How Senura Lost 50% Of His Stomach Fat And Lumps Under His Nipples In Just One Month

Last night I received an email from Senura, who lost around 50% of his stomach fat and lumps under his nipples, by training for just one month using a free giveaway section of my Paleolithic HIIT program.

Here’s Senura’s email:

“Hey garry I did jump rope under phiit protocol for about a month for now which I was able to understand by your phase2 giveaway ! I got fever and had to stop it. I am willing to buy ur phiit book if I do how would I start that program would my 1 month workout would have any bad effect

Also I got some results from that 1month period loosed stomach fat and loosed hardlump under my nipples like 50%?

What's ur advice ????”

If you don’t have the Paleolithic HIIT Phase 2 giveaway, you can download it here for free:

My response:

Hi Senura, thanks for getting in touch.

Glad to hear you got good results with Phase 2 of Paleolithic HIIT.

When you get your copy of the full program, you can either start from the beginning, or you can take off from where you left it. It all depends on how long you've been out of training for. If you've been unwell for a few weeks, then it might be a good idea just testing yourself from Phase 1 and seeing how you perform.

If you find Phase 1 difficult, then you need to get back into re-building that endurance base before you start doing sprints.

If you find Phase 1 easy, give Phase 2 Week 1 a try. If this feels easy, you can put in an extra sprint to make it a Week 2 workout. If that's easy, put in another sprint to make it a Week 3 workout, or yet another sprint to make it a Week 4 workout.

Just use your judgement. Remember it's better to push yourself too little than to push yourself too hard. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to burnout and injuries, which can lead you to quitting or taking many more weeks off your training.

I recently pushed myself too hard with pull-ups, and I ended up injuring my left bicep muscle. As a result, I haven't done any more pull-ups for 2 weeks! With resistance training, I always advise not training to failure and always leaving one rep in the tank. The same applies with HIIT–leave one sprint in the tank. But even with me, sometimes your ego takes over and you occasionally end up pushing yourself too hard. But trust me, it's not worth-it.

When you're ready, here's the direct order link for Paleolithic HIIT:

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,


Just on a side, something I’ve recently discovered that keeps flu and colds at bay, so you don’t have to put up with a pesky fever getting in the way of your training, is a whole-food supplement called “chlorella”.

I highly recommend it. I’ll do a detailed write-up on chlorella in the future, but meanwhile go check out the reviews on Amazon, you’ll see how many people rave about the anti-cold/flu effects of this all natural, whole-food supplement:

It’s much better than the more popular Spirulina, and has both anti-estrogen and testosterone boosting effects.

Here's that link again for Phase 2 of Paleolithic HIIT:

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