How This Twin Lost 11.5% Body Fat In 10 Weeks

I was at the park with my girlfriend yesterday. It was a beautiful day, and there were lots of people there.

People love to jog outdoors when the weather is good.

My best friend always tells me we should go jogging together in the summer. It's something people fantasize about doing, because you're out there enjoying the sun, while doing wonders for your body.

I know I always diss jogging and long distance cardio, but I understand how it CAN be fun for some people – especially when you do it outdoors and the weather is good. You get to watch the world around you, and enjoy nature and looking at the babes, all while doing something good for your body.

As I watched the joggers go by, I noticed most of these guys were pros – they were doing lap after lap around the park. I saw one girl still jogging over an hour later, and she didn't look one bit more tired than the first time I saw her.

What I noticed though, was not a single one of them was ripped or toned the way they all want to be. They all had bodies that were sagging, with bits of fat jumping up and down with every stride.

Most of these guys were pros, and they had no doubt been jogging regularly for YEARS. And yet they still didn't have the trim beach-ready physiques we all want.

My observations at the park that day, reminded of me of how rubbish jogging is for getting rid of body fat.

You may enjoy the notion of jogging in hot weather, or fantasize about living by the beach and getting up every morning to jog on the beach. Feel free to do it if you enjoy it… but know that jogging will NOT help you get rid of your man boobs, and likely WON'T help you get rid of body fat.

The trouble with long duration cardio like jogging, is that you use fat for fuel DURING exercise. When you use fat for fuel, your body adapts by getting better at storing fat, in order to make you better at this form of exercise.

Like the guys I saw in the park, long duration cardio will rarely ever let you lose those last layers of fat, because your body NEEDS this fat to fuel your future workouts.

If on the other hand, you do HIGH INTENSITY training, you use your muscle's sugar stores (glycogen) for energy. Your body then burns fat AFTER training, to help replace those sugar stores. This trains your body to store more fuel in your muscles (so your muscles get bigger), and less fuel as fat (so you lose body fat at an alarmingly quick rate!).

There are plenty of studies that prove high intensity training is better than long duration cardio at burning body fat.

One of my favorite studies was done by a Dr Al Sears. He wrote about it in his book, “P.A.C.E. The 12- Minute Fitness Revolution“.

Dr Sears took 2 female twins, both 21.1% body fat, and made sure they followed the same diet. One twin did long distance cardio, running an hour a day or more, 5 days a week for 10 weeks. The other twin did sprints 3 days a week for just 12 minutes.

10 weeks later, the twin doing long distance cardio went from 21.5% body fat to 19.5% body fat, while the one doing sprints went from 21.5% body fat to a whooping 10% body fat!

And that's not all.

The twin doing sprints ALSO put on 9 pounds of muscle! Yes, a WOMAN put on 9 pounds of muscle doing sprints. Imagine how much muscle YOU could put on as a man with naturally higher testosterone levels than any woman!

Get training with short high intensity bursts today, and you'll start to notice YOUR body fat levels start to drop off too.

The style of high intensity training I reveal in my Paleolithic HIIT program, will also help get rid of your man boobs and get you that lean athletic look that makes you look great on the beach.

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