promise you your chest will transform.

Ricky talks about varying your hand spacing and doing ring dips. Neither are compulsory, but they sure can improve your results.

A narrow hand spacing will build chest muscle thickness, while a wide hand spacing will make your chest wider.

Ring dips stimulate your muscles on a whole different level, I only advise you do this after you're already a PRO on standard dips.

Mind body connection

When you focus on the way your muscle is working, and give them that extra squeeze at the top of the movement, it stimulates them more and you get better results from the same workout.

Decline push-ups

To avoid confusion, I call these “feet-elevated push-ups”. This is where your hands are on the floor and your feet elevated on a platform like on a chair or table.

This is the bodyweight version of the incline bench press.

This exercise hits your upper chest really well, and building thickness in the upper chest can really help improve your look and help get rid of man boobs.

When you can get to doing one-arm feet-elevated push-ups like Ricky, you would have built some serious upper chest thickness.

Train your neck

The neck is one of those few body areas that are exposed when you're wearing clothes, and it's worthwhile training this part of your body.

I advise my clients to train their shoulders, because it improves the way the upper body looks in general, and the neck plays a similar role.

Write down your workout

This is huge!

It's crucial that you keep a written record of what you are doing, so you can see how you are progressing.

If you are not progressing in your training, then your body will not develop much more than where it is at now.

What Ricky Didn't Tell You About How He Lost His Man Boobs

Ricky was excited about his end result and his muscular definition, and so he wrote mostly about resistance training and building chest muscle. But…

…what he didn't tell you much about, is all the other stuff he did to lose his man boobs, which is far more important:

Though exercise is important, diet is 85% of the game when it comes to losing man boobs, and that's not all…

There's also other stuff beyond just diet and exercise that you need to do to lose those man boobs.

Not knowing about these other methods is a big reason why so few guys ever succeed in losing their man boobs.

Like Ricky did, you can learn about these other methods, and learn all the details on what to eat, what not to eat, and how to exercise to lose your man boobs, in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

You can learn how to get your hands on all of the secrets in my program, by the end of the following video: