How To Shape Your Chest Flat, And Permanently Lock In That Flat-Chested Look

Discover Little-Known Chest Training Secrets That Reveal…

  • How To Get That Extra Muscle Growth And Chest-Flattening Effect When You Feel Stuck And Have Reached A Plateau…
  • How To Shape That Chest, So No-One Can Tell You Have Man Boobs, Even With Your Shirt Off…
  • How To Increase Neurogenic Tone So Your Chest Stays Tough And Hardened, And Your Nipples Shrunken – 24 Hours A Day, Not Just When You're Working Out.

Discover Advanced Chest Sculpting Secrets that Garry has never revealed anywhere else! Garry shows you how to force your body to respond with new muscle growth and new levels of fat loss and man boob reduction that you never thought were possible.

Advanced Chest Sculpting Issue 1:

How To Get That Extra Muscle Growth And Chest-Flattening Effect When You Feel Stuck And Have Reached A Plateau…

By the end of the Chest Sculpting 12-Week Beginner's Program, you'll come to a point where it gets harder and harder to see further improvement in your physique – this is called a ‘training plateau', and every intermediate to advanced trainee experiences this.

You'll get bigger muscles, a flatter chest, and a better body with the Chest Sculpting Beginner's Program, but at some point your progress will stall. Your muscles will feel tight and they will stop growing. You'll find it increasingly difficult to add more weight to the bar.

In Issue 1 of the Advanced Chest Sculpting Series, you'll discover how the pros break through plateaus. Garry shows you techniques you can use to trick your body into finally responding. Most guys think they need to push harder when they reach a plateau, but they couldn't be more wrong. Garry shows you in this Issue how to break past plateaus with ease, and how the process can actually be a lot of fun.

When you do this right, you'll find your body responds with new muscle growth you never thought you were capable of achieving.

As you start to lift heavier, you'll find each workout will give you greater levels of fat loss in your chest, belly and love handles, than you ever thought possible.

Advanced Chest Sculpting Issue 2:

How To Shape That Chest, So No-One Can Tell You Have Man Boobs, Even With Your Shirt Off!

Once you've packed on the muscle with the Chest Sculpting Beginner's Program and Issue 1 of the Advanced Program, it's time to start chiseling it all down like a sculptor working on a piece of clay. Discover how to put on just the right amount of upper chest, how to get that upper pec separation line, and how to grow the outer chest to get that wide upper body.

A good portion of guys can get rid of man boobs just by shaping the chest. If you put muscle on the right places in your chest, nobody can tell you have man boobs.

These chest shaping secrets are the quickest way to get a better-looking body that you can be proud to show off at the beach, without being afraid of people laughing at your man boobs.

There are 2 things here that will help you lose the man boobs look:

1. Learn how to put more muscle on your upper chest.

Most guys look like they have man boobs because they have too much fat in the lower chest, so their lower chest sticks out. When you grow muscle in your upper chest, and your upper chest sticks out, you not only look manly and powerful, but you also get rid of that man boobs appearance, because your lower chest no longer sticks out more than the rest of your chest.

2. Discover how to increase the width of your chest

When you make your chest wider, the fat on your chest is spread over a wider surface, so it sticks out less. A wide chest not only gives you a dominant manly look with your clothes on, but can really help hide man boobs with your shirt off.

Advanced Chest Sculpting Issue 3:

How To Increase Neurogenic Tone So Your Chest Stays Tough And Hardened, And Your Nipples Shrunken – 24 Hours A Day, Not Just When You're Working Out.

So far we've only been working on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy by working out in the 10 repetition range. The trouble with sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is your muscles look soft, and you only really look your best after a workout, or when you are flexing.

It's time now to use strength training to get that “neurogenic tone”. Once you have this, your body will look rock-solid and chiseled 24 hours a day. You know that post-workout look, when your skin is tight and your puffy nipples disappear?

Neurogenic tone is the secret to keeping that post-workout flat-chested look throughout the day, even on days you don't work out.

Garry was selling these Advanced Chest Sculpting Series as part of a membership program, where you had to pay a monthly fee. But we all hate monthly fees, and most of us like to avoid monthly commitments where we can, so a group of us managed to convince Garry to sell the advanced series as a one-off payment of $14.97 per issue, that's just $44.91 for all 3 issues.

At this bargain price, you get to blast past those training plateaus and lose body fat (especially chest fat) faster than ever before. You get to discover little-known chest-shaping secrets that will make you look great when you take your top off at the beach, at the pool, or in the bedroom. You get to discover the secrets of building neurogenic tone, so your body keeps that post-workout flat-chested look all day, every day.

So if you want to be beach-ready this summer, or even by spring this year, click the link below and get started today:

Advanced Chest Sculpting Series
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