Learn To Lose Man Boobs From The Healthiest Man Who Ever Existed

I don't know about you, but these past few weeks I've realized how little time I have to myself. With everything you have to do in life, how on earth do you get time to work out and cook healthy meals for yourself, while also taking the time to relax and enjoy life?

Sometimes it can all just seem impossible.

These last few weeks have been especially tough for me. I've been helping my parents renovate the attic in our old home.

I'm no builder by trade, I have no building experience, and yet I find myself doing most of the work myself – putting in insulation, screwing down the floor boards so they don't creak, fitting a new radiator, and so on. Today is my day off, and tomorrow we start painting.

It's all a lot of hard work and I wish I had the money to just get it done professionally. My dad is an old-fashioned cheapskate, and I spent all my money developing this new Paleolithic HIIT program.

I've had so little time to myself, that it's almost a miracle that I've been able to continue with my training. Most serious trainees spend hours at the gym almost every day of the week. These guys must have nothing else going on in their lives. I mean seriously, where do they get the time for that!??!?

So I'm bloody well grateful that I discovered a system of training that lets me build and maintain a flat-chested, powerful, masculine physique in a few minutes of exercise, just 3 days a week.

Here's a tip: if you are facing a busy period, and you question whether you'll have the time to do your training, then do your training first thing in the morning. The longer you leave it in the day, the less likely it is you'll find the time to do it.

The Key To Losing Man Boobs

I think you'll agree with me when I say that man boobs are an unnatural thing for a guy to have. If everything was the way nature intended, we'd all have perfectly flat masculine chests that we would be proud to show off at the beach.

Man boobs are becoming more and more common in the modern day because of unnatural exposure to man-made chemicals, and also because we mostly live a sedentary lifestyle with too much stress, not enough sleep, not enough exposure to sunlight, and so on.

As I discuss in detail in my advanced program on losing man boobs, the key to losing man boobs is to align yourself with nature:

  • To avoid the many thousands of environmental chemicals that cause man boobs.
  • To eat foods that help to fight the negative effects of the chemicals we CAN'T avoid.
  • To eat foods that help boost our manly testosterone levels.
  • To indulge in lifestyle activities that help with the same – the right type of exercise, sleeping well, avoiding chronic stress, etc.

The studies suggest that man at his best, most natural, most healthy and robust physical state, existed in the Paleolithic era.

Paleoanthropological studies suggest that the AVERAGE Paleolithic man had both the lean muscular physique AND physical abilities as today's most elite Olympic athlete.

For example, based on fossilized footprints left by Australian aboriginals some 20,000 years ago, one particular Paleolithic hunter is thought to have reached speeds of 37 kph on a soft muddy surface. Compare this to the top speed of 42 kph reached by our modern day 100m World record holder Usain Bolt – who received specialized sprint training, had specialized running shoes on and a hard rubbery surface to run on.

There are many other examples of where the AVERAGE paleolithic man's physical prowess matches or surpasses the abilities of our modern day's most elite athletes, including the claim by leading anthropologist, Peter McAllister, that the average Neanderthal woman could have easily beaten bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger in an arm wrestle when he was in his prime.

What's REALLY cool, is that DNA tests suggest Paleolithic man was genetically 99.998% the same as you and me in the modern day. The physical prowess and near flawless good health of Paleolithic man was all down to his lifestyle, and not his genes.

This means that you and I can achieve the same state of health, the same ripped lean physique and physical prowess as Paleolithic man, if only we eat the way he did, we move the way he did, and we live the way he did.

In my new program on Paleolithic HIIT, I go into detail about something called the “Paleolithic Rhythm”, which is all about how Paleolithic man lived – how he exercised, how often he moved, when he rested, etc. I discuss much of this in the very first chapter, which I'd like to give to you today. You can get it at the following link (no payment necessary, no catches, just click and download):


Please do give it a read and let me know what you think. There's a full table of contents there, so you get a glimpse of everything that I cover in the book.

Everything I discuss in all of my programs, is about getting your body back to it's healthy, natural, masculine state. Once you start doing this, you'll be surprised at how quickly your man boobs shrink away.

When it comes to exercise, you get all these glamorous modern training programs where they work you to death with crazy intensive circuits of resistance training combined with high intensity cardio. I really don't want to point any fingers, but you know what kind of programs I'm talking about.

What all of these programs do, is they cause you to overtrain, and throw your body's hormones into a state of imbalance with reduced testosterone levels and increased stress hormones like cortisol, thereby killing your body's ability to lose fat, to lose man boobs, or to grow any muscle.

People come away from these programs feeling exhausted with little or no results to show for their hard work. These programs get a lot of good ratings on Amazon, because when people don't get the results they want, they don't blame the program – they blame themselves – they blame their own genes for not responding.

Their genes don't respond because it is not natural for you to train this way. Your genes are not wired to respond to the kind of crazy intensive circuit-style training programs that are so popular today.

I have a lot of clients and customers who come off these programs to give my more gentle, more naturally-aligned, Paleolithic-style training programs a go. They have ALL seen amazing results within the first 6-10 workouts.

With my Paleolithic-style training programs, you train in a way that your genes are programmed to respond to. Your genes respond by releasing hormones that help boost muscle growth, help flatten your chest, and reduce body fat.

When you train like this, you don't need to train nearly as hard, or nearly as long as in these popular modern training programs, and yet, you get FAR better results.

Paleolithic man mostly did two main forms of training. He sprinted to catch prey and run away from predators. He also lifted heavy things – to build shelter, lift his own body weight, carry dead animal carcasses, etc.

The best way for you to lose man boobs and build the body of your dreams, is to do both of these forms of training, just the way Paleolithic man did it. But like they say, the devil is in the details…

You don't just start lifting heavy and sprinting. You have to know how heavy to lift (too heavy is no good), how many times to lift the weight, which body parts to target, how often to train, etc.

You need to know how fast to sprint (too fast is no good), how many times to sprint, how long to sprint for, how many times a week to do sprint training, how long to rest between sprints, etc.

My program on Paleolithic HIIT goes into all the details of Paleolithic style sprint-training that you need to know, to program your genes into melting away your chest fat and tightening up those puffy nipples.

You can get the full program by clicking the link below, and if you'd rather take a sneak peak at what the program is about, you can check out the first chapter for free here:


Get the full program here:


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