Lose Man Boobs By Doing What Your Body Was Designed To Do

Bodyweight Training

Your body was designed to MOVE.

And heck, according to Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert, the only reason your BRAIN exists is for the sake of movement:

“We have a brain for one reason and one reason only — and that’s to produce adaptable and complex movements.”

— Daniel Wolpert

Movement is the only way you have of affecting the world around you. There’s no evolutionary advantage to having sensory, memory, and cognitive processes, if it doesn’t affect the way you’re going to move.

It’s no coincidence that we humans have the biggest brains of all animals, and at the same time we are the most complex movers of anything in the animal kingdom.

We humans are the most complex movers of anything in the animal kingdom, our bodies are capable of a limitless range of movements.

We are not meant to walk on our hands all day long, but we humans are opportunistic movers, which means if there are two rocks on either side of you and you want to pass in-between them, you will momentarily support yourself and propel yourself in-between them. So your hands are meant to communicate with all these objects, and the floor, crawling, quadrupling, and even doing handstands and acrobatics.

So your body, your brain, everything you’re made of, was designed for you to MOVE in complex ways, and yet, what do we do when we hit the gym? We go over the exact same boring simple movements repetitively, again and again, day after day, month after month, in an effort to lose body fat, grow muscle, and lose man boobs.

NO WONDER most people have such a hard time getting in shape.

The Key To Losing Man Boobs

The key to losing man boobs is to get your lifestyle in-line with the lifestyle nature intended for you. Nature didn’t intend for us to sit behind computer screens and the TV all day long, it didn’t intend for food to be readily available on supermarket shelves, and it didn’t intend for us to do the exact same limited movements every time we exert ourselves.

Nature intended for us to hunt and fight to survive, and all the studies show that when we get back to living the way nature intended for us to live, everything about our health improves, and the further we get away from nature’s intended lifestyle, the more we get struck with disease, obesity, and yes, even man boobs.

The Trouble With Weight Training

The trouble with weight training is, you’re not really moving your body, you’re moving an external load. Sure, moving heavy external loads is part of our nature, our ancestor in the Paleolithic era had to lift heavy things to survive, but the vast majority of movements Paleolithic man had to make, were the movements of his own body through space. Paleolithic man had to jump, leap, sprint away from predators, chase prey, climb trees, and fight rival tribesmen. All of these activities rely mostly on moving your OWN BODY.

Paleolithic man spent most of his time moving his own body.

Bodyweight Training Is All About Moving Your Own Body

At first, bodyweight training may not seem like the kind of body movements Paleolithic man might have been doing, since Paleolithic man wasn’t known to drop down 3 days a week and do 3×10 push-ups with a 1 minute rest interval, but once you’ve built up your strength with the beginner exercises, you get onto doing more advanced exercises, and that's when you'll have the ability to start moving more like Paleolithic man.

With the more advanced stuff, you build a level of strength that allows you to move your body around in new and different ways that simulate the kind of complex random movements Paleolithic man might have endured back in the day.

Once you get to an advanced stage with bodyweight training, you can start to do the kind of complex ever-changing movements Paleolithic man might have gone through in the wild.

Once you reach the advanced exercises, there’s no limit to the kind of movements you can make with your body. You can combine a string of advanced bodyweight movements and positions together, you can invent your own movements and positions, and do crazy acrobatic stunts.

When you get to this stage, you’ll be targeting muscle groups that you could never touch with weight training.

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