How To Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples

Do you have puffy nipples?

Have you noticed how sometimes they tighten up, like when it’s cold, after a workout, or when you touch them?

I’ll tell you right now I derive no pleasure from touching my own nipples, but it’s pretty helpful when you can tightening up those nipples just for a few minutes, say when you want to nip outside to buy some eggs from the corner store, and you don’t want your puffy nipples to show through your t-shirt.

Heck I remember constantly touching my nipples through my t-shirt while nobody was looking, just so I could get them to tighten up for another few minutes.

But how would you like to permanently tighten up those nipples, so you no longer have to resort to temporary methods like using ice-packs, doing pushups before you go out, or constantly touching yourself?

I go into detail on how you can do this in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:

Now let’s get started on today’s newsletter. A subscriber asked me about how to get rid of puffy nipples. You can read his question below, followed by my answer.

Subscriber Email

Hi Garry,

I’m considering investing in your program, but I have a question for you before I do.

The topic is really embarrassing for me to talk about.

As I was reading through a couple of other books I had bought on losing man boobs, I noticed that there wasn’t a section in either of them that talked specifically about how to lose puffy nipples.

You see, I have had puffy nipples for as long as I can remember.

Multiple exercises at the gym targeted specifically for my chest have not helped, and by reading through your emails I realized why I have the look that I have now.

But my question to you is how can I shrink my puffy nipples?

Ps: Im 19 and a half years old, and about 240 pounds. Im not sure if that means anything but I just thought id mention it.


My Reply To Jason

Hi Jason

At 240 pounds, is it mostly fat, or muscle? A high bodyfat percentage will increase your estrogen and totally kill your testosterone.

At 19, it probably started as pubertal gynecomastia, and we know that pubertal gyno is far more likely to persist into adulthood if you are overweight.

As I mention in my advanced man boobs program, the secret to losing puffy nipples isn’t about doing specific chest exercises, but about hormonal changes that result from good nutrition, lifestyle changes and whole-body exercise.

Puffy nipples are caused by the same hormone imbalances as full-on man boobs are, so if you do have excess body fat, then work on getting that body fat percentage right down.

Losing fat alone will have a huge impact on your estrogen to testosterone ratio. If all of that weight is from muscle mass, then consider purchasing a salivary hormone testing kit, or seeing your doctor about a hormone profile.

At the end of the day it’s all about boosting those T levels and reducing estrogen through the methods I talk about in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

These methods have worked well for everyone I know. There are those few who have excessively large breast glands who end up needing surgery, but breast glands THAT big usually come from an underlying disease process, and is pretty darn rare.

If you only have puffy nipples, then it’s highly likely you have enlarged breast glands, but reducing body fat (aiming for a body fat count of 15% or lower) and taking care of your estrogen to testosterone ratio should still help in tightening up those nipples.

I hope that was helpful.

My Comments For You

The secret to getting rid of puffy nipples, is to flatten out that chest as far as possible using the methods I discuss in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:

Your nipples will be puffy for as long as they are floating atop a layer of fat, or on top of a set of enlarged breast glands. Once you get rid of the underlying fat and/or glands using the hormonal methods I discuss in my program, your nipples will automatically shrink as they attach to the underlying muscle.

And Here’s Something I DIDN’T Tell Jason

That email reply to Jason was quite a while ago, before I started telling everyone about how powerful turmeric was at shrinking puffy nipples.

I wish I had told Jason about turmeric, it would have made such a big difference for him.

Here’s a quick article on how this other guy lost his puffy nipples using turmeric:

And here’s the turmeric supplement I’ve found to work best on me and on my clients:

Remember though, for most guys, turmeric on its own is not enough. It works best when you combine it with the right diet and exercise regimen that I set out in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

Start with the diet and exercise, and use turmeric the way it was MEANT to be used – as a SUPPLEMENT.