How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Lose Man Boobs, Grow Muscle, Burn Fat, Boost Your Energy, Mood and Health, With This One Hormonal Tweak

It’s no secret that testosterone levels are declining as time moves on. Everywhere we look, scientists, doctors, news reporters and the like are revealing shocking facts about declining sperm counts and reduced fertility in men.

Everywhere we look, we see headlines like “The infertility timebomb,” and “Are men facing rapid extinction?” We also hear about the rise of man boobs and other problems caused by low testosterone in men, such as obesity, erectile dysfunction, low mood and depression, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

To me, this rhino is the epitome of manly vigor and power, the perfect symbol for testosterone. Look at the ferociousness in its face, the power in its legs, the unstoppable movement in its body. Lack of testosterone has made us men weak in the modern day. Let this rhino be a symbol for what you want to achieve. You want to be ferocious and unstoppable – a true man in this world, who makes no excuses and stops at nothing to get what he wants.

My name is Carlos Moreno, and they call me the “Testosterone Expert”.

People sometimes ask me, of all the things I could have become an expert on, why the hell did I choose to become an expert on testosterone?

Well, like a lot of guys, I was going through a whole bunch of problems in life. From my mid teens to mid thirties, I had man boobs and I was overweight. By my late twenties, I noticed a massive drop in my libido – I was no longer having morning erections, and I was losing my desire for sex and for women in general.

Up until my 35th birthday, I had only ever had one girlfriend in my life, and that was something that happened out of pure luck, and had ended many years ago. I was single, and only had two friends – both of whom were worse than I was socially, and only wanted to hang out once a month.

I was getting no-where with my career and my financial life. I had a lot of ambition and determination, but I never had the confidence to pull anything off. I was stuck in a job I hated, and I didn’t know what to do with my life.

I had no sense of direction in my life, I had no idea where I was going. My life was miserable. I was lonely, bored, and I didn’t know what to do.

There was no one there to help me either. I know a lot of people like to praise their parents, but mine are totally selfish and to this day have no idea who I am and what’s important to me in my life. I had no family to turn to, and no real friends to help me.

So I sat down one day and made a plan. I joined this awesome success forum online, and a lot of other guys helped me to map out a plan on how I would go about improving my life.

I started to work out and eat well to improve my body.

Testosterone Boosting Steak

Eating well played a big role in helping me to boost testosterone, lose my man boobs, and rediscover my manly vigor… but not the kind of eating well everyone else is doing.

I mapped out a plan to improve my social life – by joining adventure groups, going to dance classes to meet women, and taking up public speaking.

I started to work hard at improving my skills so I could get a better job. I started to read more and do more so I could discover my calling in life.

But you know what?

None of that shit worked.

Do you know why?

There were too many problems in my life, and it was too much of a commitment to do ALL of the above things. I neither had the time, nor the energy. How can you work out, prepare healthy meals, travel/do something adventurous, dance, attend public speaking, read, work, and socialize all in one day, or even all in one week?

My life was too messed up, and it seemed the only way I could fix it was to embark on a 10-year long journey, where I work on just one of my problems at a time.

But who the hell wants to make changes over 10 years? I wanted to make changes NOW, I wanted  my life to get better NOW, else there was no point in living (yeh, my life was that messed up).

Thankfully, I stumbled across just ONE change that I would have to make – one change that would fix EVERY problem I ever had in my life – my health, my relationships, and my career.

This one change would help me lose my man boobs, lose my body fat, grow muscle, improve my social life by making me more confident and outgoing, improve my sex life by giving me more sexual drive and energy, and improve my career prospects.

What is this change?

You guessed it – TESTOSTERONE!

Testosterone Solution

Testosterone was the solution to every problem in my life – my man boobs, being overweight, my lack of muscle growth, my low confidence, my low mood, foggy brain, bad memory, sleeplessness… everything!

When I put all my focus on naturally boosting levels of this one hormone, everything in my life started to change. And no, this isn’t some hocus pocus wishy washy mumbo jumbo healing crap, testosterone’s benefits to man are rooted in science.

  • As I did my research on how to lose man boobs without surgery, I came across a bunch of research articles that pointed to… testosterone.
  • I then went on to learn about the best way to lose body fat, and I came across testosterone again.
  • When I went on bodybuilding websites to learn how to grow muscle, there was testosterone again.
  • When I wanted to get my morning glories back, my sex drive and desire for women, all my detailed scientific research lead to testosterone.
  • When I looked into what makes successful men assertive and confident, there was testosterone yet again.
  • When I looked at what gives men purpose and direction in life – testosterone.
  • When I looked at what gives men greater brain power, clarity of thought, a better memory – testosterone.

With every problem in my life, the solution seemed to involve testosterone, testosterone, testosterone.

There are other very important factors involved as well of course, but if there was any single thing that can turn back the clock better than anything else, and give you back your manliness, help you lose fat, grow muscle, lose man boobs, and get your youth, energy and drive back, it’s testosterone.

So once I realized testosterone was the key, I started to focus all of my attention on this one hormone.

I wasn’t about to risk my health by taking anabolic steroids. I decided to boost my testosterone levels naturally.

I started to eat, sleep, exercise and live in ways that were only focused on boosting testosterone. I did most of my research online and found literally hundreds of different ways I could boost testosterone naturally. I made a list of ALL of these methods and I tried them all. Month after month I would spend hundreds of dollars getting my hormone levels tested at my nearest lab. I sold my car, sold my bicycle, and moved to a smaller apartment, all so I could afford to continue my experiments.

The trouble with going online for information, is that there’s TOO MUCH information available. It’s impossible for the average guy to try it all, and it’s impossible to know which methods are the most effective. After a good 2 years of experimentation, I finally managed to find the methods that work best on my body.

When My Testosterone Levels Started To Go Up, That’s When The Magic Happened.

My body fat levels started to go down almost automatically, like I wasn’t even trying. My chest flattened out, my muscles finally started to respond to my workouts by actually growing. My morning glories came back with full force, my mind became clearer, my energy levels soared, my confidence went up, I naturally became more sociable – I somehow started to just know what to say in social situations.

Testosterone Results

My body responded automatically to testosterone. As soon as I elevated my tesotsterone levels, it became super-easy to lose body fat, and easy to grow muscle. It wasn't long before I went from a fat guy with man boobs, to a shreded hunk that makes people turn heads at the beach.

As I became more sociable, and my mind became more focused, I finally managed to discover my calling in life – to become a personal trainer and nutritionist, so I can help other guys solve the same problems I faced in life.

So I took on personal clients and tried the same methods that worked on me, on a bunch of other guys. I’ve been doing this for 9 years now and I’ve learned some valuable lessons. One thing I learned, is that not all the methods that worked on me, work on everyone else. I also learned that there are a select few methods that work on almost everyone.

Over Time I Developed A List Of Bulletproof Testosterone Boosting Methods That Work On Almost Anyone Who Tries Them.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

After much encouragement from my friend, Garry Davidson, I have reluctantly put together a list of these bulletproof methods that you can start using today.

Why “reluctantly”? Well, 2 reasons:

  1. I hate writing. After today, you will likely never hear from me again. If you like Garry's work, you'll be happy to know he helped me write the book – it's the only way I managed to get it done.
  2. These are my personal well-guarded secrets that I discovered through years of blood, sweat and tears. I went through all the hard work of weeding out all the hundreds of methods that don’t work, to isolate the few that do work, and now I am to give these methods away in a simple report?

Frankly, I was offended when Garry broached me with the subject, but he’s a convincing old prick, and eventually managed to sway me. “Think of all the guys you’ll be helping”, he said…

So, for a limited time, I am giving my testosterone secrets away. I’m still on the sidelines about the whole thing, so I may pull the offer at any time.

Here's some of what you will learn in my book:

  • My story of how I went from a low testosterone fat nerd with man boobs, to a flat-chested hunk who commands respect and admiration wherever I go (p8-9)
  • Three key hormones you must keep in check to even allow your body to produce testosterone (p10-11). Controlling these hormones is the key to a flat chest, reduced body fat, and bigger muscles.
  • One essential dietary component that testosterone cannot do without (yet this dietary component is hugely deficient in modern diets. And when we do consume it, we consume the wrong type) (p12)
  • Two reasons why most doctors are dead wrong when they tell you your testosterone levels are normal. I show you three simple tables you can use to see what your testosterone levels really are (p13-16).
  • Key environmental triggers that spell disaster for your testosterone levels, and how to avoid them.
  • The multi-faceted approach for boosting testosterone and annihilating testosterone's enemies (p17-18).
  • What to do if you can't afford to (or for whatever reason, don't want to) get your testosterone levels checked (p19).
  • The #1 most important dietary tactic for boosting testosterone permanently (p19-23). This method alone has the power to completely transform your physique, so you never have to worry about having a big chest again. I show you how to follow this method deligently and with ease, how to make it a natural part of your life, so you stay slim and totally shreded all year round with minimal effort.
  • Testosterone's biggest enemy, and the only two weapons you have against it (p23-25).
  • The carbohydrate VS fat debate. Is it better to kick the carbs, or eliminate the bad fats? (p27-28).
  • One poorly understood food group that studies show actually helps boost testosterone and enhance your health, despite the medical profession's unfounded objections (p28-34). I show you why this food group is safe, and how you can prove your doctor wrong. Unlike most diet foods though, this food group is mouthwateringly delicious, and you won't be able to keep it off your plate!
  • 3 key vitamins that are essential for testosterone production (p34-37). If you are low on any one of these vitamins, you will not be able to keep up with your body's testosterone requirements
  • The alcohol debate – which alcoholic drinks are OK for guys with low testosterone and guys with man boobs, and which drinks are not (p37-38).
  • A common food substance that secretly switches off testosterone production in the brain, despite the government's claims that it is safe (p38-41). In 1987, 17,100,000 lbs of this stuff was consumed in the U.S., and the numbers are rapidly growing. Eliminating this substance alone was enough to boost my testosterone levels in a matter of weeks, making me feel almost 10 years younger, and full of energy, with the fat melting off me like butter sliding off a hot knife.
  • A list of chemicals you must avoid, in order to bring those testosterone levels back to normal (p41-43).
  • The role stress plays in testosterone production, and a powerful method that can help keep testosterone levels normal, no matter how stressful your life is (p49-50).
  • It's no secret that sleep is an important factor in testosterone production – since most testosterone production happens while you sleep (hence why we get morning wood). On pages 50-52, I reveal a highly unusual and counterintuitive method for kicking insomnia in the teeth, and almost forcing you to sleep like a baby every night. If any one thing is going to restore your morning glories, it's this.
  • The two best forms of exercise for boosting testosterone, and what everyone else is doing wrong (p52-56).
  • How to take everything in this book and incorporate it into your life with ease, in a way that naturally and easily melts away your chest fat, transforms your physique, and gives you the energy, vigor, and manly confidence you need to take on the world and live your life in abundant happiness (p56-57).

In my book, How To Boost Testosterone Naturally, I reveal the same information that I impart on my personal one on one clients over 10 one-hour sessions. I charge $110 per session, which means I am regularly paid $1,100 for this information.

But since you don’t get the benefit of seeing me one on one, I won’t be charging you $1,100. I’m happy to give this book to you for half the cost of a single consultation – just $60.

Update By Garry: I’ve pulled in a deal with Carlos. I realize that $60 is kind of steep for a book. He’s the most stubborn guy I’ve ever met, and he wouldn’t budge on the price. So I made him a deal. I’m giving Carlos’ clients a reduced-fee printed version of my book, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, in exchange for him reducing the fee on his book.

If you purchase right now, you can get Carlos’ book for just $9.97.

But this offer is only valid for as long as I have printed copies of the Chest Sculpting Blueprint to give away to Carlos’ clients. I’ve only printed 50 copies of the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, and his clients are taking them up fast. The only time I can guarantee you’ll get this $9.97 bargain is if you buy it right NOW. A day from now, even an hour from now, you may no longer see this offer, so I suggest you get it now while you can.

Click the button below, and all my secrets are yours.

Every secret, every technique that can send your testosterone levels through the roof, thereby restoring your manly vigor, instilling you with an unstoppable masculine confidence, flattening your chest, and making you more appealing to the opposite sex.

Despite my reluctance to release this information to you, I do like to help people, and it would really make my day if you would get back to me with your success story.

I understand that a lot of Garry’s clients suffer from man boobs, and are looking to also lose body fat and grow some muscle. Over the years, Garry has sent me a lot of clients who have man boobs, and I have sent every single one back with a flatter chest than when they first came to see me.

But unlike Garry’s methods, testosterone does more than just help get rid of man boobs, reduce body fat and grow muscle. It truly is a panacea that goes beyond simply enhancing your physique. It helps you with everything – from boosting your confidence, to enhancing your libido; from reducing your risk of heart disease, to increasing your lifespan; from giving you more energy for getting you through the day, to enhancing your performance in bed and in sports, improving your mood, sleep, brain power, exercise tolerance… the list goes on and on.

So yes, I’m totally saying that boosting those T-levels via the methods I talk about in this book, can also help improve your relationships with women, and it can help you land a better job, with a fatter paycheck, a better car, a bigger house, and a better life – where you have the energy and drive to do the things you want – more sex, more travel, and more fun.

There’s almost nothing that testosterone can’t help you with, and I know this book is going to change your life. If you are experiencing any problem in life, no matter how big or small, chances are testosterone will at least help, if not solve your problems entirely.

So, don’t wait, get yourself a copy now while I'm still in the mood to sell it.

Click the button now, and let’s get started on the road to a new you.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally
How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

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