Kuwait Study Shows How 363 People Burnt Fat

In this study by researchers at Kuwait University, overweight and obese people were put on one of two diets:

  1. A low calorie diet restricted to 2,200 calories per day
  2. A ketogenic diet with no calorie restrictions and no restrictions on how much fat they could eat, but they had to avoid grains, sugars, and starchy vegetables.

Most people are afraid to go on a high fat ketogenic diet because they think high fat foods will give them heart disease and make them fat.

But by the end of this 24 week study, the ketogenic group showed a significant decrease in triglycerides, total cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein levels, and a significant increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels.

All of these changes significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. The low calorie group on the other hand, showed no significant change in any of these parameters.

When it comes to body fat reduction on the other hand, BOTH groups lost weight.

But Here's The Key Finding In This Study…

The ketogenic group experienced significantly greater reductions in body weight, body mass index, and waist circumference than the low calorie group.

And the differences were STRIKING:

The low calorie group lost an average of 5.66 kg in bodyweight, while the keto group lost an average of 12.15 kg.

So the keto group lost more than TWICE as much bodyweight than the low calorie group.

The low calorie group reduced their waistlines by an average 3.49 cm, while the keto group reduced it by an average 7.55 cm.

Again, the keto group reduced their waistlines by more than twice as much as the low calorie group.

Consider with these findings, the fact that the ketogenic group was allowed to eat “unlimited amounts of meats, poultry, fish, and eggs”, and then try telling me that reducing body fat is too difficult because you have to be on a restrictive diet and be hungry all the time.

This all fits in perfectly well, knowing that ever since we developed fat phobia here in the West, rates of obesity and heart disease have been rising uncontrollably.

So, throw your fat, red meat, and cholesterol phobia aside and think about increasing your consumption of meat and animal fats. Provided that you reduce your grain-based carb intake at the same time, this will no doubt lead to a significant reduction in your waistline, and even in your chest.

Personally, when I made the switch from a traditional low fat to a high-fat diet, not only did I experience a slimmer waist and chest from having ditched those grains, I also noticed a dramatic improvement in my health and lipid profile. 

So the key take-home message from this study is this: embrace the fats!

Stop worrying about getting a heart attack or that eating fat will make you fat.

Eat a high fat diet, ditch the carbs, especially the grain-based carbs.

Don't believe the conventional wisdom crap that “whole grains” are good for you.

Whole grains ARE better for you than refined grains, but they're still bad for you, ESPECIALLY if you want to lose man boobs.

If all you do is ditch the grains and start eating a high fat diet, you'll do wonders for your waistline, and even shrink your man boobs some.

But if you want those man boobs to go away completely, you'll need to pick the right sources of fat, and add in some other key ingredients to your diet. More details on this here:


See, the trouble with animal fats is though they can help you reduce body fat, the animal's fat also acts as a storehouse for feminizing hormones like estrogens and xenoestrogens.

This means that though you can reduce belly fat with a standard high fat diet, you may find your man boobs are not shrinking as fast.

That's why if you want to lose man boobs you're better off adopting a diet specifically tailored for losing man boobs.

Hit the link above to check out what I'm talking about.

Side Note 1: Do eat plenty of veggies too, and a modest serving of fruit. These contain important micronutrients that can both help you burn fat and shrink man boobs.

Side Note 2: Oh, and another interesting finding in this study, is that all those 363 people where first SHOWN the two types of diet and given the choice of which they wanted to go on…

143 people picked the low calorie diet, and 220 people picked the high fat ketogenic diet. That just goes to show how more people PREFER to go on a high fat diet where they can eat all the meat/fish/poultry/eggs they like and not have to restrict their calories.

So this method of eating really is a win-win:- you not only get more joy out of it, but you also get better results with it.

For over a decade now, scientists have been saying how diets don't work. Doctors don't bother advising their patients on diet anymore because they know diets don't work (no one can stick to low calorie diets). But this new style of high fat dieting is turning the tables.

It's how we've eaten for millions of years throughout our genetic evolution. We just lost our way ever since we started_growing crops, and we deviated from it even more when we developed fat phobia in the 1970's and 80's.

Anyways, more on this, with more specific details on how to lose man boobs, here:


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